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Chapter 2 - Echo's Diary

Just some fanfic I wrote about Chao Diaries. Life in the chao garden from the chao's point of view. A few made up chao. A few chao I actually raised. Each chapter is a different diary, so... Spoiler rating for descriptions of chao, gardens, etc.

Chapter 2 - Echo's Diary

Chapter 2 - Echo's Diary
Day 1: I hatched from my egg. As soon as I threw away the eggshell, someone petted me. It felt good. After eating a delicious fruit, I took my first good look at my new surroundings. The neutral garden was simple, but it had all the necessities of life. I appeared to be one of the 2 chao that first appear in a garden, no matter what. The other egg has not hatched yet, but the caregiver, as I shall call her, is waiting expectantly. She is obviously a newbie.

Day 2: The other egg hatched. I came out with no expression, but this guy popped out with a “jagged toothy grin”. I played with him, and he seems really nice. The caregiver keeps giving us random things, such as “chaos drives”. They are strange floating tubes that make us stronger. I got a surplus of yellow “drives”, and now can swim. However, the other chao got a bunch of green ones, and is walking instead of crawling. I’m kind of jealous.

Day 4: The caregiver took us to the kindergarten yesterday. Both of us received names from a strange chao there. As of now, I’m Echo, and the other chao is Cody. After that, we got taken to a creepy looking chao who told the caretaker we were perfectly healthy. He also said my favorite fruit was round fruit. Who would have guessed? Even I didn’t know. Anyways, we spent the rest of the day in classes, learning to sing, dance, and play simple instruments. I can even draw pretty well now!

Day 7: The caregiver is balancing out our stats now. Both Cody and I can run, swim, fly, and climb equally well. However, I believe the caregiver likes me better than Cody. I get more attention than he does, and more fruit.

Day 10: I finally found a way to get the caregiver to treat us equally. I started faking tantrums, so the caregiver got exasperated and went to pet Cody. It's strange, I’m beginning to turn a lighter color, and Cody is turning darker. I don’t know what’s going on, but… I’ll keep my eyes open. That’s pretty much all I can do. Uh oh, got to go. Looks like the caregiver has some drives she wants to give us. I’ll write more later!

Day 14: I’m almost too exhausted to write. I have been getting more drives than Cody has, and I got myself entered in a race. Actually, 12 races. But, in the end, I won, so I came out of it with a ribbon on my chest and a buncha new toys. I’m going to share them with Cody, but I can’t get this stupid badge off my chest…

Day 16: Chao karate is brutal! I had to hit about 4 baby chao for no good reason! I tried to let them win, but the caregiver didn’t like it. The last one was more of a challenge, but I still beat him. I didn’t like seeing him cry, so after the match, I tried to go talk to him, but was whisked away back to the garden, where Cody was admiring his new badge (he got entered in a race too). The caregiver bought us some tasty fruit, then left for the day. She said something about bringing back a surprise… I wonder what it is.

Day 17: I know what the surprise is! It’s a blue chao egg! So, we get a blue chao in the garden now, eh? Cool!
Something odd happened to Cody today. He sat down suddenly, and a cocoon in the shape of a blue chao head started forming around him. I rushed forward and ran in to the cocoon, but got thrown back. All I could do was watch, as the cocoon grew more and more solid, eventually becoming opaque. After a few minutes, the cocoon started to dissolve, and I could see Cody. Only, he wasn’t Cody. Well, he acted like Cody, but he had turned a dark shade of brown, and his emotiball had turned all spiky. But what got me most upset were his eyes. The pupils had turned icy blue, and looked menacing. Cody assured me it was still him, but…

Day 18: I am in shock. I can’t write much. Cody was taken away to another garden. I want to go see him, but the door won’t let me go out. Cody, come back!

Day 23: I still miss Cody a lot. I went through what he went through. Yes, the whole cocoon thing. For days, I have been turning whiter and whiter, my hands are blue, and the tip of my head was getting thinner and thinner. Then, I suddenly got very tired and had to sit down. The cocoon started forming, but I couldn’t move. All I could do was wait and hope. After a few tens minutes, the first thing I did was run over to the pool in the garden. My emotiball had turned into a yellow halo, and I was mostly pure white. My hands, feet, tail end, and the tip of my head were all blue. The tip of my head was really skinny and pointy. I want my old body back!

Day 25: The caregiver took me to another garden today. We went up a flight of stairs to an archway, I hoped Cody was in that garden. He wasn’t. There was another flight of stairs going down, maybe he’s in that garden. This new garden was very pretty. There were new fruit trees all around, and the pool had a fountain. There were columns laying all around, and a broken bridge with a gazebo on top that looked like it was perfect for an afternoon nap. I wish Cody could see this place. There’s even a new chao egg here.

Day 27: I have been getting mostly green drives. The point on my head is growing longer and curving, plus it is starting to split into three at the end. I am the best runner in the garden (which isn’t saying much, as the only other chao here just hatched). The caregiver has been giving me good fruit, and playing with me, but I want some more company. I want Cody. I know wherever he is, he’s well, but…

Day 30. The other chao evolved today. She seems different than me though. Where I have a pointy head (well, the point is really starting to split, so I will call it a “stalk”), she has two “cowlicks”. Marisa (the evolved chao) and I have become good friends, and I hope she will get to meet Cody someday. We napped together in the shade, and while we were asleep, the caregiver brought in a new, white egg.

Day 32: The egg hatched. A pure white chao popped out, and the caregiver promptly grabbed her, and took her out. When she came back, she had gotten her name (Star). Star, Marisa and I are beginning to become really good friends.

Day 35: The caregiver brought back some strange creatures today, she called them “animals”. She gave a few to us, and they acted like chaos drives, only they changed our appearance. Star got “Dragons”, and got claws, a long, scaly tail, large wings, two horns, and oddly, antennae. Marisa got “Unicorns”, producing hooved hands and feet, a bright tail and wings, small ears, and a horn protruding from a tuft of fur. Both of them looked so good, I was anxious for my turn. And do you know what I got? “Skunk”! I mean, sure. The furry little paws, tuft of fur on my head, and long tail were cute, but it had a side effect. I will not go into detail, as it is gross. Let’s just say there’s something coming out from my backside besides my tail!

Day 40: There’s not much to write about, as not much has been going on. My stalk has fully split, and it looks pretty good. I am really a good swimmer, and my flying skills are second to only Star (think, she’s got those big old wings). I just wish I could do something about this Skunk thing!

Day 45. The caregiver came in with some really pretty animals. They look like birds. And they are for me?! I’ll write more after I see what they do to me!

More day 45: Those bird thingies were “Phoenixes”. And they replaced all those skunk parts! My hands are the same as they were before the skunk fiasco, but the rest of me! I have a bright red and orange plume on my head, and my feet are like bird feet. But the most spectacular part, is my wings and tail. My tail is long and fluffy, with the most brilliant red, yellow, and orange coloration. And my wingspan beats out even Star’s! We three are all very pretty chao, according to the caregiver.

Day 47: I am in shock. Too in shock to write. It’s Cody. More later.

Day 48: I spent the day in Cody’s garden yesterday, with Star and Marisa. It is nothing like our garden. It is much darker, and there are tombstones and skulls everywhere. A cage is in a tree, and there is a weird place near a wall where chao sink into the ground up to their necks. The pool is red, not blue like normal water should be. But there was Cody, plain as day, with his friends. There was an orange chao, named Atom, that hadn’t evolved yet, and Peaches. I recognized her as the blue chao from the other garden. She too had not evolved. We spent a lot of time catching up, and had a good time! Star even evolved while we were there! I was sad when it was time to go, but I felt confident I would see him again.

Day 50: The caregiver entered me in more races. I won most of them, earning more badges. Strangely, only the one I had just won would stay on my chest. However, I simply could not win some of them, however hard I tried. Still, the garden I live in got some cool new stuff, like a ball.
The caregiver left to wherever it is she goes to get more drives.

Day 60: Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. The caregiver is giving me drives nonstop! And when she leaves to get more, she makes me eat strange fruit that makes me stronger too. At first, I was hesitant, because it looked just like a chao head! Then I tried a nibble, and it was good. I am getting tired of it though, so while the caregiver is gone, I let some of the other chao have it. The fruit gets eaten, and the caregiver is none the wiser.

Day 61: The caregiver stopped cramming all those drives and fruit into me. She said all my stats are maxed out, whatever that means. I am really strong though. I can fly across the garden, flutter kick while swimming, and I am running faster than ever. The caregiver is giving me a few days to rest, then it’s back to the races. I feel bad for Star and Marisa, they are lonely. I will go play catch with them later.

Day 65: I did it, I won all the races! I have a beautiful teardrop-shaped turquoise gem on my chest as a badge, and I have lots more stored. Where, I don’t know. I just know they are there somewhere. The second to last race, and one before that, were against really weird chao. They were taller than me, and their eyes had no pupils. One of them was blue and white, with a glowing emotiball, and the other was pink and white, wit ha transparent halo. Both of their hands were transparent! The caregiver said they are “Chaos chao” and that I am going to be one someday. Weird.

Day 67: The caregiver took me to chao karate today. I beat 3 tournaments. I was a little better at it (ok, a lot), and I didn’t feel as bad about it. Mostly because the other chao were trying to beat me up. In the last 3 battles, I faced “Jewel chaos chao” They were tough, but I beat them. I still wish I was a little taller.

Day 68: There are more chao in the garden now. Faith is full hero swim (Most of these terms are what the caregiver called them, I don’t know what they mean, but I’m a full hero run), and there is a transparent chao here. He has no legs or wings, and his emotiball is a flame. Phantom (origional, huh?) is still pretty nice, though I don’t know how he can sleep (his eyelids are transparent). Then there’s Chalulu, a blue hero fly, and Kiyo, a white hero swim with full skunk parts! I’m friends with him, I know what it’s like.

Day 72: Kiyo and Chalulu are gone. A new caregiver came into the garden and took them away. Apparently, our caregiver was raising them for the other caregiver.

Day 74: Cody was brought into our garden today. Both of us were given strange pink fruit, and I felt so happy after finishing it that I had to sit down and smile. For some reason, flowers appeared around me. Cody walked up to me and we started to rub our heads together, a typical salute for the start of a game, since we were both feeling so happy. Then, we both were thrown backwards and started cheering, believing the other had won. However, we quickly realized their mistake, as an egg had appeared between us! It hatched into a normal chao, who was named Sola, and taken into the garden I grew up in. Cody had to be taken back to his garden… However, we had a good time!

Day 76: I was taken to all the other gardens today. I talked with Cody for a bit, but the real reason the caregiver took me out was to meet her new Chaos chao. Sky is her “neutral chaos”. A chao in the dark garden with horns, transparent orange and yellow hands (kind of like my wings) and a huge flame emotiball is Lucifer. And the hero chaos, who is going to live in the garden with me and Star and Marisa and Faith is Pearl. They are all really nice, and seem like good chao.

Day 78: I was sneezing like crazy today, so the caregiver took me to the doctor. He gave me a pill for my “cold” (I was sneezing, not shivering, so I’m confused). The chao doctor showed the caregiver my health chart, then took her aside to say something to her. I caught the word “reincarnation”, but I don’t know what it means…

Um, day 81? No, day 80, sorry: Um, yeah. The chao writing this particular entry is not Echo, but sort of a collaboration between Marisa and Star. You see, something is happening to Echo. We’re not sure what. The caregiver has been giving her a lot of her favorite fruit and petting her a lot. None of us are jealous, because Echo is the champion of the garden, and she’s really nice. But you see, a few minutes ago, she sat down with this really sad look on her face, and a cocoon started forming around her, a pink one. All of the chao in this garden gathered around to se what was happening, as the cocoon turned opaque. We are writing this because nothing is happening right now. Wait, the cocoon is dissolving! Echo’s not there! All that is there is an egg… Echo, where are you?

I think it’s day 82: Yeah, Star here. The egg still hasn’t hatched. We are all beginning to get worried about Echo. What happened to her? Is she alright? What is Marisa yelling about? Oy! The egg is shaking! Be right back!

Later on day 82: Yup, still Star and Marisa. The egg hatched! Inside was Echo, at least, we think it is Echo. She can swim and walk and all that, but she’s a baby chao again! She still has all of her phoenix parts, and she is white, but she is not the evolved Echo we know. I mean, it’s still her, but it’s kind of still startling to see such a small Echo walking around… Oh, did we mention she still has that jewel on her chest?

Day 83: Yup, I’m back. I’m grateful to Star and Marisa for keeping the diary going while I was an egg. You see, I got really sad all of a sudden, and had to sit down. The next thing I knew, that pink cocoon was forming around me. As soon as it became opaque and I couldn’t see the garden anymore, I fainted. When I woke up, I was hatching! It’s kind of a bummer, being little again, and I definitely can’t race yet, but… Tomorrow is always a new adventure! And you can be sure I will continue with this diary. But for now, it’s time to go and try to evolve. Bye!

Author’s note: This story is based on the life of my favorite Sonic Adventure 2 Battle chao, Echo. All the events in this story happened. All the chao are real (well, in my memory card). I made none of this up. Unfortunately, Atom and Peaches are no longer with us *sniffle*. I did raise Kiyo and Chalulu for a friend. Echo and Cody bred with heart fruit, and Sola grew up to be a healthy chao. I am planning on making Echo and Cody and Sola into chaos chao, but I do have chaos chao already. Anyways, I will possibly be writing more chao diaries, so… I hope you like them!


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Mattkur on November 7, 2008, 9:47:33 PM

Mattkur on
MattkurAwesome job. I might have to try something like this.

TailsFanatic on April 6, 2007, 2:09:33 AM

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TailsFanaticSO AWSOME!:D*faves*

kittyshootingstar on April 6, 2007, 3:55:58 AM

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2ki_sugar_gliders on September 8, 2006, 10:47:48 AM

2ki_sugar_gliders on
2ki_sugar_gliders*eating chinese food whith copsticks* That rocked! I loved your chao diaries and I'm gonna try to make one of my own yet I'm going to use some of your terms. I'm spoiling kiwi cuz llala is picking on her extra all of the sudden.