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a sad story with sasuke talking about a day he will never forget. (SasuSaku) and (ItaSaku)
Sakura has a secret Ino and Hinata know, but sasuke doesn't what is the secret? and how will he act? read to find out!
a sequel to my sasusaku one shot "promise of a lifetime" read that to understand the story a little better! :3
a cute little oneshot of sasuke and sakura when they are younger! little bit of OOC
based off of real events (in my life) and ones i wish happened XD humor, and maybe a couple of romances along with it! all in highschool but they never grow up!

naruto style!
sasusaku story. mostly a present and flasback story. and sakura's adventure to come (after time skip- shippuuden)

rating for later chapters