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Chapter 4 - What may come

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 4 - What may come

Chapter 4 - What may come

Authors notes: Sorry if you have bin waiting. I have bin doing the “homework”... It's not fun. I did have a small writer's block as well. Now is chapter 4 and trust me there were about a million different versions of this that I could have chosen but this one seamed the most sensible.... Then again maybe not, I have so many ideas and I can't fit all of them in the story... well enjoy!

Kuronue's girl: I am so sorry you were talking about it taking so long and what do I do? Take a long time! But school comes first, sorry.

dArkliTe-sPirit: I know its not just “gonna” or how ever... I thought I said I'll be working on that AND other spelling like disconsern, or inspiration, or supercalafragilisticsexpialigoshis! LOL But trust me I am really trying to work on the spelling and I fill I am getting a little better.

Light Dragon SunsSong: Really? Confusing, could you tell me how? I want to fix what I mess up on and I want the story to be clear to any one who reads. Thank you for under standing! I probably would use the slang but I always am afraid I'll use it wrong I'm not really familiar with it.

leilanisangel: Thanks! ^_^

My Eternal Facade: Hay! Some one ells who understands! Believe me no one would be happier than me to have my spelling get better! Pleas! Tell me what I am doing to confuse! I don't want to confuse! Well, It wasn't soon but I updated maybe next time it will be faster...

Long lost sorrow: LOL! You got what I was thinking! LOL! I don't remember why but cool!

THANK YOU as always! LOL!

almostinsane: Thanks, and I know. Homophones are not one of my strong points...

atlantiandragoness: Well I was only slightly watching it.... I am a chicken and can't really stand scary moves so, yup. But I didn't get nightmares! LOL

Oh and thank you, I'm working on it! Though I kind of think that this chapter is a little odd... well I guess I'll fined out soon.

Disclaimer: I don't own it! I just love Danny! And the Teen Titans are cool! ^_^

Surviving The Titans

Ch 4: What may come.

Danny sat crossly in the front seat of Jazz's car. He'd just spent about 3 1/2 hours in his parents lab with Sam and Tucker, who were now in the back seat. While the Teen Titans followed close behind in Cyborgs `Baby'. It was a sweet car and Danny was thinking about how cool it would be to at least ride in. He wounded what it could do and if it had any cool gadgets. `What if they can be used against me?' he wounded.

“You okay Danny?” Sam asked.

“I'm fine.” He lied.

The Titans had arrived back at the house some time that night after Danny had already past out. When he woke up no one was in his room so he, for a second, had thought maybe he dreamt the whole thing. Though when his dad, Jack Fenton, barged into his room ranting about ghost and how the Teen Titans were in the basement getting ready for “class” Danny knew that it was all real. Well the stuff with the Teen Titans, he really doubted the dancing fruit and cussing pigeons were real, at least he hoped...

After finding his two best friends downstairs waiting for him they joined his family and the Teen Titans in the basement for the first official “Fenton's School of Ghost Hunting” class. His mom and dad nearly bored everyone to death with a 2-hour video about ghost, ghost, and more ghosts. Oh and how could he forget the footage of ghost fighting weapons and what they do to ghost, with visual cartoons to show what should happen?

Well when the Titans woke them self's they insisted that the Fenton's sowed them how to fight ghost where they could fight hand and hand with them and how to captor them. Even though the video probably had sown this it's not like any one saw it. Danny had talked to Sam and Tuck nearly the hole time. Wile Beast Boy fell asleep with in minutes of the beginning of the video. Then Cyborg suggested food and here they were headed for the Nasty Burger.

Of cores that wasn't enough, OH NO! Next everyone was given a sack of ghost fighting equipment. It contained a thermos, ghost gantlets, a nine tails, and a cookie. Danny was amused with the Teen Titans reactions to seeing the cookie, but then his mother started passing out ghost deflectors. “Put them on and turn them on!” Mrs. Fenton said happily.

Danny cringed again as he did before, “Actually, I'm not fine...” Danny sighed. “I wonder if any one noticed that I hesitated to put the ghost deflector on and, well, I never turned it on. If we have to keep wearing it, then eventually some one will notice! The Teen Titans aren't amateurs!”

“Shh! Jazz might hear!” Sam warned.

“Well Danny is right...” Tucker said.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked

“Well they are famous!”

Jazz looked back then as they came to a stop. The 4 teens got out and Jazz walked up to Danny. “Danny, you realize you never turned your deflector on...” She knew the reason but she had to make sure that he never found out she knew, plus it would put him on higher guard, she was worried about him.

“Yes, so? Why dose it mater we never had to where them before the Titans came.”

“It would have happened eventually- weather the Titans came or not.” Jazz pointed out.

Danny knew she was right but he didn't care. Not really thinking and concerned for her brother, Jazz placed a hand on Danny's shoulder. As Danny was shocked he jumped and pulled away quickly. “Jazz! Don't touch me!”

“Sorry.” She said and Danny could see she really did look sorry.

“Its okay.” He said, then looked down at the belt, his fingers running along the smooth metal that surrounded the off/on switch, deep in thought.


Robin sat in the passenger seat of Cyborgs car and Beast Boy sat in the back between Starfire and Raven. While as always Cyborg drove. “So where are we eating?” Beast Boy asked.

“The Nasty Burger!” Cyborg said. “ They said its like a burger place and stuff!”

“Oh no! I'm not going in! I'm a vegetarian!” Beast Boy growled.

“We'll finger something out. Maybe they have a salad bar or something.” Raven said.

“Don't worry BB! I will be happy to help you with your search of the `tofu' and `veggie'!” Starfire said cheerfully.

Beast Boy sunk in his seat. “Thanks Star.”


A figure stood in the shadow of an ally way across from the Nasty Burger. When two cars pulled up to the restraint and nine teens piled out. “The Teen Titans.” He said as he stepped out into the light. There stood Slade, watching as the group entered the restraint, an air of an amusement about him. “Soon, Robin, you and the Titans will fall!”

Then he disappeared again in the shadow of the alley.


The teens crowded around a table and Danny skillfully chose to set at the end Tucker and Sam on ether side of him. “So,” Danny said, “What kind of powers do you guys have anyway?”

“I meditate every day so I can control my power, witch is basically telekinesis.” Raven said shocking the table.

“Well,” Beast Boy said. “I can turn into any animal.”

“Why are you green?” Tucker asked.

“That's a joke, right?”

Jazz came back with a soda for ever one. “They said it'll take a minute for the food to be done. They'll call a number out, its 59.”

“Cool!” Cyborg answered her happily, then went back to the original conversation. “Well I am like 90% robot and can fire a cyber canon!”

“Cool!” Tucker breath.

“I know mutable fighting stiles, my cape is stronger than most metals and I have a bowstaf.... but no rill powers. Oh. I'm also the leader of the Teen Titans.” Robin shrugged.

“Me next! Me next!” Starfire beamed. “I am from Tamiran!”

“What's Tamiran?” Danny asked.

“Don't you mean where?” Sam said.

“Its my home planet and far away!”

“Whoa! You're an alien!?” Tucker asked.

“Yes! And I can fly and fire starbolts and shoot lasers from my eyes!”

“Ya, and she's much stronger than she looks.” Robin said.

“59!” Some one yelled.

Jazz left and soon returned with the food, witch she had had some one help bring over. After everyone found what was theirs and began eating Robin asked, “What about you?”

Danny was taken back by this question. “W-what d-do you mean, what about me - us?” Danny asked nervously. “We don't have powers.”

“I know, what I mean is, what do you do?”

“Oh,” Danny laughed. “this and that.... What ells would we do?” Danny accidentally knocked over Tuckers fries trying to stay casual.

“Ya,” Sam jumped to Danny's rescue. “All are time is occupied by school.”

“Among other things.” Tuck said absently as his face was buried in his PDA again.


“Ya, Tuck's a techno geek-

“I am not!”

“And I am an ultra-recyclo vegetarian Goth.”

“Meaning she doesn't eat any thing with a face.” Danny said with out looking up from his hamburger.

“I'm the exact opposite, I'm a conniver.” Tucker said.

“What about you Danny?”

“Me? Well nothing special about me, except that I'm a looser.”

Robin gave him an odd look. “You're not a looser Danny.” Jazz said.

“You're right!” A new voice said. “He's a freak!” They turned to see a tall blond muscled down jock.

“Dash, how are you?” Danny said raggedly.

“Like you care!”

“You're right, I don't.”

“Well, guess what! You will! I failed my math test!”

“Well isn't that a surprise.” Sam said sarcastically.

“Shut up freak! Well Danny, do you know what I'm going to do now?”

“Get a tooter and leave me be?”

“Wrong!” Dash picked up Danny's soda and smashed it on his head. The contents flattened his hair and ran down his face. Danny's face filled with rage and his eyes flashed green.

“Danny...” Sam warned.

Robin jumped up. “Hay! What do you think you're doing?”

“Sit down bird boy. This doesn't concern you.”

“It dose,” Starfire rose from her seat eyes and hands glowing green. “ and I suggest you leave, now.”

“What are you?”

“We're the Teen Titans.” Beast Boy said.

Dash laughed. “You? You guys are the Titans? What kind of villains do you fight? Babies?” Suddenly he was flying across the building and hit the opposite wall. With some help from Paullina and Quan, he stud up. “You'll pay for that Fentony!” Danny swallowed hard.

“Thanks, but he'll be back. I'm like his personal punching bag.”

“Tuh, what a jerk.”

“He's the most popular kid in school.” Tucker explained. “We three are the least.”

“I could care less.” Sam said. “People should be accepted for who they are and not for how big of an a-

“Okay Sam! We've heard that speech a million times and I think they get it.” Danny stopped her. Then his ghost since went off. “Plus, I need to go to the bathroom! Be right back!”

Danny zipped to the bathroom and entered a stall. “Going Ghost!” He called and soared, invisibly out into the dining aria looking around. Suddenly he heard noises coming from the back. “Ha! Ha! Take that!” A familiar voice boosted.

Danny floated into the walk in freezer and became visible. “Do you mined? I'm kind of in hiding.”

“YOU! You can not hIde from mE and my boxes of dooOm!” The Box Ghost droned.

“Ya, ya, can we get over with this?” Suddenly a Nasty Burger employ walked in caring a tray of buns and humming horribly. Soon, though, the buns were rolling on the floor and the humming became screaming.

“G-ghost!” He yelled running out.

“Yes! Flee! Flee for I-ee am the Box Ghost!”

“Okay. I'd love to stay and catch up on old, times but I've got to run!” Danny then sucked the ghost into his thermos.

As he put the thermos away the Teen Titans tore into the room. “Stop where you are Inviso-Bill!” Robin ordered.

Danny sighed for what felt like a the millionth time that day. “Its Danny Phantom! Not Inviso-Bill!”

“Frankly we don't care. Your a villain and we're taking you down!” Cyborg preached.

“I'm not the bad guy!” Danny nearly scram. The Teen Titans just stared blankly at him. Danny sighed again. “Look. Can we fined a place to talk?”

“Why should we trust you?” Raven asked.

“I don't know! You could give it a shot though and if it doesn't work out I'll let you kick my butt! Deal?”

Danny floted there arms crossed glowing green eyes boring into the into the 5 teens. They looked at each other and shrugged. Robin then turned to Danny and stuck his hand up to shake hands. “Deal.”

Danny eyed his hand. “I think I'll pass on the handshake, but listen, meet me by the fountain at Amity park - uh - the park.” Danny saluted them and then soared up through the roof.

“Inviso-Bill, is Danny Phantom, and maybe...”Robin started.

“A friend?” Starfire offered.

“No, but maybe an ally.”

“Do you think we can trust him?” Beast Boy asked.



Well there it is. I couldn't think of a good title for the chapter. Though this is basically only to connect the last chapter to the next! Ch 5: What is trust?

Yay! Hope you enjoyed!


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