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Chapter 2 - What Hurts The Most...

this story is about: (i did not draw this picture, give credit to the artist please!) but that is what my story is about! (i started to write the story before i found the picture)

Chapter 2 - What Hurts The Most...

Chapter 2 - What Hurts The Most...
“You look glum.” Hisagi rounded the corner to catch up with Renji. “What’s eating you?”
“Nothings worrying me…it’s a different matter.” Renji went into his quarters.
“What’s it about?” Hisagi followed through the door. “I’ve never seen you like this.”
Renji sighed and sat down on the floor. “I don’t really wanna talk about it.”
Hisagi frowned and sat beside him. “Hurts that much, huh?”
Renji nodded.
Hisagi pondered for a moment. “Is this about Rukia?”
Renji cast a quick glance at Hisagi, and then turned away.
“I understand…” Hisagi got up and walked toward the door. “I’ll leave you be.”
Once Hisagi had shut the door, Renji curled up on the floor. He had a lot on his mind.

‘Hey Renji!’ Rukia ran up to me after school. I smiled as she approached. I had asked her on a date to the bowling alley. ‘Ichigo just asked if I wanted o go see a movie and then go out to eat with him! I have awaited for the day when he got up enough courage to ask me on a date!’

Renji could feel the tears coming. She had forgotten all about their date at the bowling alley. She didn’t even apologize for blowing him off. She either didn’t care or just was caught up in the moment and didn’t remember.
‘Do I matter to her?’ Renji thought sadly. ‘Is Ichigo’s interest in her greater than our friendship?’ Renji clenched his first to try and suppress the tears, but they came anyway. He buried his head in his arms and cried.


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