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Chapter 8 - Dumbie dumb dumb dumbs and weirdos

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 8 - Dumbie dumb dumb dumbs and weirdos

Chapter 8 - Dumbie dumb dumb dumbs and weirdos
Chapter 8
Dumbie dumb dumb dumbs and weirdos

It actually took us 13 days to get to Europe. When we got there we noticed that the beast had not yet reached that area. I saw my friends Stephanie the Cheetah and Xavier the fairy princess of gumdrops. They had just heard about the tragedy in Asia and agreed to help us fight, We also got most of their friends to help us too. Taylor, Gerard, and Carrigan saw another human and ran over to her screaming "AHHH MEDA DON"T EAT ME!!! AHHHH!!!" I later found out that Meda was a cannibal. We continued to walk to Asia when we found a cave, Since it was starting to get dark we decided to go inside and stay there for the night. "Oh my godadoodlez!" Fladoodle said once we got inside. When we saw the people there i was so confused. The humans that i had just trained were all in that cave. I had thought the humans had gone to Asia we weren't exactly in Asia yet. we were in a very close neighboring village. They all just stared at me for a while then they yelled "NO MORE TORTURE!!!!!!!" ugh, again with the torture. "Its okay i wont make you guys do any work outs anymore god." i said, i wasn't worried about them getting stronger they were already as strong as they could be and that was (hopefully) good enough to beat the beast. Me fladoodle taylor and gerard went looking for more people. We went in this town that everyone called "Weirdo land" after a couple of minutes being there we realized why it was called that. One man walked up to me and said "My car needs a new valve. Butter is yumm yumm yumm!!!!" Fladoodle had warned everyone earlier not to talk to any of them but he didn't say why.So i just kept my mouth shut and kept walking. "I like totally love pirates, they are so totally amazing. i love movies about pirates and songs about pirates and books about pirates and everything else that has to do with pirates. OH MY GOD!!! PIRATES!!!! Are you guys pirates?" this creepy old fat lady who came out of no where asked me. Another man walked up to me "Excuse me sir im going to need to see some weirdo ID." Fladoodle took out an ID card and gave it to the weirdo. I wasn't that surprised that fladoodle had a weirdo ID card i mean, he is a big fat weirdo. "Oh okay this looks legit. Oh wait this expired two seconds ago oh wait now its six seconds ago eight nine ten eleven tweleve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty....." He turned around for a second and we all sprinted away before he could notice. We went to the next village and didn't see anyone there. We went to the next one and we finally found people. We got some to join us. "Is there any other villages around here that aren't destroyed?" I asked. "Nope. We checked them all except from the direction you came from there is two or three." So with that we gave up and headed back to the cave in which we would probably all be sleeping in. I didn't exactly know how we would all fit in there but the least we could do is try to fit everyone in and if there wasn't enough room me, fladoodle, taylor, gerard, and carrigan would sleep outside. We only had 6 ligers, 3 hippos, 20 giraffes, 6 terds ( they are an extinct species, you will find out why later. They a brown and look like squiggles or circles or ovals.), 18 more humans, 6 elephants, 3 more hobos (I would have put them under the human category but Fladoodle insisted that "His kind" was better and different than "Their kind", i guess he was mad at the humans for making him a hobo.), and one Egle (She is an endangered species). You may think thats a lot but none of them know how to fight except for the ligers and the Egle (she bites people). Also this beast is 85,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger, stronder, and faster than all of us. We finally got to the cave and went to sleep, it was already past midnight and we were planning on fighting the beast tomorrow.


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