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Chapter 7 - Uncle Paul

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 7 - Uncle Paul

Chapter 7 - Uncle Paul
Chapter 7
Uncle Paul

We left the motel in the morning and continued to walk. Taylor and Gerard Walked a couple of feet behind us, I'm guessing it was because they didn't want me to hear their conversation, but i heard it anyway. "Do you really think there is a beast in Asia? or do you think hes just lying?" Taylor asked Gerard. "I don't know but i think he's telling the truth i mean honestly, do you think the penguins would come to us for help when they could ask anyone else? It does seem like a trap, you know how retarded they think we are, but then again they probably would have brought another penguin along, but they might think we are too retarded for there to be need for more than one. I could continue this argue forever but its not going to get us anywhere i think we should just believe him, and if he is lying i'm sure we could defend ourselves they are only penguins, not vicious tigers or anything like that." Gerard replied. He seemed to be one of the smarter humans, if we were going to make this a trap then obviously we would have done what he said, but OBVIOUSLY this isn't a trap. "AHHHHHH!" we heard sceraming coming from the forest. We went in to investigate "Bears win hoo rah da bears ! ! !" we saw a man yelling. There was a girl next to him with blonde hair who was also screaming. "Carrigan!" taylor yelled. Carrigan ran over to taylor and screamed even louder than before. "Uh whos that dude?" Taylor asked. "Uncle Paul" Carrigan said "Wow thats.... wow." Carrigan joined us but uncle paul left and screamed "Hoo rah da bears" i'm glad he didn't come. these people were annoying enough i didn't want that idiot screaming 'WOO DA BEARS" all the time it was so annoying. I didn't like having all these people with me it was slowing me down, and i was already slow enough without them. AND THEY HAD LONG LEGS!!!!! I was slow because of my stupid short legs. What is their excuse? If i had long legs i would be walking fast. they were totally abuding their power. We finally got to Canada which was owned by the ligers they were very nice. It took us two days to get to the actual location of the shortcut. Two VERY LONG DAYS. taylor and carrigan wouldn't shut up unless taylor was making out with gerard which i found disgusting. and they did that quitew frequently.When they did make out Carrigan would talk to fladoodle. "Hey lil' buddy can we go scuba diving?" Fladoodle asked. "No" i replied. "Well if i can't go scuba diving then what was the point of all this thing?" he asked. "I don't care" I said. I was very tired and didn't want to hear him ramble on and on about who knows what. "So can i go scuba diving?" he asked "NO!" i yelled. "Well scuba diving is fun and i want to go." he said "OKay when we get to Asia and kill the beast then you can scuba dive all day long." i said. We didn't have a boat yet though, so we had to find a person who was willing to sell theirs. We walked over to one of my liger friends his name was Weber and he sold his boat to us for free. "Hes hot" Carrigan whispered to taylor. "EWWWW!" taylor screamed. Since no one knew how to sail the boat i had to sail it but i had no idea where i was going or how long it would take to get there. I guessed it would take 4 days to get there but i was so wrong. Fladoodle walked up to me. "Hey lil' Buddy you gots any cuppie cakes?" Oh god not again. "We went over this Fladoodle i do not have any 'cuppie cakes' and i never will" I'm pretty sure he asked me this question over 10 times today and it was only 5 a.m. "Oh , well i like cuppie cakes, they taste like salamanders." Again, he told me that already too. "Thats great." i said.


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