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Chapter 9 - Fighting the beast

about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon

Chapter 9 - Fighting the beast

Chapter 9 - Fighting the beast
Chapter 9
Fighting the beast

When i woke up i realized, that for the first time in my life, I was scared. I was really scared of this dumb, ugly, beast. It wasn't fair, he came out of no where and suddenly, he rules the world? No thats not how it works. But he is very big, We might not make it out alive. OKAY! I need to stop thinking about this before i go insane! I woke up the rest of the humans. I walked over to a girl named Unita "wake up. we have to go fight the beast today" i whispered and shook her slighty. "WHAT!?!?!?" she yelled waking everyone else up. "We're fighting the beast TODAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" everyone was looking at me now with the same expression she had. Hadn't i told them this yesterday?? Oh wait thats right i came home late yesterday and didn't get a chance to tell them. Uh stupid, stupid, stupid. Sometimes I'm stupider than the humans. "Oh I'm sorry i thought i told you guys." i said apoloegticly. "But come on we can still fight him today right? I mean you guys were training for like almost a year. And we need to get rid of him before he does something bad. Do you want him to destroy the world?" They all looked at me again this time less mad. "You're right." Unita said. "We can kill him no problem." another person said. "YEAH! lets go over there right now and-" Someone was starting to say but i blocked it out with my thoughts. What???? No not now. I mean, today but not now. "is you okays lil' buddy?" Fladoodle walked over and asked me. I was just standing there with my mouth wide open, I didn't really have an expression on my face, i was just staring. To shocked to do anything. I realized i wasn't ready to fight the beast. I thought i was but, after thinking about it, I wasn't. And i didn't think i ever would be. "Hey??? You there lil' buddy. Can you hears me?" he asked "eh." i said. "Whats 'eh'? is that a new kind a dance craze." he started to wave his arms around and turn in circles "Look everybody I'm doing the eh!" I Finally snapped out of my daze. "No Fladoodle its not a dance craze." i said. "Oh well ima make it one. Everybody this is the eh! its a new dance craze invented be Fladoodle!" he said. gerard and taylor started doing the eh but no one else bothered to. "So when should we get going?" Unita asked me. had to make a decision i could chicken out and push the fight to another day or i could go and face my fears. After thinking about it for i while i said "Now." So everyone got their weapons (Which were mostly sticks and rocks but one person had a couple knives,) Egle Sharpened her teeth, Fladoodle kept doing the eh, Xavier got his gumdrops, and as for me well, i stood there for a while watching everyone walk. Then i realized that i could fight the beast if i really wanted to. So i ran to catch up with the front of the line and lead everyone to our destination. Scranton, My old town. I found out that was where the beast was living. The way there felt way too short. We had to have been walking for almost an hour, but it felt like only 10 seconds. When we got there we saw him sleeping. "perfect." i whispered with a smile on my face now we could sneak up on him. Although he would be furious when he woke up. For the 4th time that day I didn't know what to do. Fladoodle was still doing the eh. and bumped into the beast. Well that solved my problem cause the beast woke up "RAWRRRRRRRRR!" it yelled. "ME GODZILLA!!" so that was its name huh, Godzilla? Gerard had rubbed two stiick together (thats what he said, he because of gay) and made fire. He threw the stick that was on fir at Godzilla and he lit on fire. Unita had a picthfork and stuck it in the beast then meda came over took the pitch fork out , when she did that a chunk of Godzilla came out, and she ate that chunk. Egle walked over to him and bit him. Nothing happened but taylor started singing "DONT BITE YOUR FRIENDS YOUR FRIENDS DONT WANNA BE BIT!" Godzilla roared and Xavier threw gumdrops at Godzilla while singing his gumdrop song "Gumdrops, they are yummy, Gumdrops yummy in your tummy, Gumdrops, They taste like sugar toast, Gumdrops and Godzilla you will roast!" He kept repeating that until Godzilla got burnt so much that he was turning to ash. Poor poor Godzilla. "Has he gots dead yet?" Fladoodle asked. "Yes. hes been dead for a while now." We decided to have a funeral for him. We gathered his ash and threw it in the ocean along with some of the burnt gumdrops, Xavier kept on singing the gumdrop song. I smiled. I had won. I was so foolish for being afraid before, Of course i would win the fight.


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