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Chapter 9 - TV part 2

What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!

Chapter 9 - TV part 2

Chapter 9 - TV part 2

Hey... So all you guys hate me now that's no surprise... I hate me too....

But besides that...when I'm finally done I'll go back and rewrite it so the spelling and grammars good.... heck maybe later I'll redo it all together.... but that's latter and this is now... again I'm really sorry for the wait you had to suffer through which was entirely my fault. And so that you guys might like me a little better! I'm putting a sneak peek - which I've never done! - at the end of this chapter!!! Wahoo! Yes I'm bribing you. Blame my dad! He's a bad influence!

Disclaimer: I own nothing said lots of times and will not change at any point in this story or any other unless I actually... never mined I own no DP or TT!

Surviving the Titans!!!

Chapter 9: TV Part 2

“Wait! I know you!” Jazz said suddenly excited.

“You do?”

“Of cores! Your that guy who plays Nick on Egypt!”

“My name is Nick, and we are in Egypt!”

“Okay... that's not right.... I thought your name was like John or Devin or something...”

“What? Who? Those names aren't even similar!”

“I know... I'm just really bad with this movie stuff, okay?”

“Kid this isn't a movie!”


“Go umbra(not sure if that`s right)!” Sam's Grandma cheered from the stands as Sam took the over muscled man in tights down in a few brief cat like movements.

“One! Two! Three! We have a winner!” Sam grind as her hands were pulled up into the air, she scanned the enthused crowd and waved to her grandma when suddenly everything fell deathly silent and she found her self in the dark.

“Now what?” she asked aloud.

She saw, after her eyes adjusted that she was bound to a table saw, a bomb setting next to her leg, “Welcome,” Came a rasped voice, “To escape your death you must remove your hand, do this and you will be free, if you don't you die. The petal for the saw is by your right foot. Have a nice day.”

“Gait...” Sam groaned as the clock on the bomb began to count down.


“Raven?” Danny turned to see the sorceries headed his way, when something moving very fast hit her in the back causing her to land in the way of a lime green monster truck. “Raven!” He gripped the dog who had fallowed him tight in his arms and took off at top speed. Instantly he went intangible as he grabbed her and they rolled on the ground falling to the side of the arena.

“Phantom?” She asked looking up at him.

He didn't move. Slowly he began to walk and he stepped through a vortex that formed beside them, they ended up in the middle of a safari. “Danny, you can let me down now.” Raven said. He didn't move, “Um... Phantom?”


“I-I'm not a doctor!” Tucker stuttered nervously as he was being shoved into an operating room.

Suddenly there was a zap again and he landed in a shark cage next to Robin. The boy breath a sigh of relief. “So?” He said looking to Robin. “Where are the sharks?”

Robin groaned.


Jack laughed nervously to his wife as the rope was placed around his nick. “So, maybe I didn't handle it the right way...”

“Ya think?!”

“Do yall have any last words?” A cow boy in black asked.

“Yeah...” Jack said miserably.

“Go on ahead.”

“Well, I, Jack Fenton, just want to say-

“Jack!” Maddie said suddenly, stunned Jack looked up with his wife to see they were free of the hanging and in the back of a yellow jeep.

“Mom! Dad!” Jazz greeted happily.


“We are not the sheep.” Starfire said

Suddenly the two titans turned roughly under the net to the sound of a growl. There they saw a demeaned dog like thing. It jumped tackling the other demeaned tearing it to shreds. “OH! GROUSE! WHO WATCHES THIS?” Suddenly the dog monster stopped turning to them face covered in blood. It advanced on them.

Then the two titans were joined as there was another zap and Beast Boy appeared next to them under the net. “Of cores-! Hey! Oh, hi guys! What's up?”
“Apparently were sheep, who are wolf meat...”

“Oh...” Beast Boy looked to the demon. “Oh!”


The gray dog looked up at Danny squirming, whimpering in his grasp. Raven was just getting annoyed, not to mention a bit nerves. “Phantom.” She warned. “Put me down. Now.”

“Please.” He said darkly as he began to walk through the grass of the safary.

“Phantom! I mean it!”

“Silence woman.”
Black magic danced around Raven as she began to grow anger. “So this is how you save people?!” Raven asked.

“Who said I was saving you?” Danny asked, suddenly he groaned falling to his knees, he dropped the dog as he grabbed his head. “R-Raven?”

Raven was pulsating with energy now. “You'd better let me go.” she growled darkly.

Danny dropped her immediately. “What? What happened? Where are we now? Rave-

“Is this some kind of joke?” Raven turned on him trying to regain her emotions.


“You know what! I can't believe I even considered you trust worthy!”
“Raven-” the dog jumped on Danny suddenly licking his face. Danny shoved him down. “What's with you?”

Raven glared for a moment before becoming confused. “That dog was just frightened to death of you, not 5 second ago...” Then she paused. “What are you doing here any way?”

Before Danny could respond there was a zap and the two were gone again to another channel.


“I'm in the TV!” Jazz said in disbelief.
“No your not. That's insane... being in a TV.” Nick scuffed.
“Oh really.” Jazz said. “This coming from a guy who fights Mummies on a daily bases and is married to a reincarnated Egyptian prices...” She said sarcastically.

“Not daily... just regularly....”

The two turned startled to face Jack and Maddie Fenton. “Mom! Dad!” Jazz greeted happily.

“Okay! Who are you two?!”

“These are my parents!” Jazz said. “What happened to you two?”

“Well your father nearly had us hung in the old west!” Maddie scowled.

“I said I was sorry...”

Maddie sighed giving a soughed understanding smile. “I know sweaty... but next time leave the talking to me. Okay?”

“Odd family,” Nick said “Just appearing out of thin air... what's with the suits?”

“Don't tease them about the suits... there very partial to them...” Jazz whispered.

“Right...” Nick said still dazed. Suddenly there was another zap, and the three Fenton's were gone, leaving a gaping Nick. Who unfortunately hit a rock column.


Okay... there you go and I know its um... a little hard to fallow but, I wanted to do something a bit different you know. Also just so you know almost all of the ideas were from actual TV shows... I just changed them a bit, so no I don't own any of these ether... except the dog. I made that up... but I couldn't resist! Danny and dogs... well you know.... any way!

Now fore your sneak peek!

Ch10:TV part3

Sam looked to the side seeing the dog, Well! Who's this?

I saved him from a mad scientist... Danny said. He doesn't have a name...

Sam gave Danny a sad look. Danny... you know better. We cant take him with us...
Well, I thought... maybe I could... Danny said scratching the dog behind the ear. They leaned against the wall setting the unconscious Raven by them. How am I suppose to do this Sam? I cant even get a glimpse of this guy... its like... he has all the cards.

We'll get him, don't worry, we just have to get together first.
Danny looked confused for a second.
I get it... suddenly his voice changed, get them tougher and its all over... he whispered.

Exactly! Sam said not catching the loathe sinking into the boys voice.

He stood his hands shaking, clinched into tight fist. Danny?
All over... He turned to Sam and she gasped, his eyes were burning red.


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