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Enter Keylund. No Heartless, lots of magic. But could the Heartless possibly be returning?
Yes this is an OC story so please don't bash her.
Characters are owned by Square Enix
Misaki's world turned upside down when she, her brother and friends are separated when their island is destroyed. Now she is trapped in the darkness, but for some reason her light shines brightly. What will happen to her and all her friends?
This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
This is a story of a new Keyblade bearer many years after the time of the games. This story goes beyond the Disney/FF boundary of the original stories, going into different worlds of other non-Disney or FF games/animes. Hope someone enjoys it!
you can also view this at deviantart on my profile:

This is almost like a series of short stories about how what some of the characters from kingdom hearts think and feel about eachother. All of the Chapters connect somehow and when all of the chapters are typed..the whole thing would make sense.
This story includes my KH oc Ichigo who is Sora's older sister by one year. Kitty, I don't think that your oc will be in this because I'm following the script of the game so if she isn't in here, don't get mad! :3
I wanted to change the entire story of Myself to amore kh style =3
it also includes Kitix's lost past story changed aswell.

Disclaimer-I do not own disney/square enix characters.
oh snap! Lani was kidnapped by Org: 13 and this is her story dun dun dunn!
Just read it.. Somehow, my descriptions are always to long for this.
A story about the New Generation.
well this is how i ment sora!^^
this is how it want...

When I Ment Sora © Marisa937
just about me Roxra a story and stuff!
Me and my friend Marisa937(Jordan) try and figure out my true name and my past, thanx for the help my friend!^^
A poet about loyalties
Choas begins as three girls are thrown into destiny that they did'nt sign up for. With their world turned upside down they must endure it together or all will fall.

I refuse to write another chapter untill I get at least one review.
don't be a meanie
Sora has caught up with Riku in Hollow Bastion and now must face him...but before he can even begin to fight, Sora tries to bring back the real Riku...while Lady Cynthia and Apocalypse (Heartless) are making plans to raise 'New Hell' from it's prison
Ok ok, so this isn't really fanfiction but hey I like poems and there's no actual place to put it so I'll place my poem here!!