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Chapter 1 - A "Whoops" moment

Naruto bursted around the corner.. "Late late late late." 
"Outtaa the way" He screamed at the local people....

Chapter 1 - A "Whoops" moment

Chapter 1 - A "Whoops" moment
Disclaimer: I do not own naruto.... If i did i would make hinata finnally get together with naruto
Hinata was walking by the street. *Thwack*, Naruto came bursting around the corner and hit each other. They fell on the floor. "Oh sorry hinata" naruto apologised while picking her up "N Naruto-Kun. I'm sorry"

"Sorry? what for?. Look i got to go..." He began running again and head off down the street .. *Naruto-kun....* hinata thought and carried walking


Hinata was sitting by a tree, It was sunset. Naruto had come up the hill

"Hey hinata you wanted to see me?". She turned to look at hi, then looked away again and blushed. Naruto sat down by the tree and leaned against it.

"H h hinata..." he was stammering slightly. "What is it naruto-kun?" she said while looking into his eyes "I wwant to tell you.. that...." He blushed

She turned around on her knees "Yes?" in anticipation. "i i i tthink i llove you." He looked like he was about to cry "Ooh naruto. He closed his eye's, He leaned in for a kiss. Their lips were centimeteres away...

-End of daydream-

"Hinata???.. HINATA!!!" Kiba yelled at hinata. "H huh. naruto?"  She looked dizzy

(damn why did i not let her kiss naruto.. Aw you probably hate me at the moment so i will carry on with the story)

Naruto bursted around the corner. Late late late late.. he finally got to the training grounds
and trained for the grueling hours
What will happen next?. only god knows and so do i... lol (i will make some more chapters!!!!)


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