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Chapter 1 - Rapton

Definetly creepy.

Chapter 1 - Rapton

Chapter 1 - Rapton
The boys fist crashed down into my face. I lifted my leg up and slammed it into his gut. He grunted then flew off, the teachers came running... I jumped on him again and started flattening his face! Mr. Grett pulled me up off the ground, I raced to kill that little pest. Mr. Grett was the principal, and he took me to his office. And, that's where I spent the rest of the day. I could hear the ambulance come and pick up that one kid. I grinded him into a pulp... He deserved it for dumping my tray everywhere! I don't even know his name...

The bell rang suddenly. I waited five minute and as I was about to give up Mr.Grett walked in with an attitude. He banged his hand down on the desk and sat down.
"Do you understand that you hurt that boy very badly!" Mr.Grett screamed at me.
"Did I? Good." I said.
"You little asshole! If you have enough nerve to even step one foot on this property again I will personally have you arrested!" He screamed some more, "Your suspended for a week." I guessed he calmed down some...
"But if you get one more fight," He whispered, "YOU'LL BE LOCKED UP UNTIL YOUR MY AGE!!!" He jumped up from his seat.
The door opened suddenly. Sebastion was at the door. He waved his hand in my direction. I looked down and rose from my seat. I walked out of the office and followed Sebastion.
"Mr. Grett scares me." I said.
"When he's mad." Seb said.
"Donte, you can't get into fights everytime someone looks at you funny!" Sebastion pushed the door wide open and I walked out and he followed. I turned.
"Sebastion! You should have seen that kid!" I said.
"It doesn't matter! You know exactly what will happen if this happens again!"
"I know"
We walked out into the street.
"You'll get locked up for a very long time."
"I know" And I do know. But that kid! He was being such a little brat! Even though Sebs right.... I want to fight...
"No you don't or you wouldn't have beat that kid to the point he has to go to the ER!" Sebastion stopped.
"I'm sorry."

Sebastion and I walk into his apartment complex. It's pretty tall... Seb lives on the top story, and his room has a great view! You can see half of Rapton! We walk to the elavator and I push the up button. I live right across the street, so I like to come over here and hang out with Seb and do my homework. Of course, now that I'm suspended, I'll pretend I'm going to school and come over here. It'll fool my sister. I live with my sister. My sister is tall, with brunnete hair. Besides from her being 4 years older than me, we could be twins. Me, my sister, and Sebastion are pretty close. When my parents died, Seb's parents took us under their wing while we fought to gain a more stable home. Seb is taller than me, but not as tall as my sis. He's blonde with shorter hair then mine. Of course, thats not really saying anything. I have long hair.
We into Sebs apartment. It's really nice, it has a huge tv, many windows, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a chrome kitchen with and island sink right in the middle. Me and Seb throw our backpacks down on the couch and split up. He walks to his room to grab something, and I go to the kitchen to fix something to drink. I open the mettalic fridge and look to the very back. I reach in as far as I can and grab some Pepsi.
"What do you want?!" I yelled out.
"Coke!" I heard back.
I grabbed a Coke out of the side of the fridge and put it down on the island. I kicked the fridge door shut. I walked across to the cabinets and picked out a green cup and poored some pepsi for my self. I took a sip, grabbed Sebs coke and walked out. Before I could step out of the kitchen I heard a boom. I hit the floor. Then everything started to shake. My pepsi poored out onto the floor. Then something splintered. I twisted my head back. Everything looked okay. I jumped up and raced to Sebastion. He was covered in a mountain of debris and splinted wood. I fell back when I saw him. Tears slid down my face, not that I even realized it. Before I could think, A fist of flames and black smoke wiped me off my feet and threw me threw a wall. I felt something slice through my leg. I screamed and screamed. Sirens buzzed in the backgound. There were planks of broken sheet-rock and wood smashing me. I was covered in soot- I couldn't breathe. My entire face felt burnt. I screamed some more. And I felt the air rush out. I tried to suck it back in but it hurt to much...
I heard the same sound as I hear earlier. An ambulance. Except, now, it's came to pick me up. It felt like hours and hours. It hurt so much I couldnt even cry. The ambulance people just walked by. I tried to scream out for them, but, now... I couldn't even do that. The ambulance people carried out a body. And I could only imagine who it was. I layed there, stapled to the ground, covered in crushing debris, and finally, I closed my eyes. I closed my eyes. I closed my eyes and breathed. I breathed one last time....

The morning sunlight peeked through a lone window. I squinted as I rose up. I looked around wondering where I was. I slid out of the bed I was in. I lifted my arms above my head and stretched a little. I felt my back pop. Then I remembered that wierd dream I had last night. Then it hit me. It wasn't a dream. I felt all that pain. I remember it to well. I jumped back looking around. Where am I? Please! Someone tell me....
"Please! Someone tell me please.." I cried. I hit something behind me. I turned and found myself gazing into a mirror. Something was wrong. Some else is gazing back.


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