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Chapter 7 - Getting to Know You?

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 7 - Getting to Know You?

Chapter 7 - Getting to Know You?
Tara: (waving) Guys! Over here!

Tika: Hey, Tara!

Tuesday: Darn it. Just as I thought the day would get better....

Tika: Don't blame me. I wasn't expecting you either.

Blaine: Can't you two stop arguing for once?

Tika & Tuesday: NO!!!

Blaine: Sorry I asked.

Maria: Then, can I ask you why you guys argue so much in the first place?

Tika: Because....

Tuesday: Because....

(Both draw a complete blank for their reasons for arguing. The others exchange glances.)

Tara: (smirking) Because....

Tika:.... We just do!!! (sulks)

Matthew: Hey. We didn't mean anything....There's no need for you to get mad about it.

Maria: Guys! Look! Daddy got me an Evo!!!

Tara: Aw, man! I want that phone! No fair! (pouts)

Blaine: How come?

Tara: Dad said we couldn't afford it. I can't either.

Matthew: Poor baby. It's okay. (pats Tara on back)

Erin: Dude, that's my job.

Matthew: Sorry. Go ahead.


Tara: Tika?

Blaine: (embracing Tika)....Happens all the time.

Erin: And how?

Blaine: Uh.....


Tika: Personal trauma.

Erin: Oh, okay....

Kira: Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?

Blaine & Tika: (irritated) No. Why do you ask?

Maria: Tika does look pretty cozy.

(Tika eases out of Blaine's grasp and leans her head on Matthew's shoulder.)

Matthew: What are you doing?

Tika: Proving to them I'm not dating you guys.


Tika: I don't date my guy friends.

Erin: I thought they were your brothers.

Tika: Where did you get that from?

Tuesday: You did come to school on the same day.

Matthew, Blaine & Tika:......

Tara: I think we're treading on personal ground again....

Tika: (sighs) Pretty much.

Erin: Why is everything so personal for you?

(The only response is a glare from all three of them.)

Erin: (weirded out) Never mind then....



Tara: C'mon, Tues. I don't think it's all that bad.

Erin: It's how I met Tara.

Tuesday: Why is when I tell people I'm not interested....

Tara: All it is is the school's dating site.

Erin: Just try it, man.

Tuesday: I'll....think about it.

Tara & Erin: alright!

(He hung up the phone and sighed.)

Tuesday: [They just don't get it. I can't forget what happened. I just can't. It's still...]

...with me.

"He's such a loser."

"Don't laugh at him."


"Then he'll know what we think of him."

"Which is?"

"What you said earlier."

"Wow, I thought you were getting soft."

He sighed. He had heard every word that left their mouths. The teacher rapped the board for the student's attention. Then, all the male students watched closely as a young girl entered the room, introduced herself and took her seat.

"Hi, there. I guess we're gonna be friends, huh?"

He looked, only to see two beautiful brown eyes peering into his.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm Tuesday."

"Call me Aliyah..."

Voice: What did I do to deserve this?

Tuesday: Huh?

(Tuesday comes back to reality, only to Tika staring him in the face. He frowns.)

Tika: I came here to clear my head and I have to find you. Great.

Tuesday: (sarcastically) Charmed to see you, too, dear.

Tika: *sigh*

Tuesday:....What are you doing here anyway?

Tika: Not to....actually, what I said earlier. I've been in a fog lately.

Tuesday: I can understand that. (looks off)

Tika: I'm not in the mood to fight right now.

Tuesday: You're kidding.

Tika: I'm serious.

Tuesday:.....(closes eyes) Uh-huh.

Tika: What's with you?

Tuesday: And why are you taking an interest in me, anyway?

Tika:...I'm bored.

Tuesday:...(looks down, looks away, looks back)

Tika: (stands there with arms folded the whole time)

Tuesday: Okay, then. I got a suggestion from Erin and Tara to join the school's dating site.

Tika: (surprised) YOU?!

Tuesday: (rolls eyes) Yes, me. They think it would help….

Tika: Help what?

Tuesday: Nothing.

Tika: Hmph. Well, I don't blame 'em. Do you have a fifth wheel status?

Tuesday: Yeah, pretty much.

Tika: So, you're not interested in girls?

Tuesday: I'm not gay either.

Tika: Who said you were?

Tuesday: Many.

Tika: *sigh* That's not the point here. I actually suggest that you join even though I highly doubt that you'd find a suitable girlfriend.

Tuesday: Oh, you know someone?

Tika: (firmly) No. I'm just saying that you should try it. Of course, you're too ignorant anyway.

Tuesday: Stereotype.

Tika: I never said that you were one.

Tuesday: No. You think because I act ignorant, I am.

Tika: Exactly. You just proved it.

Tuesday: That's not the point.

Tika: I know what you're saying. I'm not deaf.

Tuesday: Oh, that's obvious.

Tika: Say something about my ears again.

Tuesday: I can't. You'd hear it. (notices Tika's irritation) I'm serious.

Tika: Hmph.

(She left him at the bench. Then, on impulse, she waves. He waves back on instinct. They suddenly realized what they were doing and looked away. As Tika continued on, Tuesday noticed as a picture dropped from her pocket. He picked up and saw a younger version of her with a male teen. Looking on the back, he noticed a signature…

From: Dwayne

To: My beautiful girlfriend, Tika Morthy.

A small twinge of jealousy hit him, but he quickly shook it off, confused about where it came from.)

Tuesday: [Twinge of jealousy. Weird.](looks at picture again) [He does look familiar, though. But what's the point in feeling envious?] I guess I better go and return this to her. *sigh*

(He glances back down the road.)


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