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Tired of constantly being chased by Amy, Sonic is fed up. But when Tails mentions a possible solution, he's ready to try just about anything to get the pink stalker off his back. However, will the possible solution help, or just make the problem worse?
Sometines, ranting just doesn't cut it when expressing your opinion. That's where these editorials come in. I guess you can read it if you're bored or something.
When Sonic goes missing for the holidays, everyone is worried. Did Amy drive him off, or did he have his own reasons for leaving? *one-shot fic*

Might eventually be turned into a fan comic.
There are certain things I would like to get off my chest and share with the world, I guess you can read this if you're really bored or something.
Not sure what to title it... I had to write a horror story for school, but it didn't turn out that horrory.

One-shot fic.

Just read it, it's kind of interesting.

If you think I should put this in another category, just tell me, ok?
I know people are probably wondering why my username is such an abstract thing as kittyshootingstar. Well the story was a bit long to put on my profile (plus at the time I put this up a glitch kept me from updating my profile), so here it is. This is a short, one-shot story, sooooooo... If you are curious, or bored or something, you can read this.
I don't really have a good synopsis for this story, but it's going to be kind of short.

Be prepared to cry a little when you read this. I don't really know how to describe it, you'll just have to read it I guess.
Just some fanfic I wrote about Chao Diaries. Life in the chao garden from the chao's point of view. A few made up chao. A few chao I actually raised. Each chapter is a different diary, so... Spoiler rating for descriptions of chao, gardens, etc.