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Chapter 2 - Blade and Connie

An old OC story i did for a friend. more Parts coming.

Chapter 2 - Blade and Connie

Chapter 2 - Blade and Connie
Blade yawned as he woke up, rubbing his eyes. Connie was still asleep by his side, still holding his paw tightly. Blade smiled, nuzzling her with his head as he brushed the hair from her face. Connie slowly woke up, yawning. "Mnn...Kadey?" Blade smiled, holding her hand. "I'm right here Connie." She smiled and yawned again, hugging him tightly as she started to nod off again. Blade smiled, pulling a blanket back over both of them. "You know why I hold you like this, at night? With my arm over you, and your head falling asleep on my bicep?" She yawned again and looked up at him. "What's a bicep?" He giggled, flexing his arm. "That part of my arm you always squeeze and fall asleep on. It's part of my arm muscles." She giggled, lightly poking his armpit and making Blade squeak. "Hehehehey, Nohohoho thehehehere!" He laughed, trying to move his arm down to protect his sensitive armpit, but Connie's head pinned it down under the pillow. "Ohohohohoh Nohohohoho!" Connie smiled, spidering her hand into his armpit quickly, as Blade practically thrashed around on the bed. "Hehehehe! I never knew you were this ticklish Kadey!" She giggled, hugging his arm tightly as he panted. Blade panted heavily, hugging her tighter. "Thahahahahat was so unfahahahair!" She giggled, poking his armpit one last time. "What were you saying before?" Blade jolted, squirming and flexing his arm. "I was saying why I hug you at night, with my arm always around you like this." Connie giggled, cuddling closer to him. "Why?" Blade closed his eyes. "So if I'm asleep and someone tries to grab you and pull you away, I'd feel you moving away and wake up." He barked loudly at the wall, as if there were an intruder trying to take hold of Connie's arm. Connie gasped, hugging him tighter. "No one is there to hurt you Connie." He giggled, licking her cheek a little. Connie giggled, hugging him tightly as she nodded off again.


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