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Chapter 7 - Raven

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 7 - Raven

Chapter 7 - Raven

Okay.... Um, if you all haven't noticed.... I kinda went back oh... I don't know 3 or 4 chapters.... Please forgive me! Its just the resent chapters were not fitting the rest of the story and well the characters were falling apart and I was confusing my self so I knew I probably was doing a number on you all or at least I was going to.....

so I just erased and started from chapter 6.... You have to understand this is my first crossover my 3 story and well I'm still trying to get a holed of all this... so please for give me and Read and Review! Thank you!

Surviving the Titans

Ch 7: Raven

Danny sighed as he looked up to the starlet sky. Vlad was up to something, that much he knew, what he did not know was what.... His mined was crowded with to much. Just his horrible-gives-him-hell life. It was as if some one was out to just make him suffer. Heck, some one had to be getting a kick out of it... he felt like the mane character in a story that was mint to keep him guessing while every one but he knew what was going on... like those hoer moves were you know that the monsters behind the door and that the guy knew it was there too- or should have known, because it was so obvious- but he opens it any way and gets his head bit off... Danny stretched out on the shingle of the random roof he'd occupied. Not to mention he was training the Titans so they'd know how to catch him.... how come it always happened that way? Why couldn't they be training him instead? Why did he have to show them exactly how they should kick his butt? It was like some awful parody or something. Not to mention the stupid book report that was due for Lancers class that he hadn't even started yet... `Something's here!' Danny thought, as he sat up with a jolt he felt a shiver run down his spine. It wasn't a ghost though, his since didn't go off... `What is it?' He wounded. He turned quickly to the filling to face... Raven.

“Do you always sneak up on unsuspecting ghost like that?”

“Only when I have to.” She said dryly.

“What do you want?”

Raven just floated there a second looking at him. “I was patrolling.” Danny stiffened a bit. “You have a very unique signature... for a ghost.... so neutral to there usual patterns....”

Danny just gave her a hard look, “What? I can't be different?” He asked sounding oddly like a close friend of his...

“Of cores you can... But different involves secrets... different involves trouble, and different is something that's not so... different to me...”

Danny reverted his gaze returning his eyes to the sky's. He recalled Beast Boy's earlier comment about her maybe liking him. “Life involves secrets.” Danny said.

“That's my point.” Raven said bluntly.

`There was a point in there?'

Danny shook his head. “What kind of ghost hunts there own kind?” Raven asked suddenly. “I mean that is what you do isn't it?”

“Yeah, but you should meet Skulker before you start telling me off about hunting my own kind. At least I have a reason.”

“Skulker?” Raven said and hint of surprise in her voice. “The Ghost Worlds Greatest Hunter?”

Danny blinked in surprise. `How much dose she know?'

“He's a myth.”

Danny laughed instantly. “Skulker? A myth? Ha, what makes him a myth?”

“Well...” Raven said, a little put off by his attitude. “They say he's a hunter of oddities of both the human and the ghost worlds...”

Danny nodded. “True.”

“He's almost diamond like, he can sore at impossible speeds, being stronger than any man and he burns of fire.”

Danny couldn't help it any more, he busted out laughing. “Well! With his suet he is pretty intimidating and his hair is flam like but the real Skulker is just a blob!”

Ravens face turned red and Danny couldn't help but notice a few shingles take orbit. “Slob?” She said.

“No,” Danny corrected. “blob.”

Raven gave him a look obviously not liking that a myth wasn't really a myth and that she was talking as if she were scared of it and Danny was laughing about it. “What ever! Still why? I mean, the only thing you could get out of-

“I protect these people whether they like me or not. It doesn't mater why.”

“When you get stuck in a tight spot were its either you or them, then it would mater.” Raven said.

Danny glared at her. “What you think I'd turn and run, tell between my legs?”

“No.” She said looking in his brilliant green eyes. “I don't. You have a strong will, for what ever reason.... I'm sure you'd give every thing you had before you let these people down. Even though they hate you... you still do good.”

Danny blushed for some reason, before he could hit her with a smart remark though his ghost since went off. “Great.”



“This ones weak though. It couldn't be that much of a threat...”

Danny gowned. “Its the weaker ones that are the pest. They think there all that but all they are is a waste of time and energy.”

“Then why chase them?”

“Because.” Danny said taking off Raven at his heals.

“It couldn't do much...” Raven continued to protest to deft ears.

Suddenly they landed on a seen of people slipping and stumbling on an iced down side walk. “Wont any one be my friend?”

“Klimber!” Danny snapped. The pajamad ghost looked his way and smiled.

“You will be my friend?”

Danny paled. “No! Just go home and I wont kick your butt!”

“That's mature.” Raven muttered.

Klimber soared toured them with an excited kick. Danny flew up out of the death trap of the `Bair Hug' right before it hit him, but Raven didn't move. Big mistake.

Before she knew it she was in the ghost arms being hugged. It wasn't long though as a jolt of electricity jumped from her deflector and zapped the naive Klimber off of her. The ghost flew back a few yards before coming to a stop. Raven herself looked absolutely mortified. Klimber not liking the shock took a breath preparing to cocoon Raven in a blanket of ice when he was hit in the side by a green ray. “Back off!” Danny cried. Then he soared after as he pulled out his thermoses. With in seconds Kilmber was gone.

Danny landed next to Raven who was still shaking off the incident. “You okay?” Danny asked.

“I'm fine.” Raven grumbled. Suddenly there was a beeping and Raven pulled out her communicator. “Yeah?” She asked turning away from Danny.

“We have a problem and big one! Get back to Fenton Works Pronto!” Robin said.

“All right.” Then she turned around. “Well... I guess our little get together is over.” Raven said to Danny.

“I get it.” Danny said taking to the air. “Later.”

Raven watched the ghost leave. Then turned and took of as well. `I still don't get it...'

Yeah... I didn't know what to title this chapter so since Raven and Danny were the only ones in this chapter I decided to title it Raven.... Even though a lot of it was sintered around Danny.... what I like him and this stories in the DP section because its focused more on Danny's side.... um and sorry again for the rill big retake.....

Thank you for reading!


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renamon6262 on June 6, 2007, 3:14:58 AM

renamon6262 on
renamon6262How long has it been since i`ve read this? A long time that I can`t remember what I read...i`ll read it again! :D

iAmFishCrashing on March 30, 2006, 6:12:44 AM

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darkblaze06 on March 11, 2006, 12:27:32 PM

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darkblaze06This is great! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Froze8 on March 5, 2006, 3:08:23 AM

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Froze8I was wondering what heppened to those chapters! Anyways nice story!

Froze8 on January 30, 2006, 10:13:14 AM

Froze8 on
Froze8Great story! I hope you finnish it.

Fire_Feline on January 22, 2006, 2:27:20 AM

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Fire_Felinehey you need to write more, this is preaty good.

kngfoo2200 on January 13, 2006, 10:21:06 PM

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kngfoo2200more...More...MorE...MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!! it's awesome! pleeeeeeeeze get ch. 8 up soon!!!

Keito-Chan on January 13, 2006, 10:33:26 AM

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Keito-ChanYES! great job as usual! and thanks for telling me ^-^ *thumbs up* *gives you cookies*

cyborggirl on January 10, 2006, 5:35:59 AM

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cyborggirlLOVE IT! by the way...GLAD TO HAVE YA BACK BUDDY O MINE!

dannylov10 on January 10, 2006, 4:43:10 AM

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dannylov10Murr I LOVE IT!! Murr your lucky...i can't think of anything 4 my other story..-.-....BUT STILL I LOVE IT!!