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Chapter 3 - Investagation Time

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 3 - Investagation Time

Chapter 3 - Investagation Time
Chapter 3
Investigation time

I went to the closest village by scranton and found out the beast had gotten there too but this time there were some survivors I saw Van Gough and Bill Gates apparently they went on vacation to celebrate the woman coming home. I was glad to see someone I knew. I walked over to them "hey guys what happened?" I asked. "it" was all they said they looked terrified and they were shaking. I walked away realizing they werent any help. I turned on the jet pack and flew off I needed to find a place were the beast had not yet gotten to so I could stop it from getting there. The entire way to the next village I couldnt stop thinking about what Van and Bill had said it? what did that mean??? once I got to the next village I realized the beast had gotten there also so I kept on flying. I went to 8 villages and all of them had been destroyed or almost destroyed by the beast. I kept on flying but every village had been destroyed, I found an ocean and decided to go over it because I needed to find a place the beast had not destroyed and I had already been everywhere I could think of. It took me 3 days to get over the ocean (thank god for jet packs), when I got to the land I didnt see anyone but a few retarded humans. They were all running around screaming "AHHHHHH!THE PENGUINS HAVE COME TO EAT US AGAIN!" actually we never ate them we just made it look like we ate them to scare them. "EVERYONE CALM DOWN!" I yelled. After everyone stopped screaming and running and looked at me I said, "Okay listen up everyone there has been a terrible accident. A horrible beast has killed off all of the penguins and most of the other creatures around Asia and Australia and Europe. We will all be killed unless we form an army to protect ourselves. I know that none of you like me and thats okay because I dont really like you. But unless you want to die a very painful death I suggest we put aside our differences and FIGHT the UGLY BEAST!" no one said anything they just stared at me. God they are so stupid this is why us INTELLIGENT and BRAVE penguins do not interact with the IDIOTIC and TIMID humans. "Well how do we know if youre telling the truth?" one of them said. Ugh see idiot humans too retarded to think. I would never ruin the penguins reputation by saying we needed the retarded humans help. "Because I mean if there was problems wouldnt you just go to the other creatures for help?" another one of them said. "okay honestly I have no proof but like I said before the beast has also struck other peoples villages too not just mine. And you will just have to trust me otherwise you might turn out like most of the creatures back there, dead and missing body parts." i said.


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