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Chapter 4 - Training The Humans

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 4 - Training The Humans

Chapter 4 - Training The Humans
Chapter 4
Training the humans

After hours and hours of persuading the retarded humans they finally realized I was telling the truth, and agreed to come back to Asia with me but before we did that I needed to train them. You could not just throw them in front of that beast they would have no idea what to do and just run away screaming, most of them run away from everything like a butterfly or a rolly poly. So I brought them to a training center in Mexico. There we started basic trainings they were already really good runners so we didnt need to work on cardio that much but we did need to work on strength because they couldnt even pick up a small pebble and throw it. So we worked on push ups and chin ups to strengthen them. 500 push ups every two hours and the other hour we used for chin ups , they needed to do 400 of those, once they finished they were free to do whatever they wanted except it couldnt be fun and it had to do with strengthening up. None of them were very happy about it but it had to be done I was already in the best physical condition that I could be in so I didnt work as hard as them I only did 13 push ups every hour no chin ups an the rest of the time I lounged around eating donuts and screaming at the sla- I mean humans making sure they do their work. Most of them were but sometimes a couple of them would stop and i would yell at them. They said "it's tortue!" and "No fun at all!", I decided to give them to days a week were they could do whatever they wanted only because if I didn't I thought they might revolt. I also made their training schedule from 8:00 am to 2:35 pm, the time before and after that they had freetime to do whatever, during that time when they weren't working out I educated them. I taught them how to read I taught them history and a lot of other things. Of course, they still thought it was torture. i called this "torture" school. After one month of strengthening up they were ready to continue with their training, they needed to learn how to fight. I gave them dummies to start off with, after a few weeks of using those I fought them. After a few weeks most of them could almost beat me, no one was strong enough to actually beat me though, so i knew it was time. They were ready to fight the beast, But it still wasn't enough, we needed more creatures to help fight. I knew we had to search their land for more creature that could help us. In the humans land they didn't have jet packs or fuel for jet packs. So it would take months to get across that dumb ocean. I knew a place where it would only take a couple of days to get across the ocean but it would take around a month or so to get there. I decided to go that way so i could find more help.


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