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Chapter 0 - Bleach Character's American Names+Name Meanings

Just what it says: I gave Bleach people American names!!! It’s kinda cool. Please read it. I tried to make most of the American names have the same first letter as the Japanese names.

Chapter 0 - Bleach Character's American Names+Name Meanings

Chapter 0 - Bleach Character's American Names+Name Meanings
Ichigo- Issac (meaning: Laughter)
Rukia- Rebeka (meaning: Faithful One, Bound)
Renji- Ricky (meaning: Powerful Ruler)
Orihime- Olivia (meaning: Symbol of Peace)
Uryuu- Tristan (meaning: Sorrowful)
Hanatarou- Hans (meaning: God’s Gracious Gift)
Ganju- Gregory (meaning: Watchful One)
Ikkaku- Iggy (meaning: Heroic Warrior)
Byakuya- Bran (meaning: Quick Sword)
Yumichika- Zak (meaning: Bright, Pure)
Kenpahci- Kendal (aka: Kenny :)) (meaning for Kendal: Valley By The River meaning for Kenny: Handsome)
Yachiru- Candie (meaning: Glowing)
Aizen- Andrew (meaning: Manly)
Momo- Molly (meaning: Sea of Bitterness)
Gin- Garrett (meaning: Spear Champion)
Kira- Kris (meaning: Christ-Bearer)
Sui Fong- Selene (meaning: The Moon)
Unohara- Reseda (meaning: Healing)
Isane- Jessica (meaning: Woman of Wealth)
Yuroichi- Yolanda (meaning: Violet Flower)
Kisuke- Jordan (meaning: Flow Down)
Sado- Chad :) duh (meaning: Warrior)
Tatsuki- Taylor (meaning: Cutter of Cloth)
Mizurio- Matthew (meaning: Gift of the Lord)
Keigo- Kyle (meaning: Handsome)
Toushiro- Travis (meaning: At the Crossing or Toll Collector)
Rangiku- Rachel (meaning: Female Sheep)
Hisagi- Aiden (meaning: Fire)
Grimmjow- Gunther (meaning: Warrior)
Ulquorria- Miles (meaning: Solider)
Yuzu- Cassie (meaning: Pure)
Karin- Kristin (meaning: Anointed One)
Tousen- Justin (meaning: Just)
Sajin- Sloane (meaning: Warrior)
Hiyori- Heidi (meaning: Commander)
Hirako- Hector (meaning: Steadfast)
Zangetsu- Anthony (meaning: Priceless)
Kuukaku- Kendra (meaning: Wise)
Kon- Kan (meaning: Honor)
Miyori- Merrick (meaning: Industrious)
Nemu- Natalie (meaning: Christmas Child)
Isshin- Darren (meaning: Wealthy)
Ryuuken- Robert (meaning: Bright Fame)
Sentarou- Steven (meaning: Crown)
Kiyone- Krysta (meaning: Clear)
Juushrio- Jeremiah (meaning: God Exalts (God Will Uplift) )
Shunsui- Silas (meaning: Man of the Forrest)
Nanao- Nadine (meaning: Hope)
Ururu- Yu (meaning: Gentle)
Jinta- Jacob (meaning: Conqueror)
Yamamoto- Yardan (meaning: King)
Sasakibe- Salisbury (meaning: Dry Town)


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Repaa on April 8, 2009, 11:19:55 PM

Repaa on
RepaaHah! That'd be cool if those were their actual names (Go Garret! w00t!) *faves*

WillieB on March 28, 2009, 10:24:33 PM

WillieB on
WillieBI think Ichigo should have a name more like mine
His name mean "one who protects" Ichi=one Go=protector/defender
Willamia comes from Willhelmette, meaning willed helmet= willed protector. So in japanese that would be "Igo"
I think his name should be more like William, which means protector....
Ironicaly, he reputed to look up to William Shakespeare.

blackblood on March 29, 2009, 9:07:23 AM

blackblood on
blackbloodhow the American names fit with their real names is that the first letter is closely the same on most of them. The descriptions, i did not try to match their actions with the description of their name. THAT'LL BE MY NEXT GOAL!

AnimeChick21 on June 2, 2008, 1:33:06 AM

AnimeChick21 on
AnimeChick21I can see Rukia as a Rebeka.

*thanks VIZ for not changing names*

AnimeChick21 on June 1, 2008, 10:43:12 AM

AnimeChick21 on
AnimeChick21Where's Rukia?? Did I miss her, or did you?

Hehe, Ichigo is "Laughter". It's better than "Strawberry" XD

Very creative. But (no offence to you) I'm more fond of the Japanese names. Any anime with english names is...*shudder*

blackblood on June 1, 2008, 11:25:19 AM

blackblood on
blackbloodsharp eyes!! i forgot her!!! *hehehehehe i had her written down!!!* *goes to add*

blackblood on June 1, 2008, 11:26:00 AM

blackblood on
blackbloodand yah, japanese names are better, but i wanted to do sumtin different. i guess that's if America had made teh show Bleach.

blackblood on June 1, 2008, 11:29:30 AM

blackblood on
blackbloodRukia's is under Ichigos

blackblood on June 1, 2008, 3:48:21 AM

blackblood on