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Chapter 2 - Godzilla

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 2 - Godzilla

Chapter 2 - Godzilla
Chapter 2
I woke up to a roaring noise. it wasnt what you would expect to hear at 4 in the morning but I mean you wouldnt really expect to hear anything besides your breathing at four in the morning and possibly some drunk hobos screaming. AHHHHHHHHHHH! and there it was the drunk hobo screaming although it didnt sound like a hobo or a drunk person it sounded like someone who was terrified but that was very rare in 12 A.D. we were very peaceful except for when it came to humans we despised them. Then I heard stomping and I started to get scared, my wife woke up and ran outside. But she really shouldnt have done that, because she was probably his first victim. After he stomped on her he picked her up and ate her. Then he came for the baby, that was when I knew I had to hide. I hid in a hole and put some leaves on top of that to hide me from any ones vision or the hole from any ones vision. While I was in there I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up it was all different there was nothing left of our peaceful village once known as Scranton. I couldnt find any bodys just mangled arms or legs it was horrible. I didnt believe it I thought I must be dreaming. I went to the pizza place to see if that beast had gotten that far, it turns out he had. I grabbed a jet pack and put it on me I needed to find someplace to go and it would take me way too long to go someplace if I had to walk. After I passed what used to be my old village Scranton I said goodbye for the last time. I didnt think I would want to ever go back there were too many horrible memories there.


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