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Chapter 3 - Apology...

this story is about: (i did not draw this picture, give credit to the artist please!) but that is what my story is about! (i started to write the story before i found the picture)

Chapter 3 - Apology...

Chapter 3 - Apology...
Renji awoke to the sunlight of a new day drifting through the window. He then realized that he had fallen asleep at the spot he cried. Slowly, he stood up, trying to rid the crick in his back. That’s when he realized that someone was in his room.
Renji quickly turned around and his heart almost stopped.
There was Rukia.
“Hey, Renji.” She walked toward him. “I want to apologize for missing our trip to the bowling alley. I was just so excited about my date with Ichigo.”
‘Our trip to the bowling alley was supposed to be a date!’ Renji thought, then said. “I accept your apology. I know that you have been waiting for that question by him.”
Rukia smiled. “More than anything!” She gave Renji a hug. “Thanks for being such an understanding friend, Renji.”
Renji, of course, hugged Rukia back and breathed in her scent. How he loved her smell, and how he craved that he was in Ichigo’s shoes. But he knew that whatever made Ichigo so special, he did not possess.
Rukia let go of him and turned to leave. “Why don’t you come back with me? I’ve sure missed your company for the past two days.”
Renji smiled and walked toward Rukia. “Why not? I’ve missed your company, too.”
Rukia giggled. “You actually admit that?”
Renji blushed. “Why wouldn’t I?”
“You would usually play it off as if you didn’t.” Rukia motioned for Renji to come. Renji followed obediently.
Together, they walked toward the entrance that would take them to Karakura town in the first rays of sunlight.


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