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Chapter 4 - Blaine

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 4 - Blaine

Chapter 4 - Blaine
Chap. 4

Dru: (opens door)...... Hey, Cici. Are you in here?
Cecilia: (covered in cords) Huh?
Dru: Woah, what happened to you?
Cecilia: (smiles nervously) Tripped.
(He helps her get the cords out of her hair)
Dru: You need to be more careful next time, babe.
Cecilia: I know. I'm just clumsy.
Dru: You are right about that.
Cecilia: You wanted me?
Dru: Yeah...and my Chemistry book.
Cecilia: You left it in here?
Dru: On purpose.
Cecilia: Aw, gee. (blushes) Well, it is our free period...
Tika: (pen to cheek) I see it now.
Daron: Yo, Tika.
Tika: *sigh* I'm not interested, Daron.
Daron: C'mon, girl. You know you want me...
Tika: What I know is that I don't. And these claws are going to pierce your skin if you don't quit.
Daron: Oh, feisty.
Tika: Quit it. I'm working here.
Daron: Aw...
Tika: *hisses slightly* I wasn't kidding about my claws.
Blaine: Dude, let her work.
Daron: Hmph. Always coming to her rescue, huh? (leaves)
Blaine: (irritated)..................
Tika: Blaine, not now. Let's leave Womanizer boy to himself.
(Unbeknownst to them, Tara is inside the store.)
Tara: [Wow. This place is as nice as they said it was...]
Blaine: .....................
Girl: And the greens? I can't reach the brand at the top...
Blaine: (hands her 3 cans) Oh, sure. Here.
Girl: Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!
B&M: ........................... (then) *multiple sweatdrops*
(They watch in pure relief as she leaves the aisle.)
Blaine: God, I thought she was never gonna leave.
Matthew: Totally agree.
Tara: Hi, guys! I didn't know you worked here!
Blaine: Huh?
Matthew: Oh, yeah.
Tara: Cool!
Tika: Stop it, you bastard!
Blaine: *sigh* Just a sec.
(He heads over to where Tika is, only to find that she was caught in an arm lock around the waist by Daron.)
Daron: Stop struggling, d*** it. You're gonna give in somehow.
Tika: *growls* Like hell I ain't!
(In the next few minutes, Daron suddenly finds himself against a wall. Blaine stares at him in pure fury.)
Blaine: LEAVE.
Daron: *sweatdrop* O.o..............okay.
(After being let down, he takes off, only to spot Tara. She slaps him on the first remark and Matthew bursts out in laughter. She blushes and continues her shopping. Blaine finds himself in the stockroom, along with Tika, as he tries to gain a grip in his lessening anger.)
Tika: Just stay calm, okay? I don't want you to go berserk again.
Blaine: YOU?! You don't know how much I don't want to! Darn it! He's such a pervert.
Tika: I know. I nearly had him as a boyfriend. Nearly.
Blaine: *sigh*
Tika: (kisses Blaine on the cheek) Just stay here until you calm down, okay? I'll tell our manager what happened.
Blaine:*blushes* Yeah, I will.
(He closes his eyes...)
"But it's my turn!"
"No! You made it the last three times! It's my turn!"
"I thought you believed in ladies first!"
"And I thought you believed in taking turns!"
She lunged at the ball. He ran and soon, both were struggling for possession of it. Suddenly, she tripped and he fell on top of her, as the ball rolls away and stops and few feet away from them. They laughed. Then he leaned in for a passionate kiss. They kept on for a few minutes before sitting up in the grass. He turned towards her.
"Hey, Tika."
"Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"
Tara: Eek!"
Blaine: (waking up) Tara, what are you doing in here?
(He lunged forward as she landed on top of him. They laughed uneasily and she helped her onto her feet.)
Tara: I just wanted to see if you were okay.
Blaine: [Wow....her eyes are beautiful...]
Tara: Uh, Blaine?
Blaine: (hands behind head) Yeah, yeah. I'm good.
Tara: Okay. I'll see you later, okay?
Blaine: Sure.
Tara: Alright.
(She walks out of the stockroom. Blaine stands there, entranced. He then shakes it off and continues working.)
Student: Hey, you're, um, Blaine, right?
Blaine: Yeah.
Student: Are you part animal, too?
Blaine: Huh?
Student: Aren't you? Tika and Matthew are.
Blaine: Why do you wanna know?
Student: You should know that.
Student: Hmph. Weird.
Blaine:.......(walks off) [What was that all about?]
(Unknown to Blaine, a rumor was floating around that he was part animal because of Tika and Matthew.)
Guy: Who does he think he is?
Guy #2: Don't know. Probably hanging around them to get popularity or something.
Guy: Lame. He should know better.
Tika: And that's supposed to mean?
Guy: Uh, nothing.
Guy #2: Yeah, just talking.
Guy: Later!
(They sprint off. Tika sighed and walked off. She had heard everything they said.)
Erin: Guess who?
Tara: Erin.
Erin: Darn it.
Professor: Ahem.
Erin: Oh, sorry.
Matthew: Okay…..
Tika: Be careful!
Blaine: I’m trying! You’re making me nervous!
Tika: Of course.
Blaine: You’re not helping!
(He carefully poured in the amount required in the experiment. Placing it over the burner, they stood back and breathed a sign of relief, for it only fizzed. The Chemistry professor left the room announcing that she would be gone for about 15 minutes. Almost immediately, the class went into an uproar. In the back, a few boys decided to have an arm wrestling contest.)
Blaine: Actually, I don’t know how. I’ve always been good at the sport.
Tara: You hardly look like you can dribble a basketball!
Blaine: Hey, looks aren’t everything, you know.
Dude: Hey, new guy!
Blaine: (turns around)
Dude #2: Yeah! Wanna join us?
Blaine: Not today, guys. I’ll think I’ll pass.
Dude: Oh, I get it. He’s just scared.
Blaine: Of what?
Dude: That you’ll get beaten!
Blaine: *rolls eyes as they laugh*
Tika: Just ignore ‘em, Blaine.
Dude: He’s gotta be. I mean, even Catwoman over there could probably beat him…
Tika: *growls*
Blaine: (puts hand out) I’ll play. If you really want me to.
Dude: Bring it on.
(The gang watched in pure laughter -and awe-besides Matthew and Tika- as Blaine defeated his opponents.)
Dude: Dang, Bruce. This guy is tough.
Bruce: Hey, man. Don’t worry. I can handle ‘im.
Blaine: Hmph.
Bruce: Hmph to you, too, wuss.
Blaine (jumps out of seat) What?
Blaine: Try me! I dare you!
Bruce: What's the use? I'd end up beating you anyway.
(Blaine, on edge, sits downs as the group bursts into laughter again. He motions for them to start. 2 minutes later, followed by a loud boom. Bruce found himself propped on his back against the wall. The students then quiet down and by the time their professor comes back, he sits down and lies his head on the table. She stands at her desk, bewildered and continues teaching the class.)
Blaine: That’s what he said.
Tara: And you’re not frightened?
Tuesday, Dude, Bruce could tear you apart if he wanted to.
Blaine: I told you. I don’t want to fight him. I’m too nice.
Bruce: There he is.
Blaine: Hi, Bruce.
Bruce: Don’t you hi me, punk.
Blaine: Dude, I’m trying to make peace, not war.
Bruce: What’s the point of letting, no making me fall out of the chair like that?
Blaine: You fell, not me. (turns around to leave)
Bruce: Listen you little jackal. I don’t care who fell. I wanna know why.
Blaine: (termper rising) Say again?
Bruce: You heard what I said. I oughta crush you right now, but “I’m too nice.”
Tara: C’mon, Blaine. Let’s go.
Bruce: Hey, chick. Stay outta this! (pushes Tara)
Tara: (hits the ground) Ow!
Group: Tara!
Blaine: (wide-eyed)!
Erin: Tara, are you okay?
Tara: (rubbing backside) I don’t really know…
Blaine: (turns toward Bruce, completely on edge)……………………………
Bruce: I’m sorry. Did I hurt your girlfriend? (laughs) I hope your heart ain’t broken! (laughs)
Blaine: (takes Bruce and pushes him against the wall) It’s not my heart that’s broken….
(They watch as he flings across the school yard.)
Blaine:…it’s my sense of calm. Now…(turns around)..would anyone else like to try?
(The group runs away from Blaine, heading in the direction of a fallen Bruce.)
Blaine: Hmph. I thought so. (turns around)
Group: O.O……
Blaine: *sweatdrop* Heh, heh.
End of Chap. 4


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