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Chapter 1 - What happens

Naraku is back

Naraku and his evil plans turn kagome into a DEMON what will happen?

Chapter 1 - What happens

Chapter 1 - What happens

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KAGOME'S LAST ARROW As A Human~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[br]
"inu....inuyash...........inuyasha please help me... please dont let me die...i cant die" kagome pleaded. "Im sorry , kagome i cant move in not strong enough." Inuyasha said tears welling up in his eyes. "Just try... try it'll be worth it beacuase i-i-i i love you too Inuyasha and if I die ill never forgive myself so please please just-" the last word was caught in her mouth as she started to sob"I love you Inuyasha please dont let me die please...." "I see you are bleeding quite slowly kagome'' "Naraku.." Inuyasha hissed. "Now now Inuyasha why so grumpy ? Oh yes silly me this girl this human" he spat on the ground " that you are deeply, madly in love with is on the ground pleading with you to save her 'inuyasha help me I love you too' when all you can do is stand there and watch her bleed to death how sad boo-hoo, shes just a filthy stinking human look at her so dirty so tainted, yet your brother the great lord shessomaru is in love with her.What a pity. Now if I were to turn her into a half demon and we were to leave each other alone now things would be good." Naraku said sneering "Turn me into a a a a half demon?? With like ears and stuff? Will I look like Fluffy of Inu??" kagome questioned. "You will look like whichever half-demon turns you to a half demon.And im supposing Fluffy is Lord Shessomaru???Now if Inuyasha aggrees that either him of his brother ill turn you into a-" Inuyasha cut him off "Yea we no the deal now can you-" this time Naraku cut him off. "Dont ask" he did a weirdo freakish spell of suttin' and boom the were set free and kagome was all better. "I'll check back soon to see if she is a half-demon ask that old bag keade how to make her a half-demon.''[br]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ at keade's~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`[br]
"Hello Inuyasha how are you today?" she says in an old lady voice in that old lady hut, while gay japanese music plays in the "Not-so-good kaede." Inuyasha says putting down a, sleeping kagome. She had had her face on his chest the whole time they were walking to kaede's. Inuyasha sit next to her and starts to talk as he runs his hand through her long jet-black hair. "Whatever could be the matter young Inu-demon" "Well that jackass Naraku is trying to frack up my life.Again.So he takes kagome cuts her open, leaves her to bleed to death the dushbag, and frackin' ties me up and says 'have fun watching her bleed to deaths' then shes begging me begging me to help her .Just looking at her made me break inside. I had to say I couldnt then the dog comes back and says if I turn her into a half-demon he'll leave us alone" Inuyasha then pick up kagome and held her close "i'll never let you slip away kagome I promise " "I know what you want you must ask your brother to do it it is a very unpleasant experience, and you do not know how and shessomaru has done it before many times" "thank keade" and Inuyasha bowed politely ,picked kgome up and started to walk to Lord Shessomaru's palace.[br]


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