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Chapter 10 - Up On the Shelf

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 10 - Up On the Shelf

Chapter 10 - Up On the Shelf
Kroger, Aisle 10

Girl: Thank you! (leaves)

Girl #2: (reaches) Could you get this down for me? I can't reach it!

Girl #3: Hey! I asked him first!

Girl #4: While you two are arguing, I'll ask him.

Girl #5: Hey, wait!

Blaine & Matthew: -.-' ...

(They reluctantly help the customers receive their products. After the group dissipates, they both breathe a sigh of relief.)

Voice: Hey.

Blaine & Matthew:... (look behind them)

Sarah: Don't worry. I'm not pestering you for help like your fanclub.

Blaine: (a bit irritated) Is that supposed to help?

Sarah: (shrugs, truthfully) I have no idea.

Matthew: Like you were saying...

Sarah: I didn't know you worked here. Your employer know your 'secret'?

Matthew: Oh, she knows, alright.

Sarah:...No comment.

Employee: Hey, can I borrow Blaine for a second?

Blaine: (follows co-worker) Be right back, guys.

Sarah: So, you like working here?

Matthew: Totally. Us part-time employes get some good benefits.

Sarah: (nodding) I see. Hey, Kira.

Matthew: Kira. Hi.

Kira: (entering aisle) How did you know?

Matthew: (bluntly) I have ears.

Kira: (nervous) Oh, right...I didn't know you worked here.

Matthew: Yeah, I was just talking to Sarah...(looks around) hey, where did she go?

Sarah (walking away): My parents called. Apparently, I have to go. Catch you guys later.

Matthew (waving) Like I was saying, it's not all that bad, especially when your fanclub isn't around.

Kira: I wouldn't really know what that feels like, but I can kinda relate...

(In a lovestruck clumsiness. Kira accidentally bumps into the shelves. The contents of her purse spill all over the floor.)

Kira: Sorry...

Matthew: Why are you apologizing? (bends down) Here...

(He picks up the small objects and places them in the purse one by one. He hands the purse back to Kira, who blushes out of pure thankfulness.)

Kira: Thank you.

Matthew: (shrugs) Ah, it's no problem...

(They catch each others eyes for a few seconds and look away. Uncomfortable, Kira voices a quick goodbye and leaves. Matthew realizes after a few seconds that his face feels warm all of the sudden. Kira continues walking, nearly bumping into Maria.)

Maria: Hey, what's the rush?

Kira: Huh?

Maria: Kira, what's up?

Kira: Oh, hey.

Maria: Oh...wait a minute. Is Matthew here?

Kira: Yeah, I mean, you can have him...

Maria: (puts hands up) Woah, woah! What are you talking about? All mine?

Kira: Well...

Maria: Oh, sure. He's cute. But I'm not that attracted to him...unlike you. Even so, you two are pretty much the same.

Kira: How's that?

Maria: You're get really shy around each other, but you're totally oblivious to when someone likes you...


Maria: I'm serious. Don't worry. He's gonna realize that he likes you.

Kira: I hope so.

(Both girls depart, not noticing Matthew as he stands in the other aisle.)

Matthew: [She likes someone?]

Blaine: I'm back! Hey, what's up with you?

Matthew: Huh? (notices Blaine) Oh, it's nothing.

(Blaine shrugs it off and leaves. Matthew stays there, the conversation running through his head.)


Patio, Next Day

Tuesday: Before I answer your question, how the heck did you find that picture and where? (sits down on wall)

Tika: (crosses arms) Your locker. The door was open.

Tuesday: I was wondering who reorganized it...

Tika: Ahem. Like I was saying...

Tuesday: Well...remember the day you saw me on the bench? I saw it on the ground. When I found out it was yours, I was going to ask you about it...

Tika: Hmph. You act as though you regret it.

Tuesday: Not really. It's hard to believe he was your boyfriend.

Tika: (surprised) Wha?

Tuesday: I knew Dwayne. He and I used to be good friends before...

Tika: Before what?

Tuesday: (hesitant) Um, *ahem*, first tell me what happened. With Dwayne, that is... It's better if you start first.

Tika: (Stands up) Well...I was 15 at the time. Due to my new...condition, my emotions were running wild. I had just broken up with Blaine...

Tuesday: (surprised) Blaine?

Tika: Yeah, idiot. Blaine.

Tuesday: *sigh* Meh.

Tika: Anyway, I wasn't heartbroken or anything, but we both felt at the time it was best to stay friends. Soon after, I met Dwayne. He was new in school and I was assigned to show him around and help him with getting used to the school. Then, once, because of our close friendship, I gave him a gift for helping me out in another class. Now, I simply thought nothing of it. Dwayne, on the other hand, stood up, embraced me and kissed me right on the lips. Next week, he asked me out and soon, we were dating. Don't get me wrong. For a while, he was everything a good boyfriend should be...but...

Tuesday: But?

Tika: After a while, Blaine and Matthew noticed that he cheating on me. Of course, I wouldn't believe them. I told them they were jealous of our relationship. And, as expected, Dwayne lied and told me that he would never cheat on me. Boy, was I stupid.

Tuesday:...No, just gullible.

Tika: (holding back tears) I was so blind. He was lying, but I just couldn't see it. I learned the hard way when he dumped me some time later. I was in such pain that I nearly committed suicide, until I saw him and his new girlfriend that day...

"No! Tika!"

"Stop ruining my death!"

"Don't do this! It won't change anything and it will only hurt everyone else!"


Blaine pulled Tika from the school window. She kicked and screamed to no avail as he brought her to a nearby water fountain and began splashing water on her face. She hissed in disgust.

"Stop it!"

"Tika, please! Calm down!"


"You need to come to your senses!"

"You're just saying I don't need him!"

"Of course you don't! He lied to you!"

"Yeah, right!"

"Do you want proof? !"

He turned her head towards a couple near the front of the school. Her eyes widened.


"Why do think he broke up with you?"

After she calmed down, he placed her gently on her feet. He didn't expect for her to fly into a blind fury once he released her.

"What the H- are you doing with her? ! I can't believe this! You g- pervert! You broke up with me for that B-! Bastard!"

She ran them off campus, cursing and screaming as she went while Blaine sighed and watched in silent amusement.

Tika: If he was here right I'd kill...

Tuesday: O.O Uh...

Tika: *sigh* Never mind. But at the same time, it torn my heart in two. (slumps over)

Tuesday: (clapping)

Tika: What the heck?

Tuesday: Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

Tika: (irritated) Seriously?

Tuesday: Hey, I was just trying to give you some encouragement. You know, some comfort.

Tika: Right...since when did you give me encouragement?

Tuesday: (rubs neck) Uh...

Tka: (crosses arms) Okay, then. Now, it's your turn.

Tuesday: Well...that picture. It was of my old girlfriend, Aliyah.

Tika: You broke up with her?

Tuesday: No, in reality, she ran off. I remember the first day I met her. God, she was so pretty...

Tika: Obvious. Now, what happened?

Tuesday: She was new in school and her first period was also mine. She immediately introduced herself to me as soon as she sat down and we became fast friends. Soon, rumors started floating around that we were secretly dating. Of course, I denied it, but Aliyah didn't retaliate to their comments. Then, one day, I remember being outside. It was raining really hard and I was waiting for my parents.

"God, it's like hell out here."

"Don't use hell that way."

"Aliyah. Sorry."

"It's no prob. It's not a major problem or anything."

"Don't you have an umbrella?"

She quickly shook her head.

"You can have mine if you want."

"It's fine...Do you mind if we can share it instead?

"Yeah, sure, I guess."

She immediately dashed under the umbrella.

"Thank you."

"It's fine."

They stood there in silence for a few minutes. Both nervously huddled under their only shield from the rain.

"Hey, Tuesday."


"Truth or dare?"


"Have you ever got a truly memorable gift before?"


"I want to give you something. Will you accept it? From me, that is..."

"Always. What is it?"

"Close your eyes and you'll find out."


Under closed eyelids, he felt a pair of lips come into contact with his. When she pulled away, Tuesday's face was flushing. Hard. She giggled at the sight.

"You're cute when you blush, y'know?"

"...uh, yeah! You too..."


Both turn to see an SUV, the window rolled down to reveal her mother.

"C'mon, honey."

"Bye, Tuesday! I'll see you tomorrow!"


Tika: (raises an eyebrow)...

Tuesday: We hung around each other the next day. Of course, we got the relationship questions, but the turning point came when someone asked if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I freaked, but before I could say no, Aliyah told them it was complicated. That convinced me to ask her out the next day. After that, we were hooked. What surprised me the most was that our parents supported out relationship and well, if it went on, I wouldn't of minded marriage. But then everything went to hell. Aliyah's older brother was killed in a car accident. It tore her parents apart so much, they divorced. She broke down completely and things really came to a head when her stepfather tried to molest her sister. Finally, Alliyah told me that she was 'moving' and then, a week later, she was gone. I guess that settled things down in her family, because her mother divorced again and remarried her father. I learned from them that she and her sister had completely ran off. No one could find her after that and...are you listening?

Tika: Don't confuse relaxing with being ignorant. Besides, I can't help but hear everything you say.

Tuesday: And that's it.

Tika: Hmph. So that's why you didn't want to join the dating site. You're still waiting for her?

Tuesday: (nods) Pretty much.


Tuesday: ?

Tika: Don't hate me when I do this...

(She leans over and embraces him. Tuesday blushes unexpectedly, but accepts the hug gratefully, wrapping his arms around her. They hold it for about 20 seconds, then pull away out of embarassment.)

Tuesday:...Uh, thanks. A lot.

Tika: No problem. You needed it. (smiles)

Voice: Look, girls! I got a pic for the school newspaper!

Voice #2: That looks awesome! Who is it?

Voice: Tika and Tuesday!

Tika & Tuesday: O.O

Tika: Sorry. (smiles nervously)

Tuesday: Why? I'm good. (smiles)

Tika: Hmph. (smiles)


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