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Chapter 2 - Hinata is finnaly alone...

Naruto bursted around the corner.. "Late late late late." 
"Outtaa the way" He screamed at the local people....

Chapter 2 - Hinata is finnaly alone...

Chapter 2 - Hinata is finnaly alone...
Hinata was walking around the corner with kiba he was giving advice to her about naruto.
"Listen hinata, I know you like naruto. So i thought i might help you with him. First of he loves ramen. You might have already noticed that though." And laughed "R right" hinata replied
10 Minutes later
"Thank you so much kiba" and hugged him "U uh no problem?" He blushed slightly while akahmaru barked. (You thinking i would leave him out would ya? J00 mean!! :P)
She finnaly got to the tree she saw in her daydream and sat down. *Now all i need is naruto...*  she thought to herself
On the other hand....
"OW AAH GAH GEEZ CALM DOWN SAKURA" he was running away. " How dare you make me look a fool in front of sasuke!! I'll kill you!!!!"  He got away safely. and was breathing heavily.. He wanted to go into the hills for a swim. he loved that place..
he was walking around the streets of konoha. when he walked in a street. "GAH DAMMIT" A trap had caught his food and was now hanging above a dumpster.
"KONOHAMARU!!! " Screamed naruto. "Let me dowwwwnnnn" he howled..
Konohamaru came from around the corner "aha admit it i am the better ninja! i caught you!"
"LET ME DOWN NOW!" he yelled. fuming  "Hhe okay the naruto . and lifted his foot. He came down and landed in the trash. He laughed and left
*Okay now i really need a swim in that small lake.
He finally got there. he took off his top. there layed a 6-pack. He sniffed. then jumped in!


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