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Chapter 8 - You Never Know

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 8 - You Never Know

Chapter 8 - You Never Know

(Blaine gazed at the night sky. For some strange reason, he couldn't keep his mind off of Tara. The stars soon started to form her name and he shook it off, realizing that it was an illusion.)

Blaine: God, am I sick or something? I shouldn't be thinking about her like this, especially since she has a boyfriend. Dude, you're kidding yourself. I can't believe I'm talking to myself. This is crazy.....

(He soon turns to the corner, only to be surprised by Tara herself.)

Tara: Hi, Blaine! Never expected you to be here!

Blaine: (blushing) Oh...uh, yeah. I mean, I never expected *cough* you to be here, either, Tara.

Tara: Came out to clear you head?

Blaine: Yeah, pretty much.

Tara: I know how you feel. Being out here totally helps, y'know?

Blaine: Yeah...

(They continue gazing at the sky. Blaine finds himself constantly stealing a look at Tara, only to mentally slap himself in agony.)

Blaine: [Dude, get a grip!]

Tara: Blaine.

Blaine: Hm?

Tara: I need to go and take care of something real quick. I'll be right back.

Blaine:I'll be right here.

Tara: (walking) Thanks.


(Glancing behind her, Tara looks around for a secluded area. Finding one, she proceeds to adjust her clothing, only to her footsteps behind her.)

Blaine... (retraces steps Tara took) What the H***?!!!!

(He finds Tara in the grip of Daron, his hand covering her mouth.)

Blaine: LET...GO...OF HER.


(Letting her go out of fear, he edges around Blaine and dashes off. Tara lands on the ground hard, only to be helped by Blaine gently placing her back on her feet.)

Blaine: You alright there?

Tara: Yeah, I'm fine. Um, thank you. (smiles)

Blaine: (blushes)...

Tara: (confused) Are you okay?

Blaine: Oh, yeah! I'm good.

Tara:...If you say so.

Blaine: Hey, um...

Tara: Yeah?

Blaine: Do you mind if I walk you home? I mean, just so like...

Tara: Sure.

Blaine: Really?

Tara: (nods)

Blaine: Alright, then. (smiles nervously)


Cecilia: Oh, great.

(She bends down to pick up her fallen music sheet. A shadow peers over her and she glances up to see Tika.)

Tika: Need some help?

Cecilia: Uh, yeah. Thanks, I guess.

(Tika bends down to retrieve the papers.)

Tika: (looking at sheets) You play guitar?

Cecilia: You could say that. Not that you would be interested, though...

Tika: Totally. Who wouldn't be?


Tika: Oh. Most wouldn't think you would play guitar, huh?

Cecilia: (nods) Yeah, pretty much. Although, it is good to see someone who's interested...


(Tika clearly notices her nervousness as she walks past.)

Tika: Tika!

Cecilia: Huh?

Tika: That's my name.

Cecilia: Oh. Cecilia. You can call me Cici. I gotta go. I'll see you later okay?

Tika: (smiles) Sure.

(As Cecilia leaves, Tika notices a shadow over her shoulder, only to see Blaine by the side of her eye.)

Tika: Blaine.....Blaine....Hey, Blaine!

Blaine:(smiling) You called?

Tika: Dude, you must be in a trance or something.

Blaine: What are you talking about?

Tika: Your everlasting bliss. You've been pretty happy lately.

Blaine: Oh, that! It's nothing. (blushes and turns away)

Tika: (smirks) You're blushing.

Blaine: No, I'm not!

Tika: Uh, yeah, you are.

(After a few minutes of listening to his constant denial, Tika resorts to tickling him. His laughter echoes in the hallway until he yelped in pain.)

Tika: (pulls hands back) I'm sorry!

Blaine: (holding side) It's okay. It's only a cut. Just be careful with those claws.

Tika: Let's go get this wrapped up.


"But I wanted to serve!"

"You've already served twice! And besides, Coach said it was my turn!"


She shoved the ball into his hands and walked off. The boy took the ball and performed an overhand serve, sending the ball flying over the net. The game continued without interruption until everyone heard a hissing sound. The girl who hit the ball struggled to remove it from her hand, only to realize that her nails had deflated the ball. She ran into the girls' locker room, completely embarrassed and her face buried in her hands.


"I'm turning into a freak..."

"Don't say that. Maybe your nails are too long..."

"You're not helping. That's not funny at all."

"Don't blame a guy for trying..."

"If you hadn't opened that door..."

"Then why are you blaming me?"

"You opened it!"

"I never knew that was going to happen!"

"Guys, calm down! It's not his fault and it isn't your happened that that happened either. This isn't something we have control over..."


Tika: How's that?

Blaine: A lot better. I'm not exactly invincible, you know.

Tika: Of course not. You and Superman have nothing in common.

Blaine: Okay...

Tika: You're avoiding the subject. I know that you like her, Blaine.

Blaine: *sigh* You've noticed?

Tika: Let's see, aren't animals able to tell emotions? And I am part cat...

Blaine: You're also human. And besides, you haven't been arguing with Tuesday lately. *smirk*

Tika: You wanna get scratched again?

Blaine: I'm serious. What's up?

Tika: Don't ask me. I still hate him if you're wondering.

Blaine: You sure about that?

Tika: (opens mouth)....

Blaine: I can't believe this. You haven't got a reason why you still hate him...

Tika: Don't start. I just don't like him.

Blaine: That's what you said about Dwayne.

Tika: What's that supposed to mean?

Blaine: (puts hands up) I'm tellling the truth and you know it. He broke you heart...

Tika: Yeah, thanks.

Blaine: I'm serious!

Tika: You're always serious!

Blaine: Why do you think?!

(Tika starts to crying uncontrollably. Blaine pulls her into an embrace.)

Blaine: Alright, calm down. It was wrong for me say that.


Tara: Hey, guys. I need your opinion on....okay....

Blaine & Tika:*irritated glare*

Tara: Um, I think I'll leave you guys alone now. Heh, heh. See ya. (leaves)


Erin:.... Are you sure about this?

Emery: You get it, right?

Erin: Yeah, I understand.

Emery: She's using Blaine to try and hurt you, y'know.

Erin: *sigh* It's so hard to believe. I thought she was serious about this.

Emery: I am.


(She pulls him closer until they engage in liplock. Surprisingly, he doesn't pull away.)


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