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Chapter 0 - The Intro

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 0 - The Intro

Chapter 0 - The Intro

The year is 13 A.D. and Godzilla rules the world. Right now all of the humans are either mentally retarded or physically retarded and some are even both and all of the other creatures are either too weak or too timid to fight the almighty Godzilla. My name is Larry and I am one of the lucky penguins we are lucky because godzilla rarely messes with us only because he thinks he killed all of us see I might be the only penguin in the world right now. It all started when the female penguins laid their eggs, they had to go get food so the babies wouldnt be hungry when they hatched. Right now we currently had no food except for the pizza place which was 666 miles away, but since they invented the first jet pack they made very speedy deliveries. The only problem with being a penguin is that you have really short legs, which made walking very hard for us to do because it took us days just to get around our entire house. It usually took the female penguins 4 months to get the food and come back. Youre probably wondering why it takes so long well as I explained previously WE HAVE SHORT LEGS! Now before I begin telling you my story I need to warn you that this is not a dumb made up story this is a true story and it is very hard believe because the adventures are so amazing and the randomness is off the hizzle fo shizzle. Now if you decide to keep on reading I must warn you that you cannot stop if you do your life will be in danger, so read or you will die


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homiez502 on March 27, 2010, 3:24:39 AM

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homiez502no one? you people suck man D;