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Chapter 5 - Hobos And Cuppie Cakes

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 5 - Hobos And Cuppie Cakes

Chapter 5 - Hobos And Cuppie Cakes
Chapter 5
Hobos and Cuppie cakes

When we got to the humans land i realized i never asked what it was called "Hey guys what is this place called?" i asked "We never named it" One of them replied. See that just proves how dumb they are. I decided to name it idiotville. We only walked a couple of miles before they started to get tired. "Seriously?" i asked "You're tired already? Well too bad," i said "We barely got anywhere and we have got a VERY VERY VERY long way to go. We can either stop running now while we walk or we can run now and excercise in the morning." They decided to run and excercise in the morning. After two more hours of running it got kinda dark so we stopped for the night and went to sleep. When i woke up everyone was gone. I found a note a couple of feet away i picked it up and read it

Dear larry,

We are sick of your orders. having that beast kill us would be better than being under your command. we went over to Asia on a boat by the time you get there we will be there and waiting for you. If you still need our help, we will offer it but we can't do your outrageous workouts anymore

Us "idiotic" humans

"Well this is just great" i said to myself. I kept walking for ten miles until i found a human sitting in the middle of the road "Are you okay?!" i yelled at him. he looked up at me, he wasn't one of the humans that i trained so i didn't know him. "Please don't eat me." he said. Of course all humans thought we ate them. "I'm not going to eat you." i said "Oh, well then what do you want? Do you want tobe my besest buddy?" he said "Sure. Whats your name?" i asked "Fladoodle." he replied. Wow fladoodle? that is.... wow. "Cool.' i said. That was probably the first hobo i ever saw. in my old village everyone had homes even if they had no money. We didn't even have money. It was useless. The only reason i even knew what money was was because before the penguins ruled the humans did, Which is another reason that humans don't like us, and obviously they had money. I told fladoodle about everything that had happened, the beast, everyone dying, coming here, training the humans, and them fleeing to Asia on a boat. "Wow, sucks to be you right now lil' buddy. So you gots any cuppie cakes?" fladoodle asked. "What are cuppie cakes?" i asked. "You know they er lil cakes wit frosting and sometimes they gots sprinkles. Oh and they taste like slamanders." Fladoodle was really starting to creep me out. "How exactly, do you know what salamanders taste like?" i asked "Why they taste like cuppie cakes, DER" der? wow. he is so weird.


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