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I decided to do a story about children with elemental powers (5 not 4)- I know, done to death with avatar and XS- but still- those who may have read my fan fics may notice sim but they're my OCs...
Ti- a 17 year old fire bender girl saves a 7 year old waterbender (Ami)... (full summary 1st chapter)
Basically, some of the experiences Jack has when he takes his rightful place as dragon of the wind 80 years ahead of the time he meets those 'xiaolin losers'.
Only Clay and Omi are still alive of the original 4.
This is a pairing fic- Jack and Kimiko- if you don't like then move on!!Basically Jack has been forced to go to a wedding of the friend of the family who is marrying Kimiko's older cousin. At least on of The other Xiaolins also make an appearance. :)
Its just a normal day. Another wu and XS.
But what happens when a dragon of the water sent by old omi from 80 years in the future comes to seek the next dragon of wind,from their time? How will the monks deal when she tells them the dragon is in fact-