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Chapter 5 - Seriously?

So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*

Chapter 5 - Seriously?

Chapter 5 - Seriously?
(The news seems to spread like wildfire that next morning. Blaine usually found himself the object of affection by his new found groups of fan girls and was usually avoided by the guys for their fear of ending up just like Bruce. Tara and Sarah passed by him as he tried to avoid his fans.)
Tara: He doesn’t seem to be enjoying it.
Sarah: That’s the 5th group that approached today. They claim they’re all single.
Tara: They CLAIM.
Bruce: Hey, girls. A little help? Please?
Tara: We can’t break through that crowd like you can.
Blaine: *sweatdrop* Ha ha, very funny.
Sarah: You know, Tara. I think he’s serious.
Principal Brooks: This is not the time for socializing in the halls. Go to class.
(The group reluctantly split up and Blaine breathed a sigh of relief.)
Tara: Feeling better?
Blaine: Am I?
Tara: Sorry, dude. I’m just drawing a total blank here.
Sarah: Blaine:
Tara: Hey, Blaine?
Sarah: He’s totally out of it.
Tara: I have an idea… (reaches out hand)
Blaine: Aaah!
Tika: Snap out of it, man!
Blaine: Stop it! I’m ticklish…
T & S: (smirk)
Blaine: Oh, great….
(His laughter echoes down the hallway….)

The two teams strain against the ropes. On one side, a young teen, lazy from the heat, lets his team’s rope go for a few seconds. They jerk forward. Huh? He grabs the rope, unknowingly pulling the team back into its current position. You have got to be kidding me. I can’t be pulling them all by myself, can I? Testing his theory, he grabs the rope with both hands and the opposing team starts to lose ground. He then gives it a sudden yank, pulling both teams to the ground. Once the whistle blows, all eyes land on an embarrassed Blaine, who is still holding the rope.

Coach: Tika. You’re up.
Tika: Huh? Oh, right.
(She grabs the bat and heads to the plate. The pitcher smirks.)
Boy: This should be easy.
Tika: Just shut up and pitch, Pillsbury Doughboy.
Boy: What?!
Tika: I’m not repeating myself.
(In the next ten seconds, a loud crack is heard. The ball lands just outside the fence.)
Matthew: Nice job, Tika. The score is tied.
Tika: Compliment or insult?
Matthew: Neither, actually.
Sarah: C’mon, Tara.
Tara: I’m not sure if I can do this. (Swings)
Coach: Strike one!
Tara: (Swings again)
Coach: Strike two!
Tika: C’mon, girl! Concentrate!
Tara: But I hate baseball!
Tika: Just try already!
Tara: (swings)
(3 “Balls” later, Tara finds herself at first base completely relieved. She heard a loud crack as Kira scored another home-run for their team. After the game ended, the group separated themselves from the crowd.)
Erin: Dude, did you have to break half of the bats?
Blaine: Why do you say that?
Tika: You made a home run every time you hit it! You also broke 3 while pitching…
Blaine: Hey! I can’t help myself!
Tara: Ytypical.
Blaine: Typical.
Tara: Ytypical.
Blaine: Say Tip.
Tara: Tip.
Blaine: Now say typical.
Tara: Ytypical.
Blaine: Stop putting so much emphasis on the Y!
Tara: Does it really matter?
Tika: Why are you guys arguing anyway?
Tara: (blankly) We’re bored.
Tika: *sigh*
Emery: Having a problem saying typical?
Tara: Shut it, Emery. You know darn well I was kidding.
Emery: Hmph. And you can’t hide it from me.
Tara: What?
Emery: You should already know, cheater.
Tara: Huh?
Tika: Get the heck away from her, Emery.
(She left, knowing Tika was not to be messed with. Tara sighed.)
Tara: What the heck was she talking about?
Tika: It’s called jealousy. I got it when Blaine was my boyfriend.
Tara: (surprised) Blaine was your boyfriend?
Tika: Yeah, pretty much.
Tara: Why did you break up?
Tika: Well, it’s kinda hard to explain. It’s a little personal.
Tara: Oh, never mind, then. But why do you think Emery called me a cheat like that?
Tika: Probably Blaine.
Tara: You’re kidding.
Tika: I’m serious.
Tara: She likes him?
Tika: No, she probably wants Erin.
Tara: They always want Erin.
Tika: I agree with you. He’s hot.
Tara: (irritated) WHAT?!
Tika: Hey, I’m not in love with him! I’m just saying. You got one of the good ones.
Blake: Hey.
Blaine: ?
Blake: Dude, I can see right through you.
Blaine: What are you talking about?
Blake: I know you like my sister.
Blaine: What?
Blake: You don’t fool me, man.
Blaine: Hold it. I’m not in love with Tara. Why would I be?
Blake: (smirks)
Blaine: *sweatdrop*
Blake: (crosses arms)
Blaine: Okay.
Blake: Dude, don’t deny it.
Blaine: I think she’s pretty, but I have to respect Erin’s boundaries when it comes to her…
Blake: I know, but at the same time, you want her to be yours.
Blaine: Blake, I told you. I’m not in love with Tara. I don’t see why I should be. She’s not even my type. And also, if I was, she probably wouldn’t even know it.
Blake: How do you know she won’t?
Blaine: What are you saying?
Blake: Even though I like playing pranks on my sister and stuff, I’m worried. Erin’s not always that trustworthy. And also, how do you know that you won’t fall in love with Tara?
Tara: Blake! C’mon! Where are you?
(He left, following her voice. Tara waves at Blaine and leaves. Blaine found himself pondering on his words.)
Tika: Blaine! Blaine, what’s wrong?
Blaine: Huh? Oh, nothing.
Tika: You sure?
Blaine: (smiles) Yeah.
Tika: Can’t be too sure. Alright.
Blaine:*sighs* [Is anything Blake said actually true? …….. Nah. He can’t be right. Why would I fall in love with her anyway? Right?]
End of Chap. 5


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