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Chapter 6 - Oh, Great

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 6 - Oh, Great

Chapter 6 - Oh, Great
Chapter 6
Oh, great

After spending a couple of hours with fladoodle i kinda gots used to him. oh god, did i just say gots? i have gotten WAY to used to him. "Hey look lil' buddy mo' people, maybe they can help us out." there was a girl and a boy who looked like they were the same age probably aroun 14-16 years old. They were holding hands and walking in the same direction as us. "Hey i think thats Tay and Gee. Ima talk to dem. Hey guys is you tay and gee?" UGH these people better not be like Fladoodle or i think i might blow my brains against the ceiling... er uhjust against the.... sky? whatever. turns out it was "tay and gee" they came with us. "Hey guys this is my lil' buddy his name is larry he cool." Fladoodle explained. "So wheres you kids headed to?" they shrugged. "well goods you can come wit us," Fladoodle explained our situation and they agreed to help us and fight with us. when it started to get dark we went to a motel so we could sleep somewhere decent. It was only one penny a night since i had no money taylor and gerard paid for it. They gave the cashier a bronze coin, on the back it said "in the penguins we do not trust." When we got to our room taylor asked me a question "Why aren't you eating us? i mean thats how you get your power right? at least thats how you took over." What stupid stupid humans they were. "ugh that isn't how we took over well, i mean it kind of is but not exactly, see you guys were ruining everythin. You invented money which was a complete waste of gold silver and time, also you guys don't have jet packs, we had to improve things otherwise someone else would have come and ruined things even more. What we did was we took a dying old man and pretended to eat him so we could scare you and you would give us power. Two kids pitched the idea at a meeting and we thought it was ridiculous and laughed said "It would never work", but a couple days later the boys went through with the plan." i explained "oh, well what happened to the old man?" Taylor asked "Honestly i don't know." I said. the room only had two beds Taylor and gerard shared one whil Fladoodle took the other one. I insisted on taking the floor since i didn't pay for the room.


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