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Chapter 3 - 3!!

In school we had to make something that would turn people invisible. I used my famous ninja characters, and made this. HA!

Chapter 3 - 3!!

Chapter 3 - 3!!
Soon, Doom and Blazen had thought about their plan so much that their brains hurt. Blazen suggested that they go into town and buy food, and that gave Doom an idea.
" THAT'S IT!!!" She yelled. "I KNOW WHAT WE NEED!!!"
Everyone gathered around and Doom told them her idea. Apparently, there was a special ingredient on a cake called Mind's Eye that could turn people invisible for 24 hours, and Doom thought they could use it to sneak past Nexx. Everyone agreed it was a good idea, so, Spoon went into town to buy the cake.
When she returned, Blazen suggested that everyone should have some so everyone would be invisible. But Cat messed it all up.
"Caaaaaaaake…" He said in a raspy voice.
Everyone stared at him.
Suddenly, Cat lunged at Spoon and snatched the cake from her hands. He ran up the nearest tree and sat on a high branch, clutching the cake. Then, he smashed his face into it. Cake was smeared all over his clothes and hair. Then he disappeared.
Everyone gasped and looked at where Cat was just moments before.
"What's wrong? Why are you all staring at me?" Cat's voice said.
There was a thump and the grass was pressed down by an invisible force.
"You're invisible." Ruler said. "You just ruined our entire plan, Blockhead."
"Whaddaya MEAN I'm invisible?" Cat asked.
"Weren't you listening?" said Ruler. "The cake had some special icing called Minds Eye that makes you invisible for 24 hours. Invisible means 'Not able to be seen with the eyes' or 'Impossible to see as a result of magic or pseudoscientific processes'."
"I know what it means." Cat grumbled.
After everyone had calmed down, Blazen and Doom developed a new plan.
"We'll do the same thing as last time, except we'll have three enter points: the ceiling, the back, and the front door. Cat will go in the usual way, the ceiling, with Ruler and me," Doom said. "Spoon will go through the front door, and Blazen and Assistant will go the back way. Cat will grab the kitten while we distract Nexx, and then we get out."


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