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Chapter 3 - The Secret Revealed

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 3 - The Secret Revealed

Chapter 3 - The Secret Revealed
Chap. 3

Tika: What the heck are you talking about?
Tueday: You avoided that paper ball....
Tika: I saw you out of the corner of my eye...
Tuesday: I'm 3 rows to the left of you!
Tika: Dude, I can't explain, okay? It's something I inherited from my mom.
(Tuesday only glared at her. She rolled her yes and walked off.)
Tuesday: [There's gotta be a catch. There's gotta be...]
Maria: (running) Aah!
Tara: Sarah!!!
Sarah: Huh! (dodges ball) Oh!
(She picks up the ball and whips it across the court.)
Sarah: Yes!
(The coach sounds her whistle, signifying the end of another game. The 4 girls nearly (and I mean, nearly) screech with delight as the next group of students enter the court. After about 3 minutes, the whistle is blown again and the 4 balls started flying across the area.)
Emery: You better be glad I'm on your team, Tara. I could take you out if I wanted to.
Tika: Just ignore her.
Tara: I do. (dodges oncoming ball) But she's right. She's got a heck of an arm. She's just so stuck up.
(Emery screeches from being hit.)
Tara: (whispering) She's also not that good at dodging either.
(Matthew then slid a few inches in front of them. In his hand was the ball. He then flings it back across the court. Blaine, who was minding his own business, suddenly noticed two balls coming straight towards him. He avoids them with ease.)
Blaine: What gives? I've been aimed at all this time...
Tika: Blaine! 2 more!
Blaine: What the? (doges balls) Why the heck are they always aiming at me?
(He then notices a certain group of boys, grabbing all four balls of the ground. They then propell all four balls at him at the same time. He falls backward as they zoom past him. He hears their laughter. Then, picking up one of the balls, he proceeds to hurl it back across the court, hitting one of the boys in the stomach and off the ground. He lands just inches from the wall. All eyes land on Blaine, who, after the whistle is blown, walks up to him.)
Blaine: Uh..................
Boy: Dude....that was totally awesome man!
Blaine: What? *sweatdrop*
Boy: How did you do that? That was radical!
Blaine: Aren't you in pain?
Boy: Yeah...I didn't break an arm or nothing. But, Dude...I'm not even able to do that.
(Blaine simply smiled nervously and the game continued once the boy was back on his feet. Later...)
Tika: Blaine.
Blaine: (sees Tika).....
Tika: What happened back there?
Blaine: Huh. Oh, you should know. That guy was throwing insults. Er, balls.
Tika: That doesn't mean...
Blaine: Hey, at least he didn't hit the wall, okay? If I was really that angry, he would've gone through it.
Tika: Still, man. Control your temper. You've got a reputation to keep up.
Blaine: Like you don't.
Tika: (irritated, glaring at Blaine) Don't bring me into this...
Tuesday: Another episode of "Cheaters" I see.
(Before he knew it, Tika had scratched his face. He voiced his pain. Tika then quickly put her hands in her pockets.)
Tuesday: (hand covering face) Ow... (feels something wet) Huh? Wha? (looks at hand) I'm...bleeding! What the heck did you just do?!
Tika: (freaking out) *mutiple sweatdrops* It was an accident! I swear! I didn't mean it!
Tara: (with a piece of tissue in her hand) Geez, Tuesday, what happened to you? (Starts wiping his face) You have to be careful sometimes. How do you get yourself into scrapes like this?
(Tuesday, a lttle surprised by Tara's kindness, blushes out of pure embarrassment. He glares at Tika, who's still in a state of panic. Blaine's face is a complete blank.)
Blaine: (blankness) Like you were saying?
Tika: Never mind.
(They leave. Tuesday's face has a bandage on it.)
Tuesday: I hate her.
Tara: You hated her when you first met her...
Tuesdat: That's not the point! The girl scratched up my face!
Tara: Tika?
Tuesdat: Who do you think I'm talking about?!
Erin: What is it?
Tara: Tuesday says Tika scratched his face...
Tuesday: She did!
Kira: Are you sure that wasn't a cat that scratched you? It sure looks like it.
Tuesday: No! It was
Erin: Those are claw marks on your face.
Kira: Look in the mirror.
Tuesday: Oh my
Maria: That is so cool!
Tika: Hey, I'm not starting a trend. I just like my nails that way.
Maria: Maybe I should file my nails to a point.
Tuesday: YOU!
Tika: Huh?
Maria: What's wrong, Tues? Woah, a cat really scratched up your face.
Tuesday: Let me see your hand.
Tika: For what?
Tuesday: I wanna know how you scratched my face.
Tika: No.
Tuesday: Tika....
Maria: His patience can get pretty short.
Tika: Yeah, mine's can, too.
(Before she knew it, she was cornered. Tuesday was only a foot from her face.)
Tuesday: ...........
Tika: *hisses*
Tuesday: What the?
Maria: Tika, why are you wearing fake cat ears?
(Tika's eyes widened. She slumped down into the corner, blushing out of pure fright.)
Tika: (trying to adjust hat) She saw them?
Maria: Stop it, Tuesday! You're making her blush! And...Tika?
(She laid unconscious on the floor. Blaine and Matthew approached the scene.)
Blaine: Wha?
Matthew: (sees Tuesday) Okay, Tuesday. What happened here?
Blaine: (angry) What did you do to her?!!
Tuesday: (frightened) Nothing! She just fainted!
Blaine: And I'm supposed to believe that!
Maria: Actually, she did. I don't know why, though.
(Matthew, realizing Tika's ears were exposed, took off his cap and took off with Tika.)
Tika: (opening eyes)What happened?
Erin: You fainted.
Kira: Are you guys sure those ears are fake? I don't see a head band anywhere...
Tika: (wearily) They're not.
Tara: Wha?
Maria: You can't be serious.
Matthew: We are.
(The teens tried to absorb the new information revealed to them. Nurse Sawachika entered the room.)
Nursa S. : Oh, you're awake. Do you feel alright?
Tika: You're not going to pan me for having actual cat ears, are you?
Nurse S.: Why should I?
Tika: .......
(By the end of the school day, the news was all over the school. The 3 dejected-but, surprisingly not rejected-teens left the building.)
Tika: I hate him.
Blaine: ................
Matthew: I want out.
Blaine: Out?
Tika: I agree. I do, too.
Blaine: ...............
Tara: What?!
(They turn around to see Tara, along with her friends.)
Tara: Why so soon?
Matthew: Hey, there's no need to be somewhere we don't belong. There's no purpose.
Kira: So, you're saying...just because you're different you have to leave?
Matthew: .................
Tara: I don't see why! We were just starting to become friends! Why go now?
Tika: You...consider us your friends?
Erin: Well, if she says so, yeah.
Tika: (starts crying)
Erin: What I say? What I say?
Blaine: It's not you. It's a long story. (holds Tika)
Matthew: You really think so.
Tara: I do. What about you guys?
Kira: Yeah.
Erin: Totally.
Maria: Mucho!
Blaine: You all make a guy feel wanted.
Tara: (smiling) Why shouldn't we?
Blaine: Hey, sis, can you stop flirting? I wana go home now.
Tara: >.< (turns toward Blake) Don't interrupt when I'm talking! Where the heck did you get that from anyway?! I oughta...(continues shouting in a frantic frenzy)
End of Chap. 3


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