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Chapter 1 - The Diary of a Ghost Chao

Just some fanfic I wrote about Chao Diaries. Life in the chao garden from the chao's point of view. A few made up chao. A few chao I actually raised. Each chapter is a different diary, so... Spoiler rating for descriptions of chao, gardens, etc.

Chapter 1 - The Diary of a Ghost Chao

Chapter 1 - The Diary of a Ghost Chao
Day 1:
I came out of my egg today. The one who hatched me (I shall call him the caregiver) seemed very pleased with me. Why, I do not know yet. He said something about “Trying for this forever”. Must find out what this means.

Day 2:
The caregiver called me a “very rare chao” and said that all his friends would be jealous. Does this mean that to him I am nothing more than some sort of collectable? I looked at me reflection in the water today. I am see through! That explains why I can still see when I blink… Weird. Wait, how will I be able to sleep?

Day 3:
Finally got to sleep with a tip from another chao, when the caregiver woke me up and gave me some weird things he called “animals”. They made me feel stronger (I can now walk, swim, fly, and climb) and did strange things to me. One took away my legs and wings, another turned my emotiball into a flame. He also took my out the door. It’s odd, I have tried to leave, but there was something that kept me from exiting, but the caregiver, holding me, passed though easily. I found myself in a strange place, with more doors.
I tried to free myself to explore, but the caregiver simply held on tighter and said “Settle down”. He then took me to an odd chao who gave me a name, the very original: “Phantom”. I then was placed in the “kindergarten”.

Day 5:
Was taken out of the “kindergarten”. I have learned a lot. Plus, I caught up on my sleep during “naptime”. I was again taken through the room with the odd doors and into my garden, where the caregiver said, “Now be a good little ghost chao”. Ghost chao? This is ridiculous! I am not a ghost? I am a transparent chao. I am alive!

Day 7:
Have spent the past few days playing with the other chao in the garden. Most of them seem scared of me, but I am good friends with a running type. In fact, he was the one who informed me that fruit, eggshells, other chao, and water cannot be seen through my otherwise transparent body.

Day 10:
A new chao came into the garden today. Here’s how: Two other chao were given strange pink fruit. It looked good, so I walked over there and tried to get some, but the caregiver simply snapped: “Go away, this isn’t for you”. After finishing the fruit, the two chao started to rub their heads together, a typical salute for the start of a game. Then, both were thrown backwards and started cheering, believing the other had won. However, they quickly realized their mistake, as an egg had appeared between them.

Day 11:
The egg hatched today, and a very odd chao came out. Odder than me, even. It was totally clear, except for the mouth, eyes, wings, and emotiball. We quickly became friends, both being “ghost chao”.

Day 12:
The new invisible chao got the same treatment I got. She learned how to walk, swim, fly, plus her wings disappeared and her emotiball turned into a flame. I suppose If I could see her legs, they would have vanished as well. The final creepy touch was the skull put on her head. The, the caregiver carried her out of the garden. When he came back, Sorrel (the invisible chao) wasn’t with him.

Day 15:
Still miss the invisible chao. I tried for hours to get out of the garden and find her, but all I succeeded in doing was getting strange looks from the other chao.

Day 16:
Was carried out of the garden by the caregiver. This time, he took me down some stairs and into another garden. This one is very creepy. The chao there are different. They are all dark colors, and their emotiballs are spiked. There is a pool to swim in, but I won’t be getting in anytime soon. The water is red, and looks rather like blood. There is a cage in a tree, and several tombstones. However, there came one good thing of this garden. I saw a floating skull and raced over to it as fast as my little chao legs could. It was Sorrel.

Day 20:
A few days ago, a ball and a radio appeared in the dark garden. Sorrel and I have become fast friends, playing ball, dancing, singing, wow!

Day 21:
Sorrel saw the caregiver handing out her favorite fruit and ran over to get some, but just as she was about to take a bite, the caregiver picked her up roughly and tossed her in that cage I saw earlier. Outrages, when the caregiver left and still had not freed Sorrel, I swam out to the island in the red pool (ugh) and then, after a running start, flew into the cage (literally). However, the vibration was enough to open it and let sorrel out.

Day 25:
Something odd happened to me today. There I am, minding my own business, when this blue thing shaped like a chao head appeared around me. Sorrel tried to get through it, but is seemed as solid as rock. Soon the thing dissolved and I came out. However, Sorrel seemed shorter. A dark chao told me I had evolved, and that I was an adult now.

Day 26:
Sorrel went into one of those chao “cocoon” things today, and came out a little taller. So now we’re both adults. What to do now? Maybe we’ll get the caregiver to enter us in one of those “races” we hear so much about. Or maybe we’ll hold our own. However, this is the last entry in my diary.

Day 35:
So I stand corrected. I am publishing this diary as a book so all chao (and the caregiver) can see life from my point of view. In other news, Sorrel and I were fed those strange pink fruit, and were knocked backward by the egg that appeared. When it hatches, a translucent chao came out. The caregiver tried to take it to another garden, but we stopped him. After all, family is important. For now, until another chapter of life unfolds, the Diary of a Ghost Chao ends.


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wolf-girl-ghost on August 31, 2006, 6:26:07 AM

wolf-girl-ghost on
wolf-girl-ghostAWESOME great so far do you plan to write more?

kittyshootingstar on August 31, 2006, 11:20:01 AM

kittyshootingstar on
kittyshootingstarmaybe, I haven't been motivated lately.

kittyshootingstar on September 5, 2006, 9:50:54 AM

kittyshootingstar on
kittyshootingstarI added another chapter!

Sam400 on July 11, 2006, 2:48:39 AM

Sam400 on
Sam400WICKED! ^^