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Chapter 5 - Broken

Ti- a 17 year old fire bender girl saves a 7 year old waterbender (Ami)... (full summary 1st chapter)

Chapter 5 - Broken

Chapter 5 - Broken
"So kid..."
"Ami- my mother always said it was rude..."
"Ami, she isn't here- though it was about her I wanted to ask about"
"Oh okay then." she smiled
Ti shook her head as she looked at the young girl lay on the ground, talking to a bug; usually when people asked you a question you were suppossed to pay attention weren't you? But in the short time she'd met her she'd already learned this- ami got distracted easily- it didn't just have to be a bug- it could be a flower or even a rock- she seemed fascinated by everything and got side tracked. Not only that she'd often ask her questions.
Some Ti didn't know the answer to- like "How do bumblebees fly when their wings are too short?"
Some of which she did know the answer too, but were far too complicated for a 6 year old to understand like "Why is the sky blue?"
"Well light is..." and then Ami didn't listen.
Quite often Ti didn't answer- just said "Why do you need to know?"
And mi would just shrug and smile.
"Pay attention will you? This is important."
"Look, we've been in this area for nearly a WEEK- I've never stayed this long in an area before, you keep telling me that your mother is coming, and yet I don't see it- we've moved caves several times, I know, but its unwise for me, or anyone I'm associated with to stay in one place for such a long time- it's dangerous"
"Because I'm a fire bender? Those soldiers can't be too far... they've probably started handing out my description to people..."
"But you're a GOOD fire bender- not like those soldiers..."
"Ami, I know you're young- but even you should realise 100 years is a long time..."
"Hardly anyone who remembers being friends with any firebenders is even ALIVE. I bend fire and therefoe I am the enemy it's that simple."
"I didn't think of you as an enemy... besides the avatar is here now isn't he? Soon the war will end and life will get back to normal" she smiled ever the optomist
"There's no guarantees that he'll win- besides do you even if he does the rest of the world will be so forgiving after such a ,long and brutal war? Where the firenation showed no mercy? I don't THINK so... I mean my kind murdered an entire race of people...the air nomads... and the way they've treated the earth people and your kind Ami isn't exactly hospitiable..."
Ami's face fell and she went red, shifting her eyes "Don't... Don't say that"
"MY kind and YOUR kind- it... makes it sound like there's a great divide between you and me..."
"There kind of is you know... we're both foreigners to this land- but you'd be accepted- I wouldn't"
"Fire benders aren't all bad..." her lip quivered
"Most of the world will disagree with you though... including the avatar probably... I mean geez he's the last air bender isn't he?" she created a flame in her palm "And THIS is what killed them... wouldn't your mother be angry  if she knew you were with me? Would she not clutch you closely if I walked past you two from fear? Heck, where is your mother? Does she not know that I really AM dangerous- and that I don't even trust myself...?"
Ami got up, and tears began streaming down her face- and then she ran, ran down further by the river. Ti didn't stop her- she knew where she was going, and it wasn't too far...
She'd hadn't meant to make her cry, but it was time someone told her the truth. Ami's life seemed filled with love and butterflies and she couldn't see what was really going on. At least that was what Ti thought.
Littlle did Ti know was that SHE was blind, and Ami was the one who could see.
She just didn't know it yet.
As Ti heard Ami's heartbreaking sobs echo throughout the mountains she began to hate herself a little more. 'Why does the truth have to be a way that we wish it wasn't?'
She'd probably broken the child's spirit, at half the age she was when hers had been and she hated herself for it.


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