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Chapter 9 - Nuts & Bolts

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 9 - Nuts & Bolts

Chapter 9 - Nuts & Bolts
Cecilia: Mmmmm...

(Cecilia lays contently in Dru's arms, taking in his warmth as he strokes her hair. The pair is behind the school, lying in the grass and enjoying the silence of that after hours of the school day.)

Dru: (smiles) *sigh*

Voice: Cici!

Cecilia: Did someone call me?

Dru: I don't think so...

Tika: Cici! Cici, where are-? Oh.

Cecilia: Hm?

Dru: Huh?


Cecilia: Tika!

Dru: (jumps up) Ack!

Cecilia: We weren't doing anything! Please!

Tika: (smirks) You don't fool me, Cecilia.

Cecilia: (succumbing to fate) Oh, darn. Ah, well.

Tika: Hold on. I'm not going to tell anyone. It's your relationship, not mine.

Cecilia: Seriously?

Tika: I'm not lying. Obviously, this guy is off limits...

Dru: Only to the female population of this school...

Tika: Ah, the popular dude. What's you name?

Dru: Dru. Dru Takano. You must be Tika.

Tika: Cici must have told you about me.

Dru: (nods)

Tika: And besides, I'm pretty sure Cici's a good choice.

Dru: Hey, thanks. I'm glad I choose her. (pulls Cecilia close)

Tika: I'll leave you guys alone now.

Cecilia: (waves)

(Tika leaves them to their cuddling, feeling slightly envious. But only because they have a trustworthy relationship...)


Tia: Believe me, you'll love it, Tuesday.

Tuesday: *sigh* Yeah, I guess. But what if it...

Tia: It won't.

Tuesday: If you say so.

Sarah: Tuesday! Stop flirting and get over here!

Tuesday: Ugh. Later, Tia. (waves)

Tia: (waves) Bye.

Blaine: (bumps into Tia) Oh, excuse me...

Tia: It's okay, really...

Blaine: ?

(As he stares on, oblivious to her thoughts, she watches Tuesday as he talks to Sarah about an assignment. Everything seems to go in slow motion: Tuesday as he talks to Sarah. Tuesday as he smiles after a playful insult. Tuesday as he gets slapped in the back of the head. She sighs in complete adoration...until she hears a sharp clap. )

Tia: (finally notices hands in front of face) Huh?

Blaine: Excuse me. Have you returned to earth?

Tia: [Darn it! He was watching the whole time!] Hey, you look like

Blaine: Yeah, I'm Blaine.

Tia: (glancing over at Tuesday) Tia. Nice to meet you.

Blaine: I was trying to ask you something, but seeing that you were *ahem ahem* occupied...

Tia: Occupied? What are you talking about? I wasn't doing anything!(smiles)

Blaine: (smiles)

Tia: (sweats out of nervousness)

Blaine: (keeps smiling)

Tia: *sigh*

Blaine: What were you two up to? (crosses arms)

Tia: Well, I was trying to convince Tuesday to join the school's dating site. He's not exactly taking it lightly.

Blaine: ...Wow, that's surprising.

Tia: To you, probably.

Blaine: Is he, like, popular with the girls?

Tia: (shrugs) I do know that most think he's cute. Except for a few...

Blaine: I guess you're part of that few?

Tia: It can't be that obvious...

Blaine: Hey, don't worry. I won't tell. Besides, I'm pretty sure you'd make a good couple.

Tia: Really?

Blaine: (nods)

Sarah: TIA!

(She shrugs and leaves. Blaine sighs and turns around, only to be met by the sight of Tika...who seemed to be blushing.)

"I'm sure you'd make a good couple."

Tika: [Good couple?]

(Unknowingly, she passed right by him, only to run into Matthew.)

Matthew: Bad mood?

Tika: Huh?

Matthew: Your tail's whipping around like crazy.

Tika: (grabs tail and stares at him in irritation) You noticed?

Matthew: Obviously, you heard someone possibly talking about you...

Tika: Not exactly about me.

Matthew: What about?


Matthew: C'mon.

Tika: Oh, I heard that this girl Tia may have a crush on Tuesday...of all people...

Matthew: Ah, ha! So, you're jealous.

Tika: What? (pins him against lockers) Where the heck did you get that from?

Matthew: The fact that you're blushing. And it didn't sound like you *ahem ahem* approved of the fact that another girl actually likes him.

Tika: ...I'm not blushing!

(Letting him go, she turns around and storms off.)

Tika: [Don't approve that another girl actually likes him! Who does he think he is? is weird. I mean, who would actually like Tuesday?] *pauses* [Do I like Tuesday?] *shakes head furiously*[That's impossible! It's hard to believe that he's likable at all! I mean, look at him!] *sigh*

Tara: Hello.


Tara: Deep in thought?

Tika: Obviously. Can I ask you a question?

Tara: Sure.

Tika: think Tuesday is...cute?

Tara: Where did you get that from? (smirks) Do you think he's cute?

Tika: Answer the question.

Tara: (notices Tuesday) Well, he's not much to look at, but you could say that he is, well, cute. I'm just saying. But at the same time, he doesn't want to date anyone right now, mainly...

Tika: Because?

Tara: I said too much.

Tika: About?

Tara: Really, I don't want to talk about it.

Tika: About what?

Tara: It's his business and I'm the only one who knows why he doesn't want to date anyone else. It would totally crush him if I told anyone.

Tika: Oh, I'll leave it alone, then.


Tika: I'm serious! I wouldn't care anyway!

(Tara only smiles, which confuses Tika even more. As both approach Tuesday, she proceeds to get lost in thought.)

Tika: [No wonder he didn't want to join that site. Poor guy. If it hurts him that much...wait, why am I worried about him anyway?]

(They arrive at the locker. Tuesday, upon hearing them, whips around in a panic.)

Tuesday: Hold on! You didn't see anything, right?

Tara: You're acting like you have porn in your locker.

Tika: Where'd you get that from?

Tuesday: Just checking! You know, privacy issues and...stuff...

(He runs off once out of sight. Tara shakes her head and notices Erin. As she greets him, Tika notices that Tuesday's locker door slighly ajar.)

Tika: (somewhat impatient) [Hmm...]

(Glancing around, she opens the door and starts sorting through his things.)

Tika: [What a mess.] (finds picture) [What's this?]

To: Tuesday

From: Aliyah, your GF.

[Hm...this gives off a lot. And what is...]

(She sees the picture that dropped out of her pocket .)



Tika: Tuesday!

Tuesday (head down):...

Tika: Yo! Tuesday!

Tuesday: (looks up) Oh, great. What do you want?

Tika: You've got some explaining to do!

Tuesday: About what?

Tika: This. (holds up picture)

Tuesday: O.O...


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