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Chapter 1 - A fight, a hurt friend, and a crush

its a suprise

Chapter 1 - A fight, a hurt friend, and a crush

Chapter 1 - A fight, a hurt friend, and a crush

Yami leaned against the fence of the Domino Park. A slight smile crossed his face. He loved to go to the park and watch the children. The were so peaceful and carefree. Yami wished his life was that way, but of course it never was. His smile turned to a frown as that thought crossed his mind. Shaking his head he began to wonder what Yugi was doing right then. They had been separated for a while, but Yami still missed his friend. Thankfully, he still lived with the Muto's. Yami grinned again remembering the huge pillow fight he and Yugi had the night before. Sighing, Yami turned his attention back to the playing children. Sakura sighed as she walked along the sidewalk. Her blue eyes were deep with sadness. She didn't have friends and figured that she never would. The girl never seemed to fit in with anybody no matter how she had tried. Yami turned slowly away from the playing children. He just couldn't keep his mind off the questions today. He asked himself the same thing so much that normally he could just block it out, but it wasn't working today. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, Yami started walking with his head down. His mind was somewhere else completely. The questions circled over and over again... 'Who am I really? Why am I here? Where do I belong? What happened in my past?' The normal questions of the pharaoh. He didn't know where he was going, but his feet kept moving. Suddenly he ran right into something. Startled, Yami fell backward and landed with a thump on the ground. When he looked up he saw a brown haired girl. "Oh, um...sorry. I wasn't paying much attention..." he stuttered. Sakura and her older brother never got along. To Sakura, she thought that Seto didn't care about her...she thought that no one did. Sad and alone she kept walking her mind going over her past and wondering if it would get any better of worse. She looked up blankly at the person who had bumped in to her." It's okay. It's not your fault. I've should looked where I was going." Yami picked himself off the ground and blushed slightly. "No, it was my fault..." He finally got a good look at her. Startled, Yami realized that she looked very familiar, yet he knew he had never met her before. Confusion showed in his face. Finally the answer dawned on him. She looked just like Kaiba!! She bit her lip as she stared at him. Sakura knew who this person was and started to turn around not wanting to start anything. Yami wondered why she was so hesitant. He called out to her as she turned. "Hey! Wait a minute. I'm not going to hurt you or anything." He smiled warmly when he got around to facing her again. He saw her nervous expression and became very confused. "Is everything ok?" He wondered why she wanted to take off so quickly. "Not that it's any of my business, but..." he trailed off a bit worried. She stared at him, “I...I don't want to talk about it,” she said ignoring that fact that he was smiling. Yami was even more confused. "OK...just wondering if I could help..." He couldn't help seeing her resemblance to Kaiba again. Yami decided to try again. "You look a bit lonely..." He blushed again. "Sorry, I shouldn't be pushing this..." he said softly and started to turn away.”I'm sorry but you can't help me. But you're right. I am lonely.” she said quietly. She lowered her head and started to walk away slowly. He leaned against the wall, listening in on the Pharaoh's conversation. Ever since he had rid himself of that annoying boy Bakura, he had been free to do anything without restraint. The girl perked his interest, as the feeling of suspicion grew even more. Yami sighed and wondered what was up with her. He suddenly thought of something. Without pausing to think, he blurted it out. "Did Kaiba do something to you?" He winced after he said it. "Oh geez..." he muttered. Just what he needed to get Kaiba after him again. "Sorry. I wasn't thinking...I...Um...better go." He said and turned to take off. 'Stupid stupid fool!' he yelled at himself. "No. He didn't do anything to me." She said stopping. Her brown hair fluttered around her face. She didn't want to look at Yami. Yami stopped in midst ride. He turned wildly around. "What?! You mean I'm not crazy?" He was startled. Shaking his head he tried to reorganize his thoughts. As he did this his eyes fell on her millennium item. Eyes wide he asked. "You have a millennium item?" He was in total shock now. Yami's whole head was spinning at all of this new information. What on earth was going on?? "No. I don't think you're crazy. And yes, I do have a Millennium Item. Not like it matters." Something glinted on the girl that drew his attention. He cautiously stepped out of the shadows and realized upon further inspection, the girl had a millennium item. "No! This can't be!" Yami was reaching the end of his temper. He was surprised how much she was getting to him. He had the sudden urge just to slap her but was able to resist it. Flopping down on a nearby bench, he cupped his head in his hands. "What have I gotten myself into..." he muttered. He didn't know what else to do and the whole subject was giving his a headache. The girl was now staring at the ground. What am I doing? She thought. His mind reeled, and without thinking, he crept behind a bench that was close to the pharaoh. A girl about 5'11" was listening on their conversation. Her black hair flowed with the wind. "Uh I'm not trying to be rude but um....." She lowered her head. By the style of clothes she wore, she was probably a Goth. Yami moaned. He hated himself. He really wanted to drop the whole subject but he didn't think it was a good idea. "Ok." He said finally. "So what I know of this whole mess is One: somehow you know or more likely are related to Kaiba. Two: you have a millennium item Three: you don't trust me at all four: you are very good at making someone who normally doesn't get angry reach their patience level." "...sorry." she said quickly before she ran off not wanting to say anything else. She looked at Yami and asked "Are you ok? I couldn't help by here you talking to that girl but uh......" She hesitated. Diabound snorted as the girl ran off. Of course she was related to Kaiba, she had his eyes and everything. He was suddenly aware of another presence. Yami looked up as she ran off. He was too stunned to go after her. It was then that his senses caught on to something. 'Bakura!' he thought. 'Just great!!' He muttered. He couldn't care less at the moment. Dropping his head into his hands again Yami tried to calm down. He hadn't even noticed the other girl near him. "I have no friends. I have no family at all." She felt that her heart was about to stop. Sakura kept running until she near a dark alley. The female Kaiba went into the dark alley where she could hide from life. I made him mad, she thought as she sat down her back against the wall. But, I make everyone mad. Yami looked up at the other girl's words. "Huh?" He saw her for the first time. He sighed deeply. "I wish I could say I was ok..." he left the sentence unfinished. His face was pale and he was very lost. He glanced at the Goth girl and stood up, letting the pharaoh know he was there. He tried to act like his good counterpart. "Yami, I'm sorry I snuck up on you like this, but I didn't want to interrupt. “Are you ok?" She began to become teary and the drops of water in eyes began to fall into her hands. He smiled weakly at her. "I wish that I did have family..." he said to her. He knew that at one point he did have a family, but the thought only made him feel worse. At last he had a good idea. 'Took long enough!' he scolded himself. "Hey. What do you say if we both go find our other lost friend?" he asked warmly. "Oh I need to stop doing that! “She told herself. She had the habit in listening to other people's conversation."Oh sorry for doing that." Yami heard Bakura and didn't bother to turn around. "Don't even try me Bakura." He wasn't in the mood for the other's games. He finally turned toward the other spirit. His eyes held fire. "You know I am at the end of my patience, so don't push it. You're not the real Bakura, so unless you have something useful to say, I suggest leaving." Yami's words were icy as he spoke to the other. He scowled and backed off, realizing that Yami ignored Bakura like this all the time. He turned away and started walking off in the opposite direction. “I need to find that other girl before he does." he halted and whipped around. "I don't care anymore. Your real friend is dead!! There, happy? He was miserable so I helped him. I need to find that other girl. You scared her away, nice going." he spat. Yami watched him leave. Suddenly he heard the other's thoughts. He began to shake horribly. Turning quickly to the other girl by his side he spoke swiftly. "Listen..." he said softly while placing a reassuring had on her shoulder.”Will you help me?" Sakura wrapped her arm around herself. Ice. That's all she felt. The chill of being sad and alone. The shiver knows that no one loves you. The bitter sadness covers her like a blanket. She looked at Yami and Yami Bakura clueless. “Who are you talking about!?!?! You mean that girl that ran away?!?!" "Who else do you think I'm talking about?!?!" he turned to the pharaoh and spoke only so he could hear. "Obviously you don't care that I killed your friend, so you won't care if I kill her." he waited for a response. Yami looked like a ghost. He was so afraid, which wasn't like him at all. His mind was a mess and he started to think out loud. "Oh man, what have I done? Bakura is dead, Bakura's spirit is going to kill her, Kaiba will blame me...what do I do?" Yami was so lost; he didn't know where to start.... he sneered at the pharaoh, giving him time to react. "That's right, this is all your fault." he teased. Bakura's words finally broke through to Yami's clouded mind. Rage crossed his pale face. "No. I wont let you even lay a finger on her!" Before Bakura could respond Yami dove wildly at him. The two of them ended up in a heap on the sidewalk. Yami's fist was raised over Bakura's face. "It's a lie!" He shouted. "You didn't kill him! You couldn't have!" Yami was far past reasoning now. She coughed, bringing her out of her train of thought. She looked around seeing nothing but blackness. He started laughing like a madman and pulled out a blade. It was covered in blood. "Don't believe me? This is HIS blood! Go to his apartment and look in the closet, you'll find his body. He has no family, no friends, no one will care." he laughed again. "Sure. By the way my name is Saya and yours is?" He looked at the girl in disbelief. "You stupid little..." he stopped his words and glared at her. Yami's face contorted with rage. "How dare you! You will pay for that!!" Yami had lost all control of his thoughts and actions. He didn't even realize that the other girl was looking at them like they were crazy. Without thinking Yami brought his fist down onto the others face. He then picked the other up by his shirt and slammed him into a nearby wall. Saya was scared out of her wits."Um I think I'll go now.” she said waiting for Yami to answer. "You don't scare me!" he laughed, and then he brought the blade down and ripped open the pharaoh's arm. Yami screamed as the blade struck him. It stung like fire. Gritting his teeth he threw Bakura aside. He whipped around to Saya. "Please! You must find the other girl and get out of here! If you don't you will both be killed!" he words were frantic. Turning viciously back to Bakura he dove at him again with a rock in his hand. He sidestepped the pharaoh, laughing. Then out of nowhere, someone threw there arms around the violent spirits neck and put him in a choke hold, knocking him out. The real Bakura stood behind him, bloody and panting. "… me." he fell to the ground. Sakura stood up suddenly. Trouble. Pain. Someone was hurt...she quickly started to run towards Yami. Bakura looked up at Yami and Saya with pleading eyes. She stopped running when she saw Bakura. "What happened?” Yami looked up into the real Bakura's face. He nodded and knelt beside his hurt friend. He rested the other's head in his lap. "Its ok...I'm here..." he spoke softly. Yami looked around wildly. 'He needs to see a doctor!' Yami spotted Saya and his eyes widened. "Saya! Call an ambulance! Please!!" She grabbed her cell phone and began dialing. A man came from out of the blue and said "Can you hear me now? Good!" Yami kept his eyes on Bakura. He was breathing hard but he knew it was harder for Bakura. Without removing his gaze he answered Sakura. "That guy" he nodded in the spirits direction "wanted to kill you. And he said he murdered my friend already..." tears streaked Yami's normally clear face. She ran to Yami and Bakura and said" I called the ambulance. Is he going to be alright?" She was silent was she looked into Yami's eyes. Then she kneeled down next to him and placed a hand on his back. Bakura looked up at yami and smiled. "You do always seemed like you didn't realize I existed..." Yami shuttered at the question. He looked down at the weak form of Bakura. "I don't know...." He said softly. Yami ran a gentle hand over Bakura face. "Please Bakura, hold on, hold on." Yami was shocked to hear Bakura's words. "No Bakura. I care, more than you know." Tears continued to trickle down Yami's face and he bowed his head. Tears started streaming down his face. "I.... I'm trying...but.....its so..... Hard...." Sakura sniffed. “I may not know Bakura but keep fighting." "Guys stand back!" Some glittering dust was forming around her hands. She put her hands on Bakura's face and said "This'll help make his breathing calmer. I have to tell you guys something." She stood there waiting for the words to come to her. “I'm a Sorceress."

Yami looked up at Saya with red watery eyes. So that was what he sensed. She was a mage! Yami nodded to her and shifted his position so she could reach Bakura. Soon after she finished Yami heard the sound of sirens. "The ambulance..." His words were barely audible. "Don't worry Bakura.  Help is here, you are going to be alright."
  Yami was so focused on his hurt friend that he didn't realize how much blood was coming from his torn arm. Bakura nodded weakly, and looked to Saya. "Thank.... you....." he uttered. Suddenly, his eyes glazed over, and his head hit the ground with a sickening thud. Thief Bakura stood up, knife in hand, and sneered at Yami. She looks at Bakura and gives his head support. "It's alright Bakura."She said. She blushed slightly. "Am I falling for him? I know he's cute and all but I'm not creating a crush with him, am I?' she thought. Bakura regained consciousness and gazed at Saya fondly. " much....." He put his hand on hers and smiled. She looks down and blushes a little bit harder. "Oh Bakura thank you.” she says. She leans down and kisses Bakura on the lips. She quickly pulled away from the kiss she had created."Oh uh sorry.” she says but only making the relationship stronger. Bakura looks into her eyes and smiles. "I know... we just met... but I think I..." but he couldn't finish his sentence, for the ambulance had arrived. Fire filled Yami's eyes.  `That creep!' He thought viciously. Swiftly, Yami stood and glared at Bakura.  “YOU! I'm sick of you!” Yami couldn't control the anger he felt toward the other.  The millennium symbol glowed on his forehead. “You have done enough damage for one day!” Saya was frightened to see Yami like that. She has been scared enough. "I call upon my Mind Wipe spell!!! I shall transport Bakura (Yami) to a farther distance. Erase their minds!!!!!" she yelled with fury. Yami was about to go after thief Bakura when the ambulance arrived. His friend was in Saya's capable hands now. Yami glanced at the ambulance and shuddered. He didn't trust the police or any hospital. Staggering backwards Yami realized his arm for the first time. His face paled, “There must be a way…somewhere to get out of this.” He spoke softly as the sirens blared loudly. His eyes were wide with pain and fear. Yami had fled at the arrival of the doctors. He had never trusted the `new' doctors or police.  He now lay huddled in a corner of an alley way. Fear had taken over when he saw what was inside the ambulance. He shivered slightly in the dusk.  For once the fear that he was always able to hide emerged. It showed on his taunt, pale face. Saya had come over to Yami with a little sadness. "You alright?"She said calmingly. Bakura ignored Saya's calming words. He had something more important to do.... he was waging two wars with his own body. One to fight to stay alive, and one to keep control of his mind. Somehow, Yami Bakura had gained access to his mind again. He had to stay alive and in control.


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LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on June 16, 2005, 8:01:52 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazI like the story. It is sooo awesome. LoL. The coloring of the font made it more temptin for me to read! ^o^ Luv it. **favs**