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Chapter 1 - Newcomers

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 1 - Newcomers

Chapter 1 - Newcomers
Chap. 1

(We come upon a small family having breakfast. The teens are arguing over….something, I guess.)
Natasha: Blake, smaller bites!
Blake: Mom!
Tara: Yeesh, Blake, you don’t have to be such a pig!
Blake: Pig?
Tara: Yeah. Pig. Can’t you spell?
Natasha: No shouting at the table!
Blake: But she started it!
Nathan: Do as your mother says, Blake.
Blake: But….never mind. Yes, ma’am.
Natasha: Thank you.
BG: Hi, my name’s Tara Kartuga. I’m 16 and I’m a junior at Lakeland High School.
Tara: Stop tugging my bookbag, Blake.
BG: I’m just your average teen. I don’t really excel at anything in particular, except for cooking. I’m also half Jap-half American. Not that I really care for it, though.
Tara: Stop it, Blake!
Blake: (proceeds to tug harder)
Tara: Ugh. (hits Blake in the stomach) You are SO irritating.
BG: And that was my little brother, Blake. He’s a bit childish for a 9th grader. Now, back to the present.
Sarah: C’mon, you stupid thing! Open up!
Sarah: Oh, hey there Tara.
BG: My BFF, Sarah.
Tara: Your Chemistry book again?
Sarah: Yeah… *sweatdrop* So, what about you?
Tara: I’m just glad I have Blake off my back.
Erin: (kisses Tara in the cheek) Hey, babe.
Tara: (blushing) Erin! Stop sneaking up on me like that!
Erin: Aw, what’s wrong with it? (hugs her)
Tara: Because it totally freaks me out!
Sarah: I’m sure you don’t want to relive that incident at the mall, do you?
Erin: (totally clueless, looks at Sarah) When was that?
Tuesday: (leaning against the lockers) It was in June, remember? We came out of F.Y.E. and you surprised Tara out of nowhere. Then she kicked you in crotch, thinking you were a pervert. (thought of Tara apologizing, Erin’s on the ground in pain)
Erin: (irritated, hand over face) Dude, that was totally embarrassing! Don’t mention that again!
Tara: Yeah, how would you feel if I did that to you?
Tuesday: (looking thoughtful)……… Hmm. Well, it didn’t happen. So, I don’t know how it feels! (laughs)
Tara: Tuesday is such a freak sometimes. Just ignore him, Erin.
Erin: Ugh, I wish I could.
Sarah: (blank expression) Are you still thinking about that?
Erin: Shut up!
Maria: !Hola amigos! ?Como estas? *Hello, friends! How are you?*
Tara: (enjoying Erin’s embrace) Fine, Maria. What about you?
Maria: I’m good.
Kira: (shyly) Hi, guys.
Tara: Hey, Kira.
Maria: (looks over shoulder) OMG! It’s Dru!
(Dru Takano is regarded as one of the most popular boys in school, despite the fact he is a sophomore. He smiles at the group and continues waling.)
Maria: He smiled at me!
Sarah: No! He smiled at me!
Maria: No! Me!
Sarah: (in Maria’s face) ME!
(The girls continue arguing.)
Tara: *sweatdrop* Anyway…anybody hear any good rumors lately?
Erin: (rubs neck) Not that I know of.
Tuesday: Don’t look at me.
Tara: What about you, Kira?
Kira: (looking thoughtful) Well, I did hear that there are some new kids at school.
Tara: Oh, what about?
Kira: Nothing really…okay, maybe more than that. But everything’s so confusing, it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s fake. All I can really tell you is that it’s 2 boys and 1 girl… (They realize that the hallway suddenly feels crowded, for 3 teenagers are walking to class.)
Tara: (watching them pass) You mean them?
Kira: Yeah, I guess.
(They disappeared down the hallway. Soon, the students are back in their regular social grind.)
Tara: I wonder who they are.
Tuesday: Don’t worry about it. They’re probably a bunch of weirdos…
Kira: Tuesday! Don’t say that!
Tara: Yeah, Tues. There’s more to a person than the outside appearance…
Tuesday: What about those exchange students that…
Tara: That was over a year ago. I’m talking about now. Usually, there’s at least one talent you don’t know from first glance. You should know that.
Tuesday: (ignoring Tara) Yeah, yeah.
Tara: Are you even listening?
Tuesday: (chibi, blank expression) Tuesday is not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP.
Tara: (chibi, irritated) Ugh! Tuesday!
Erin: Hey, Tara. I’ll see you later, okay> I’ve gotta get to class. (stops cuddling Tara)
Tara: (giggles) Okay, Erin. Later.
(She watches him leave.)
Tara: *sigh*
Maria: Okay, Tara! Who do you think Dru smiled at?
Sarah: Yeah, tell us!
Tara: (head down) *sweatdrop*
*[] indicates thinking*

Student: Excuse me.
Tara: Hm? [Hey, he’s new.]
Student: I going to gym. Do you know where it is?
Tara: Yeah, follow me. It’s my next class.
Student: Thanks.
(She guides him to gymnasium.)
Student: (Opens door) Go ahead.
Tara: Oh, thanks, um…
Student: Blaine.
Tara: Oh, okay. Thanks, Blaine. I’m Tara.
(She stands there for a few seconds.)
Blaine: *sweatdrop* Uh, aren’t you going to go in?
Tara: *larger sweatdrop* Huh? Oh, right! Sorry about that! (smiles uneasily)
(They walk in. Blaine immediately joins his friends on the bench while Tara goes to the girls’ locker room to change. While coming out, she is distracted by her thoughts as the students start exercising. Soon…)
Student: Serve the freakin’ ball already!
Tara: (alarmed) Eek!
(She hits the ball with such a force that it flies over the net and into the wall. Her friends surround her as she sulks over losing the first point of the game.)
Tara: I’m sorry… (on the floor with head down)
Erin: (looking over her) its okay. You just need to pay more attention next time…
(The ball bounces off her head and Sarah returns it.)
Erin: Like then,
Tara: Owww….
(After the game is over, the kids are sitting on the bench talking. Tara notices Blaine with his friends.)
Tara: (getting up) Hold on, guys. I’ll be right back.
Tuesday: Is she going where I think she’s going?
Maria: Yep.
Erin: I don’t see why I should talk to them. They look so weird. Kira?
Kira: (spaced out)
Erin: Kira!
Kira: Huh?
Tuesday: What do think of those guys over there?
Kira: Oh, they’re okay. I guess.
Tuesday: (whispering) She’s as worse as Tara is…
Tara:…………… *ahem*
Blaine: ?
Tara: Um, it was, uh, nice meeting you, Blaine.
Blaine: Oh, you too.
Tara: (sitting down) Are they your friends? You do seem to hang out a lot.
Blaine: Yeah…
Matthew: (feeling confident) I’m Matthew.
Tara: (smiling) Tara.
Tika: Girl, you can call me Tika.

Maria: (looks at watch) Is she done yet?
Kira: Calm down, Maria. It’s only been 5 minutes,
Maria: 5 minutes too long.
Tara: Hi, guys. I’m back.
Maria: What did they do to you?
Erin: Are you alright?
Tuesday: Did they hurt you?
Kira: Guys! Stop it!
Tara: *sigh* I’m fine, guys. We mainly talked about with I liked, that’s all.
Maria: Stop being so selfish!
Tuesday: They probably hate you!
Tara: Stop! (turns around) Just because they look strange doesn’t mean they are. They’re normal like everyone else.
Tuesday: I don’t call blue hair normal…
Tara: Look who’s talking.
Tuesday: Shut up!
Tara: Why don’t you guys take a chance for once?
Maria: I don’t see why we should.
Tara: I think that’s better to make someone feel welcome than to make them outsiders. Eventually, you will get used to them.
Erin: Do you really believe in all that stuff?
Kira: I do!
Tara: It’s worked before!
Maria: Listen, Tara. It’s not like we’re not going to see them or anything. They’re just weird, that’s all.
Tara: (arms crossed) Are you saying that because of their hairstyles?
Maria: That’s not the point! *sigh* I just want to know about them first.
Tara: Through gossip, right?
Maria: No! Who would be so stu…maybe.
Tara: (acting sophisticated) The only way to properly get to know a person is to introduce yourself and bid them “hello.”
Erin: *whispering* She’s acting like her grandma again…
Tuesday: Yeah, I know.
Tara: (frustrated) I heard that!
Kira: (looking across the gym room)
Tara: Hey, Kira. Are you okay?
Kira: Oh! I’m fine! Just thinking! That’s all.
Tara: Oh, okay. (turns to others) Like I was saying…
Kira: [He’s so cute. I wonder where he lives…]
(She’s staring at Matthew.)

Tara: [C’mon, Blake. I don’t have all day.]
(Tara is standing outside of the school waiting for her little brother. She looks at her watch and sighs.)
Blaine: Hey.
Tara: (a little surprised) Huh?
Blaine: Thanks for showing me to the gym. I really appreciate it.
Tara: No problem.
Tika: We’ll see you tomorrow, okay?
Tara: Yeah…
(She waves as she watches them go down the steps. She stands there, entranced for about a minute…until something cold runs down her back.)
Tara: (screaming in fury) Blake! I’ll get you for this!
Blake: (runs away laughing)
End of Chap. 1


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