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Chapter 4 - Odd Artwork

Um, just a little something I was working on that isn''t a fanfiction. I''m writing a story about a young teenager who hears a life-changing conversation from his new neighbors'' window. That''s the best I can describe it, but I suck a story descriptions.

Chapter 4 - Odd Artwork

Chapter 4 - Odd Artwork
Leanne’s POV

“Leanne!” Mom calls up to me. When did she get home?
“Coming!” I yell back, shutting my laptop screen and trudging downstairs…oh no, Mom made lunch. Looks like she tried to bake the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again.
“I made lunch!” she says brightly, holding out to me a plate that has burnt PB’n’J, some way too soft peach slices, and carrots drenched in mustard. Where the heck is Leo, and why isn’t he getting this treatment too?
“Mom, I just ate,” I say, and she looks crestfallen.
“But I made you lunch…”
“I just had breakfast, like I said. Can I go outside or something?”
“Fine! Leave your mother all alone in this cold, cruel world…”
“Mom, come on. Leo and I go to school year round without you.”
She looks stumped. Have I won?
“Fine, but grab a jacket, it’s cold out there.”
Yes, I won! But now I have to grab a jacket…battle #2 has begun. “It’s summer. It’s hot. No one needs a jacket at this time of year.”
“Really? I could have sworn it was lightly snowing when I came back. Are you sure this isn’t winter break?”
“Mom, have I ever been wrong about these things? Do you want me to go get my laptop and prove that it’s summer?”
“Oh, fine, but put on sunscreen, Leanne. Sunburn is bad for your skin.” No duh…but at least I won both battles with her. I grab some sunscreen off of the living room coffee table as I head outside, slathering some on my arms, chest and face before I head out.
To my surprise, I see Leo heading back with a big smile on his face. Ooh, the nerve of that guy! I bet he was at their house. Again. “Leo, you idiot!” I call out to him, feeling the scowl etch into my face.
“Hey Leanne, I love you too,” he says, inexplicably happy.
“Well I hate you! You left me all alone with Mom’s cooking, which you very well know is gosh darn awful! You could have at least dragged me over with you!”
“But would you have enjoyed it?”
“Who cares? You left me alone with Mom!”
“Wow, that wasn’t a normal sentence.”
“Leo, that is completely irrelevant!”
“I know, but still.” He continues to remain in this tranquil, happy phase. Nothing I say is working!
“Leave me alone, you freak-loving creep!”
“Aw Leanne, that’s not a very nice thing to say!” he says, extending the a in say.
“No duh!” I half scream, then storm back into the house and to my room. Furious, I snap open my laptop and begin typing angrily into Word, trying to vent out some steam before I e-mail Brian back. I wouldn’t want to say something I’d regret towards him. The exercise works; soon I’m opening my inbox and reading the letter he wrote as a reply to the one I sent last night.
Leanne –
Thanks for the letter you sent me last night. It really made my day!
I can see where having a twin would get annoying. Any sibling would be annoying.
Yeah, I’m still on the swim team, thanks for asking. We have a meet this Thursday at 9 (in the morning); you should come! Going to the beach would be great, but I have family coming over on Friday and I can’t go anywhere – could we arrange a different day? I’m open all day tomorrow and after the swim meet on Thursday.
I love you too, sweetheart.
Aw, he is so sweet! Smiling, I quickly type a reply:
Brian –
I would love to go to your swim meet! I’ll ask my mom to drive me, she’s always up early. I’m open all day tomorrow too, why don’t we go then? I’ll call you when I wake up to arrange a time.
I can’t wait to see you!
I proofread, hit the send button, and click my laptop closed, now in a much better mood – almost serene. Maybe this day can work out after all.
Struck by sudden – and random - inspiration, I reopen my laptop and bring up Photoshop Elements. I open a blank file, and pull out my sketchpad from my cramped desk drawer, flipping to a blank page and grabbing a pencil. A bus begins to form on the paper. It’s hitting something; what is it? I draw on, finding out that it’s hitting a car. The bus driver looks astonished and scared. The car driver is thrown forward into an extended airbag, and looks winded. Curious, I let my hand draw the driver on a separate sheet of paper. His face is split into a smile in this picture.
He’s Leo?
Confused, I scan both drawings, ready to Photoshop them.
Within two hours, the car crash is done – but the Leo drawing still has a long way to go. As I work, I realize that it’s not Leo – it’s Leo with my nose, my eye shape (only slightly different than his, but still), and my mouth.
Why do I get the feeling that I know this guy from somewhere – besides my brother? Why do I feel like I know him personally?


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kaitlin_mckitrick on November 18, 2009, 4:51:41 AM

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kaitlin_mckitrickOooh interesting! :D