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Chapter 1 - Blade and Connie

An old OC story i did for a friend. more Parts coming.

Chapter 1 - Blade and Connie

Chapter 1 - Blade and Connie
It was night in the city, as Blade helped his little Trainer Connie get ready for bed that evening. Blade was a large Lucario, a champion endurance wrestler in the ring, but when Connie was with him he was always reduced to a playful, oversized puppy. 

Blade smiled as Connie climbed into her oversized bed and laid down as Blade lay next to her. "Your hair's still wet." He laughed, as Connie giggled and hugged his large torso. Connie was only eight by now, she'd raised Blade from a pup since she found a small egg and brought it home. Now he was a huge strong Lucario. Blade hugged her tightly, nuzzling into her bed. "I love you so much..." His smile faded, closing his eyes. "I don't know what I'd do if you were suddenly taken from me. If I were here, but without you." Connie smiled tiredly, reaching out as she slightly poked his chest spike. "What's this for?" The brief glance of her hand sent shivers down Blade's back, as he struggled to keep from laughing. "I-it's nohohothing!" He laughed, his cover blown as Connie giggled, starting to tickle his armpits without warning. 

She sat down on his stomach, forged strong from training and workouts. Her delicate fingertips danced around on Blade's soft stomach and sides, making him shriek with laughter. "Cohohohonnie! Hehehehehey! Nohohoho, stohohohop thahahahahat!" He laughed, thrashing around only a little bit so he wouldn't knock her off. He used to despise this, as his sister Ruuza would always get him when she wanted something. She'd know just what to do to get it. But this wasn't torture, and Connie wasn't Ruuza. He knew she loved hearing him laugh, whenever she was sad she'd gently poke his chest spike and make him let out a squeal of laughter. That never failed to make her feel better, if even by a small amount. "But why, Bladey? I thought you said you loved when I did this." Connie smiled softly, yawning childishly as she laid her head down on his chest, letting Blade breathe. 

"' doing that." Connie giggled, hugging him tightly as she put her small hand into his large paw. "I'm not that good. You're just a really ticklish Lucario!" Blade laughed, brushing her hair from her face. Of all the events that could happen in a single day, the moment he had to spend with Connie at night would be his favorite. Even if it was just a routine, night after night, he never grew tired of seeing his trainer's hand slowly close over his large paw. Despite his paw being huge, almost twice her hand's size, she always gripped it tight. He'd eventually fall asleep by her side, hugging her close as he pulled a blanket over them. These moments he spent with her, were by far his favorite memories he'd made with her thus far. 

Blade smiled, brushing her long brown hair from her face and to the side. It's been another long day of training for both him and Ruuza, loose rope walking for his sister, and rock climbing and diving for himself. They were training for the upcoming competition show, for the end of the month. He knew they'd make the cut but was still a bit nervous. But having this little one under his arm was all the reassurance he needed.


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