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Chapter 1 - Lonely time together alone

Alex Baltimore is a girl that doesn't believe in love. She doesnt know what it is. She is on the computer and the next thing she knows she has new friends that is teaching her about love. What will happen?

Chapter 1 - Lonely time together alone

Chapter 1 - Lonely time together alone
The Unbelievable Truth


The sun was bright as a young girl strolled down a dark road. She didnt know what time it was, or even where she was. All she knew was...

A brunette girl grumbled and grabbed a hold of her mouse that was hooked up to her white computer. She clicked a few times and sighed heavily. Alexandra Baltimore was your average girl. Average grades, average looks. The only thing that wasnt average was her number of friends. Since the seventeen year-old had just moved into the neighbourhood not to long ago, she never really met anyone.

To get rid of her boredom she would draw, read and write. She would write many stories about a girl who was alone but had the power to love and always at the end she would get the guy. She drew the characters out and had piles of the pictures in her art room. Her stories would be tones of pages and ever story had its own binder. She based the character on her self but sadly there was no guy, or love.

Through her many years of living, she had never left love. Before her parents died she would hear the words I love you but she never said them back. Itd be Me too or Thank you. She always love was some made up thing to just make people feel better.

As Alex grumbled her computer beeped numerous amounts of times. She screamed and clicked the mouse again. Her computer wasnt the newest one in the world so pop-ups would come up almost ever second. They would be about buying cameras, filling out surveys or telling her that she was the 999,999th person on the site she would be on and said that she won a trip to some wonderful place like Hawaii or Japan.

FINE! ILL DO IT! After her 1,000,000th pop-up of the week she finally snapped. She clicked on the pop-up and a new screen came up. The words: Feeling Alone? Tell us. was flashing in blue and orange. Alex filled out the questions that were placed in front of her.

In which way are you lonely?  My parents are gone and I have no friends.

What do you want mostly right now?  Someone to tell me what love is and people to be
with me.

Where do you live?  ..........

That question confused Alex to bits. Why would they want to know? She thought carefully but shrugged and put in her address in the space. She filled in the rest of her questions and pressed the submit button. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Stupid Ads She muttered to herself.

Soon there was a knock at the door downstairs. Alex popped her head out her bedroom door and raised an eyebrow. She walked downstairs and towards the door. Before she opened it she looked in the mirror and fixed her brown hair making sure it didnt look like she had just woken up. She combed her hair with her fingers and turned to the door. She opened the door and standing in front of her was...
HA HA CLIFHANGER! Who do you think it is? Hmmm?


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SasukesChick on May 24, 2007, 10:08:37 PM

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SasukesChickPeople are there......continue plzz.