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what the title says! btw, i know about these things because i have had experience!
this story is about: (i did not draw this picture, give credit to the artist please!) but that is what my story is about! (i started to write the story before i found the picture)
This is an IshiHime story. If you dont like the couple, turn away.
PS: i have a tight schedule at school and home, time taken to put up chapters may be very wide spread -Kristin
Wrote this January 12 09 durin a review 4 the Biology Exam @ school Took me about 5 min 2 write I put a couple of my friends n it & just so u dont get confused THE STORY ISNT SUPPOSED 2 MAKE SENSE I WROTE IT USING EXAGGERATION KRISTIN IS ME
Just what it says: I gave Bleach people American names!!! It’s kinda cool. Please read it. I tried to make most of the American names have the same first letter as the Japanese names.