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Chapter 3 - Enter Ami

Ti- a 17 year old fire bender girl saves a 7 year old waterbender (Ami)... (full summary 1st chapter)

Chapter 3 - Enter Ami

Chapter 3 - Enter Ami
Ti groaned as the light hit her eyes from the gap in her tent... she'd have to get it fixed... she looked outside... goodness the sun was just rising! What had made her wake up at such an early hour?
Wait... what was that noise by the river...?
"Let me go! Please!" the young child cried out "I haven't done anything wrong!"
Her deep blue eyes began to fill with tears. They glistened so hard that one of the slightly less cruel soldiers even seemed taken aback.
"Maybe this is a bad idea" the youngest of the four said "She's just a little kid..."
"I don't care," the eldest snarled "She's a water bender... have you forgotten our father? He was killed by the avatar during the North Pole siege! As was our uncle! He was killed because of people like THIS. Think of it... as justice"
His younger brother's face twisted as he remembered. He slowly nodded and advanced toward the child.
"Justice? And what would four fire nation soldiers know of that?" murmured a female voice from above them.
The men gaped as the hooded figure descended, quickly yet gracefully from the tree beside them.
At first no-one spoke for a few moments- the only sound which could be heard were the heavy breathing of the child as the soldier gripped her arms behind her back and the rushing of the river beside her... so close to her own element and yet so far...
The men then laughed. "A girl? THIS is the best defence you people have here? You amuse me... and for that we'll at least let YOU leave... now go... we have business with this girl..."
"I'm not leaving without the girl" she said harshly "Now, if you'll be so kind stop scaring her and let her come with me- I don't believe she wants your company"
The young waterbender's eyes widened at this person- she... she was so BRAVE. In fact her hero's defiance gave HER courage and she decided to do something she had been too scared to think about before.
"AGGGH!!" she wrenched her arm quickly from the captor and kicked him. HARD. On the nuts.
As he lay winching she quickly ran to the other girl. Who she could swear gave her a small smile... but it was hard to tell under that cloak...
"Good job" she said softly "Only next time- I'd advise you to aim a little to the left and just a smidge higher for maximum you run along the river... you got it? Stay way back... things could start to get a bit messy..."
"We did not wish to do this but I'm afraid you've given us no choice." he nodded to his fellow soldiers as the one who'd been so "viciously attacked" composed himself and also stood up to join them.
Summoning their element alll four aimed at the hooded girl.
She simply stood, waited and smiled again.
Suddenly at the last moment she spun round on her heals bending the fire to her own will- and twisting it back upon the four men.
They all yelled as the impact caused them to be thrown into the river which (thankfully) for them. Put out the flames- however the current being so strong they were soon pulled away from the bank from the mountain.
Suddenly a gust of wind wipped through the area and blew of Ti's hood. But she didn't quickly put it back on- under the circumstances there was really no point.
She winched as she made to walk past the child. Bracing herself for the inevitable accusations and suspicious words which tumble from this seemingly innocent girl's mouth.
The first time she'd encountered racism, she'd been shocked- but even after 5 years of it it was now just as hurtful
"That... was so COOL!!" she yelped "You're a bender? I'm one too! But I bend water..."
Slightly stunned, Ti continued walking to the cave- as the young child continued to chat excidedly to her behind.
"I'm Ami by the way" she heard her say from the mass of words
"You can call me Ti" she replied then she coughed "Um, no offence kid- but don't you have a family you should be getting back too...?"


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