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this is my first fan fic so no can see what would happen if blackfire came back.robXstar fluff.
Starfire is hurt, really bad. What happens when she falls into a coma and what does it have to do with her past? Robin thinks it's all his fault, but what will happen when he finds out there was someone in Starfire's life before him?
Teen Titans are now on a mission to kill a witch who eats young girls soul to always be young forever. So now Teen Titans have to kill that witch. What happens when The Witch kidnaps Starfire and will eat her soul. Can Robin save his Starfire
In a freak accident in the middle of a fight, one of the worst things happens. Robin and Starfire switch bodies and neither of them is taking it well! Now they have to put up with it until the Titans can find a way to reverse the affect....
In a freak accident in the middle of a fight, one of the worst things possible happens. Robin and Starfire switch bodies and neither of them is taking it well! Now they have to put up with it until the Titans can find a way to reverse the affect....
Chapter 1
It was a dark and rainy day, none of the Titans wanted to go outside or really do much of anything.  Beast Boy was playing his video game with Cyborg, and Raven was trying to read.  "Trying" being the key word here, because she couldn't concentrate much with Beast Boy and Cyborg fighting over who really won the match in the game.  And of course, Robin was in his room, trying to figure out another puzzle to a villain they were after.  And Starfire was in her room.  Just laying there.
"Today is not a happy day".  She said to herself with a sigh.  She was very unhappy for one main reason, today was April 19th, Starfire's birthday, and so far, no one remembered. "I know!", Starfire said as she raced to her door.  "I will go visit Robin!  He is always kind to me!" Starfire rushed out her door and ran down the hall to Robin's room. 
She caught her breath and knocked on the door lightly.  No answer.
"Robin? Are you there?" Starfire asked.  There came a slight mumble from inside the room.  "Robin?"
The door thrusted open.  "Robin!"
"Starfire, can you please keep it down, I'm trying to work in here!"  Robin said with a grumpy tone.
"But Robin, I came here to remind you that-"
"Starfire, I don't care, I'm at a breakthrough in this case and I can't loose my place now!  You can just tell me later, whatever it is!"
"But- But Robin, i wanted to inform you that-"
"Star!" Robin said and closed the door on her.
Starfire couldn't believe what happened, she was so sad, her best friend, her...her..., she couldn't understand.  She ran down the hall into the mess hall where the rest of her friends were.  She came bursting through.
"SURPRISE!"  Beast Boy said as she came in.  Raven and Cyborg where standing there too, and they were all wearing party hats.
"What is...this?" Starfire said, trying feriously to hold back her tears.
"Dude! It's your birthday! What, did you think that we, your closest friends, would forget your birthday?" Beast Boy said.
"Well," Starfire said, twidling her skirt in her fingers.  "Robin did not remember."
"He what?! That little creep!" Raven said storming to the door. "I'll be right back."
"She's been in a bad mood all day." Cyborg said.
When Raven reached Robin's room, it was just as Starfore had found it before, it was closed and there appeared to be not light inside.  But Raven was not easily fooled, she knew he was in there.
"Robin! Get your butt out here, NOW!" Raven said.
"Raven,"  Robin said as he opened the door.  "Whats the matter with you?  I was just in the middle of a very important-"
"You little creep!"
"What are you talking about?"
*Slap* Raven slapped Robin across the face.
"Hey! What was that for!"
"You forgot Starfire's birthday!"
"What? noooo, nooooo, her birthday is on the 19th and today is the-"
"The 19th"
"No! It's the 18th!" Robin was shaking now, if it was the day Raven said it was, then how could he forget?  How could he be so stupid?
"Check your frikkin calander!  If you weren't always cooped up in your room all day you would remember that Starfire is 17 today, and if you remember corectly-"
"Starfire has to leave for Tameran when she's 17!"
End First Chapter
*Note* i do not know the actual date of Starfire's birthday, and this is a fanfic so she probably does not have to leave in the actual show
Kori is a new girl at a new school. She is friends with almost everybody, Well except for the Fab4. She really wants to win the Singer Search at her school and get a record deal. But one problem: Kori's really shy when it comes to the stage. Will she get
Just a little fanfic about Starfire and Robin.  It's about how it's Starfire's 17th birthday and how Robin forgets and Starfire has to leave for Tameran
this story was already on here but FAC wouldn't let me upload any chapters. these are short song-fics and one-shots about Robin and Starfire.
What happens when Star is sent back to Tamaran for another wedding, and when she actually LIKES the groom?
A funny little alter-episode (kinda) that drives Robin crazy!
Robin and Starfire are the best of friends. Bu what or should i say who will change all that? And let's not forget about Robin, how will he take it? And who will be three to pick up the pieces when someone's heart is broken?
Star and Blackfire had a battle and the bomb made Star forget about everything....but this frase keeps on coming in her head. "I love you Star."
Well, Starfire and Robin had a fight.
Starfire runs away and Robin goes finding her.
hey peeplez! i'm back and with another rob/star fic! this will be a one-shot. if you liked "A Teen Titans Love: Robin and Starfire" then you'll love this!
Robin first meets Starfire, but is it happly ever after?
if you guys love the couple Robin and Starfire then this story's for you
pleeze read!
A trip to the park ends in a little more romance than Robin and Starfire expected.(Oneshot)
O.K this is a fanfic for nicole_titans contest. It's really bad but I hope it's good enough for you.
Basicaly it's a love story with conflicts.
Fire burns, no exceptions, but sometimes there can be loop holes. Star/Robin, oneshot