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Chapter 8 - ’Happy’ isn’t exactly the word

Piper? A girl whose lived all over, with a famous father. She now goes to Hogwarts....4th year Ravenclaw. Will the famous three become four?

Chapter 8 - ’Happy’ isn’t exactly the word

Chapter 8 - ’Happy’ isn’t exactly the word


The girl just nodded, tears coursing down her pink-tinted cheeks.

“What happened?!” Harry said kneeling in front of her and putting his hands on her shoulders.

“H-harry! Harry! They're gooone!! I ca-can't find them!” She said through sobs.

“What?! Who?!”

She grabbed his hand and brought it to her neck. He flushed a bright pink as she moved it down and around her neck. Soon he realized what she meant.

“The rings? Your family?!”

Piper simply nodded, tears still pouring from her eye sockets. “Where could they be? Where?!” she whispered grabbing his shirt. She pulled herself into it and began to sob harder.

Soon Harry felt his shirt become wet and sticky, but he didn't mind. He just ran a hand through her hair and gave her a shoulder to cry on.

Harry blinked his eyes open to realize that he never made it back to bed. He was still sitting on the common room couch. He looked down and almost jumped at the sight; a large, black panther head was resting in his lap. He gave a quiet sigh of relief and then began to stroke the panthers head. She twitched her ear making Harry laugh. Then she snuggled into his chest. He blushed and smiled, then leaned back closing his eyes.

“Harry!” a whisper sounded from across the room. Harry looked to the stairs and saw Ron standing there; jaw dropped.

“I'll explain later.” Harry whispered, trying not to disturb the sleeping cat. He failed. The panther opened its large mouth, yawned and then stretched. Her claws dug in to Harry's stomach, causing him to wince. Immediately the beast realized what she did and liked his cheek in apology.

“It's ok!” He laughed patting her head.

“Harry? What is that?”

Piper growled and morphed back into her human form, just as Hermione walked down the stairs.

“Oh My God!”


“Woops” Piper said, with little enthusiasm. Hermione rushed over and sat across from Piper.

“You're an illegal animagus?”


Hermione starred at her for a moment then she starred just past Piper. Piper followed her gaze and found Harry's beautiful green eyes looking back at her. It dawned on her that she was still pressed into his chest and she immediately scooted over.

“I'm legal. My father required all of his children to be registered animagi by the age of six.”


Piper stood and began to walk to the portrait hole.
”Piper! Let me get dressed and then I'll come help you look ok?” Harry said walking towards her. She just nodded and walked out.

“Look for what?” Ron asked.

“Her necklace is gone.”

“Oh no!” Hermione exclaimed.

Piper walked the corridors thinking about how things were in the sweet life could great her mother's cooking smelled, yet the how horrible it tasted...

She was so dazed she didn't see the boy walking straight towards her. She smashed into him and fell backwards onto her butt.

“Damn it” she muttered under her breath.

“Oh I'm sorry” he said, obviously not really caring.

Piper looked up and saw Draco Malfoy starring down at her.

“Oh's you”

“Glad you're happy to see me.”

“'Happy' isn't exactly the word.....”

He was about to respond when Harry came running down the hall.

“Hey Piper, let's go” He said helping Piper to her feet

“Go where?”

“Nowhere Malfoy!” he took her hand “Come on”

As they passed buy Malfoy, Piper stuck her tongue out at him, and then pranced away, Harry at her side.


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Devo193 on March 30, 2006, 6:00:59 AM

Devo193 on
Devo193This whole fan-fic is really cool.Make more now!!!!Don't make me get the angry mob!!!Too late!!!*sees crowd of only 6 people*ummmm^_^;...How about i just beg?Please update soon...Please....?

PirateSohma on February 11, 2006, 10:26:08 PM

PirateSohma on
PirateSohmawooo!! i wish i could turn into a panther :P thats no fair :O
awesome as always.