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Chapter 2 - Just Getting Started

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 2 - Just Getting Started

Chapter 2 - Just Getting Started
Chap. 2

Tara: Hey, guys. Good to see ya.
Erin: Hey, Tara.
Maria: Okay, okay. Just make sure you pick them up from soccer practice.
Tara: Ray?
Maria: No, Brad Pitt.
Tara: You want him to pick up your brothers?
Maria: Yeah. I’m glad they’re at another school. I would go berserk if they went here.
Tara: I can see that. (pats her on the shoulder)
Tuesday: Hey, you haven’t noticed something about her?
Tara: Who? (sees Tika) Tika?
Tuesday: Yeah, she’s so goth…
Tika: Goth?
Tuesday: Hey, I’m just say…wait a minute, how did you know I said that?
Tika: Poor eyesight. It clears up every once in a while.
Tuesday: Seems pretty fine to me.
Tika: Shut it.
Tuesday: (groans)…….
Erin: Aw, look. The start of a beautiful friendship.
Tika: Friendship, my foot!
Tuesday: More like my heel!
Tika: *starts to hiss*
Matthew: Calm down, Tika.
Tika: *mouth covered*……………………… (crosses arms)
Tara: Hey, guys.
Matthew: Yo.
Blaine: ‘Sup.
Maria: (to Matthew) You know, you look a lot cuter up close.
Matthew: Uh, yeah. YAAAAAH!!!!
(He looks at his hand. In the middle is a small but distinguished line of cuts. He glares at Tika.)
Tika: I couldn’t breathe! What else am I supposed to do?
Matthew: Don’t bite me! You know how s……tough your teeth are!
Tuesday: Is that even a word?
Matthew: Honest mistake. You know what I mean.
Blaine: Hate to interrupt, but dude, you need to bandage your hand and we haven’t been introduced.
Tara: Oh, yeah. Guys…
Maria: Maria.
Tuesday: Tuesday.
Erin: Erin.
Kira: Kira.
Sarah: Sarah.
Blaine: Blaine.
Tika: Tika.
Matthew (wrapping hand) Matthew.
(An eerie silence goes between them.)
Tika: Okay, back to the statement about me being goth. What the heck did you mean by that?
Maria: I never said you were.
Tika: I can repeat your exact words.
Tara: Guys, guys. Let’s make peace, not war.
(Tika crossed her arms. Maria simply shrugged it off.)
Maria: Sorry I offended you. It was a common mistake.
Tika: I can tell. You telling the truth?
Maria: Yeah. Wait, what did I say?
Tika: I was…oh, that was stupid over here.
Tuesday: Shut up!
Tika: Well, you did.
Tuesday: Well, you are.
Tika: You say one more thing about me…
Tara: Guys!
Tika: Fine. Fine. I’ll defeat him later.
Tuesday: Try me. Meh.
Tika: (completely on edge)………
(Blaine picks up Tika and transports her to class. Tara glares at Tuesday before walking off.)
Matthew: Ugh, this weighs a ton.
Blaine: Really?
Matthew: Dude, shut up before you blow it.
Blaine: I know. I know.
(The boys are helping the janitor in carrying weights to the gym. You understand why Matt made that remark.)
Matthew: Hey, let’s make a run for it.
Blaine: How is that?
Matthew: Simple. I’ll warn you.
(He gives the bags to Blaine and they sprint towards the gymnasium. On the way, Tuesday returning from a club meeting, spots them.)
Tuesday: What the?
(He follows their trail, catching a glimpse of the pair entering the gym. Once he opens the doors, he sees them carrying the bag as a team.)
Matthew: Oh, hey, Tues.
Tuesday: What? How? Huh? I thought…
Blaine: What?
Tuesday: Never mind.
(He stands there, puzzled as they leave the area.)
Blaine: That was close.
Matthew: (hands behind head) Yeah, I know.
(Tuesday, after watching them leave, picks up one of the bags. He notices a description that reads: Xenas Weights. Capacity: 50 lbs.)
Tuesday: [50 lbs.?!] Is he nuts? He…wait a minute…he carried them in one hand. All three of them…] (looks at door)

Tika: That’s why you don’t risk it!
Blaine: Hey, we got away with it. It doesn’t matter.
Tika: But you could’ve got caught! I don’t wanna imagine what that might have caused. W3 c0u1d l-l4v3 b33l\l 3xp3113d…
Matthew: Could you stop speaking l33t?
Tika: Why do think I said it like that?
Blake: Don't look at me. I'm still trying to understand the language.
Matthew: *sighs*
Tuesday: Like I was saying, I looked at the bag and (looks around) *whispering* It read 50 lbs.
Tara: (skeptical) 50 lbs?
Maria: And he supposedly carried it all in one hand?
Tuesday: Yeah, was totally strange.
Erin: But how do you know if it was 50?
Tuesday: The bags were new!
Maria: How do you know if they were new?
Tuesday: Forget it. It's obvious you don't believe me.
Kira: (reading manga) Probably do.
Tuesday: Shut it, Kira.
(She slaps Tuesday in the face.)
Kira: I'm not in a good mood today.
Tuesday: (holding face in pain)........
Tika: Hey, guys.
Tara: Oh, hey Tika. Didn't know you were in here.
Tika: Of course I am.
Tara: Uh, Tik?
Tika: Yeah?
Tara: If you hate Tuesday, why are you sitting here?
Tika: Oh my God! I didn't even know!
Sarah: And there's another thing. That's the only seat left.
Tika: Now you tell me. (slumps down)
Tuesday: (asleep) *snore*
Tika: Thank goodness he's asleep.
Tara: He is?
Tika: It's obvious. Look. (lifts up hood)
Tuesday: *wakes up* Hey, who...what?! You again?! What the heck is she doing in here?!
Tika: I have this class.
Tuesday: Well, then, just get your schedule changed or something. Sheesh.
Tika: I'm getting another class on the account of some weirdo.
Tuesday: Weirdo?! At least I don't have pink hair!
Tika: Then what do you call light blue?
Tuesday: Gr...
Tara: *giggle*
Tuesday: Hey, you're supposed to be on my side!
Dr. Webb: Class, class. Settle down. (pauses) Now, thanks to what happened yesterday, I think you are all ready for a pop quiz.
Class: *groans*
(The papers are passed out. About 10 minutes later...)
Girl: Ow! Who threw this paper ball at me?!
Tuesday: *sweatdrop*.......
Tika: [Heh, heh, heh] *smiles mischievously*
Tuesday: (glares at Tika) [Darn it. How did she know?]
(Tika's ears twitched.)
Tika: Tara, I think you have a follower.
Tara: Huh? Oh, hi Erin.
Erin: Darn. I got caught.
Tara: I'm very sure you don't want to experience what happened at the mall, do you?
Erin: Could you stop talking about that?!
Tika: ?
Tara: Don't worry about it.
Tika: Hmph.
Tara: Hey, how did you know Erin was coming?
Tika: Instinct. I've always heard things a little better than most. :)
Tara: Oh, okay.
(Tika watches them leave and sighs.)
Tika: What the...?
(She sees Tuesday sataring her in the face.)
Tuesday: Okay, how did you know?
Tika: Huh?

End of Chap. 2


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