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Chapter 2 - Find love

Teen Titans are now on a mission to kill a witch who eats young girls soul to always be young forever. So now Teen Titans have to kill that witch. What happens when The Witch kidnaps Starfire and will eat her soul. Can Robin save his Starfire

Chapter 2 - Find love

Chapter 2 - Find love
Its all my fault

Robin: Its my fault.


that Zehrili attacked Starfire. Starfire shot fires but nothing worked. Raven, Cyborg, BB tried to protect Starfire but they couldnt. Zehrili froze everyones body. No one could move or use there power. Robin was still poisoned and was on the ground. Zehrili then used her powers to make Starfire unconscious and then she took Starfire and vanished in thin

Robin: STARFIRE!!!!!!!!

End of Flashback

Raven: Dont say that Robin we tried our best

Beast Boy: Ya Dude besides we couldnt do anything cause that witch frozed our body

Cyborg: Ya but now we gotta find before that wicked witch eats her soul by the way when is she eat her soul and why

Robin: I read about this witch in book but I didnt believe it I thought it was just a legend but I never thought the legend would come true

Beast Boy: Dude what are you talking about and what kind of legend

Robin: Well I read it on a book the 50 years ago there was a wicked witch called Zehrili and she use to eat all young and beautiful girls to always be young and beautiful but one day someone sealed her in a well but the legend said that she will return after 50 years.

Cyborg: Boy Star is in great danger this time

Raven: Did the book say anything about when the witch is gonna eat the soul

Robin: Yes it said that she ate the souls of the girls in the full moon night but I dont know when is the next full moon

Raven: Tomorrow

Robin: What

Cyborg: That means we gotta find her fast

Beast Boy: So what are we waiting for lets go

Robin: Alright Titans lets go Raven you go east Beast boy you go west Cyborg you go south Ill go north who ever finds her give a call

Everyone says Right and splits up.

Robin: Please Starfire please be alright if something happens to you then cannot never forgive myself

To be continued

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AlleyCat17 on May 17, 2007, 4:38:11 AM

AlleyCat17 on
AlleyCat17wow i loved it more chapters.

BBandRaven4life12 on April 11, 2007, 9:12:11 AM

BBandRaven4life12 on
BBandRaven4life12It rulz so far!!!PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!