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Chapter 12 - chapter 12

The Konoha High gang is looking forward to their upcoming Christmas Break,and when a group trip is proposed,everyone is excited.But once again there's drama occuring with love,friendships,new friends and possible rivals,and much more.

Chapter 12 - chapter 12

Chapter 12 - chapter 12
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto!

“Ok, let me grab my phone really quickly.” Sakura said, ducking back into her room and snagging up her phone. She shoved it in her pocket, and followed Ino out the door.

With Mitsuki and Meghan

“Come on, Daniel.” Mitsuki said. “You’re not walking fast enough!”

“Mitsuki,” Meghan sighed, “we’re going to get there, you don’t have to run.” Mitsuki had run to get Daniel, who also worked at the resort, to help the girls move the tree to Ino’s room. Daniel was their age, and had brown hair and hazel eyes. He was currently wearing a pair of jeans, with a white and black shirt on.

“Can we walk, Mitsuki?” Daniel asked the girl who was tugging at his arm, trying to pull him towards the elevator.

“I guess.” Mitsuki said, sounding frustrated. She wanted to hurry up with the tree so she could go back to her break.

The elevator stopped in front of them, and they entered, finding Ino and some of her friends inside.

“Hey guys.” Ino said, smiling at her friends. She then looked at Daniel questioningly.

“Oh, this is Daniel.” Meghan said. “He works here too, but he was hired after you came last time. He’s going to help us with the tree.”

“Ok.” Ino said. She smiled at Daniel. “Well, I’m Ino, the owner’s daughter, and these are my friends, Sakura, TenTen, and Hinata.” Ino pointed to each of the girls as she spoke. They each said their respective hellos before the elevator reached the level they were going to.

“Follow me!” said an eager Mitsuki, who practically raced down the hall in the direction of the closet.

“Sorry about her.” Meghan said. “She had some sugar earlier.” Ino nodded knowingly. Mitsuki plus sugar wasn’t the best idea in the world.

They walked down he hallway at a slower pace than Mitsuki, and when they arrived at the closet, they found Mitsuki already inside, rummaging around. “What are you doing, Mitsuki?” Sakura asked her.

“I’m just trying to see where the extra decorations are. I know there’s some ornaments and stuff in here somewhere.” Mitsuki replied, popping up with some tinsel in her hair.

“I think you found it.” TenTen said with a small laugh.

“Ya, it’s all right here.” Mitsuki said, pulling out two boxes. “Dan, the tree is over there. I’ll give them these boxes than help you out with it.”

“Alright.” Daniel said, walking over to size up the box. It wasn’t too big, so he and Mitsuki should be able to carry it without much trouble. Mitsuki handed one bow to Meghan, and the other to Ino, and then walked back over to help Daniel with the tree. “Mitsuki, you go down that end. You’re going to have to tell me where I’m walking, because I’m going to be going backwards, ok?”

“Sure thing!” Mitsuki said, leaning over to pick up her end of the box. Daniel did the same, and they had it moving in a few minutes.

“Can someone hit the button on the elevator?” Daniel asked.

“Yes.” Hinata replied, pressing the button. When the doors opened, TenTen and Hinata went into the elevator first, and the Mitsuki and Daniel entered with the tree.

“I don’t think we’re going to fit.” Ino said, looking at Sakura and Meghan. “You guys go ahead, and we’ll take the next elevator up, ok?”

“Sure thing.” Mitsuki said as the doors closed. Ino heard some thumping noises and an, “Ow, Mitsuki!” through the doors before the elevator could be heard going up. Just then, Sakura’s phone started going off.

“Hello?” Sakura said after pulling it out of her pocket with a bit of difficulty.

‘Hey, we’re getting ready to get some food. Do you guys want to come?’ Sasuke’s voice came through the phone.

“Um, no thanks.” Sakura said, glancing at Ino. She knew her friend wanted to surprise the guys with the tree, and if they left the room around now, they’d definitely see Daniel and Mitsuki with the box. “It’s Sasuke.” Sakura mouthed to Ino. “He wants u to go to dinner.”

“Keep him in the room for five more minutes.” Ino mouthed back.

“What are you guys going to get?” Sakura asked.

‘We were going to run down to the restaurant and get something to go. Do you want us to pick something up for you guys?’

“We’re good, thanks, though. We’re going to finish unpacking, and rest for a little bit longer. We’ll probably watch some t.v. and stuff.”

‘Hn. We’ll come join you then.’

“You probably wouldn’t want to. We wanted to watch some soap operas and stuff.” Sakura said quickly.

‘Ok then. I’ll talk to you later.’

“Bye. Love you.”

‘Hn. Same.’

“I hope they made it in by now.” Meghan said as Sakura hung up her phone.

“All we can do is hope.” Ino said, hitting the button to call the elevator. When it came, they stepped inside and quickly hit their floor number. When they arrived on their floor, they went straight to their room, with Sakura opening the door. When they stepped inside, they saw Daniel laying on the couch, with a worried Mitsuki over him, while Hinata fixed an ice pack.

“Um, what happened?” Meghan asked, a little bit afraid to do so.

“Um, well,” Hinata said, “Mitsuki forgot to tell Daniel about the step right there” Hinata pointed to the step down into the living area, “and he fell and hit his head on the floor.”

“I’m really sorry!” Mitsuki said. “I completely forgot it was there!”

“It’s ok, Mitsuki.” Daniel said as TenTen handed him the ice to hold on his head. “I’ll be fine after a few minutes.”

“Ok, then.” Mitsuki said.

“So,” Ino started, “who wants to help me set up the tree?” Sakura and TenTen stood up.

“We’ll help.” TenTen offered. She walked over and opened the box to find the base of the tree. She pulled it out and set it in the corner. “I think this is a good place for it, right?”

“Perfect.” Ino replied with a smile.

A/N: Ok, guys, sorry for the late update. I haven’t had much time to type, and I actually just finished this a few minutes ago. And now I must rant. This morning, I went with my dad to pass out picture forms for his soccer teams (he coaches 3, 2 are my sisters, plus one extra team), and during my little sister’s game, it started pouring, accompanied by lightning and thunder. My sister and I ran to his truck (which was all the way across the park) and waited for him to come for 10 minutes, but he never showed up. And people were looking at us like we were creatures to take pity on. So my sister and I ran to the concessions stand, and guess what? My dad was in there with all the coaches and refs! He’d completely forgotten about my sister and I. Needless to say, we were soaking wet, and furious. One of the refs shooed us inside to dry off, but not 5 minutes later, the sun came back out. Well, now that I’m done with my ranting, reviews are loved! =)


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QuestionMarks109 on April 27, 2008, 4:45:23 AM

QuestionMarks109 on
QuestionMarks109Lol, Mitsuki and Sugar isnt a right match 4 eachother !

:D .

Poor Daniel . I Wish he would've seen that step.

Sasuke knows he wanted to watch them Soap Operas LOL.


(Great CHappie btw)

winxgirl21 on April 27, 2008, 7:07:54 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21haha, ya, she gets just a bit crazy.

ya, but I guess that's usually what happens when you walk backwards.

he's just trying to hide that fact from the world, but we're all on to Sasuke's obsession, lol.


Symphoniaprincess101 on April 19, 2008, 1:32:59 PM

Symphoniaprincess101 on Mitsuki needs to stay off the sugar for a while.

winxgirl21 on April 20, 2008, 10:51:49 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21haha, ya, she does. =)

kagome99 on April 15, 2008, 4:46:02 AM

kagome99 on
i luv sugar...
the bestest thing in the world...
except maybe fur Monsters...
u kno the energy drink...
THEY are the bestest...
srry bout the rain...
that happened to me once but we were at school and my mom furgot about me...
sad aint it? that parents can be so furgetful wit that but not bout our report cards... :(
and it just so happens that right now i have an sux... :/

winxgirl21 on April 15, 2008, 6:31:28 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21Yes, I <3 sugar. I don't really like energy drinks so much...I prefer cappuchino. french vanilla...mmmm...I'm so addicted to wawa's that it isn't even funny. XD

Ya, I know...o, wow, what class is it in? My mom normally doesn't mind my report card...I have to keep my gpa over 4.0, though....but at my school, it's not hard, because honors classes are 5's if you get an A.

Hopefully you'll be able to bring your grade up! =)

kagome99 on April 16, 2008, 10:33:40 AM

kagome99 on
kagome99i LOVE cappucinos!!!!
i just had one this morning! XD
i got in Ag.
I hate that class.
it's only becuz i missed her class 4 days cuz of field trips....'s usually the same with me too.
i have, wait, HAD 4.0.
i just want to strangle that women!!!!
well cant wait fur next chapp!!!

winxgirl21 on April 19, 2008, 11:46:49 PM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21Ah, I hate it when that happens! I've missed class days for field trips before, but my mom was always on me about going and talking to the teacher to get my work..>.< if it was up to me, I wouldn't take the tests and stuff til weeks later... But hopefully your grade will come up soon!

kagome99 on April 21, 2008, 6:20:27 AM

kagome99 on
me too...
but when i asked for all the work she was like,'It's due at the end of the period. and there's a test's not my fault you band kids miss so much school...'
i just want to hit her across the head wit the shovel we were using in class today...

I'll update as soon as I can... :D

winxgirl21 on April 21, 2008, 6:36:48 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21haah, my only advice is...don't get caught! XD

Ok! I'll be looking for it. =)

eelchic on April 13, 2008, 1:12:53 AM

eelchic on
eelchicLol sugar is not something my friends like me to have or Red Bull but I tote luv both I'm like bouncing of the walls and giggling for no reason although sometimes they let me have 2 Red Bulls for fun it always is,lol!^^ Great Chapter! I tote love decorating the tree,its so much fun!

winxgirl21 on April 13, 2008, 1:37:41 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21lol, same here! My friends don't like me having sugar. Well, some of them. Other friends and I get icing and cookies and so much we bounce off the walls and peopel get =D

eelchic on April 13, 2008, 1:46:45 AM

eelchic on
eelchicYeah icing and cookies together are awsome specially when you have like a relly sugary soda or a Red Bull i experianced the power of two Red bulls and lots of cookies last night at my friends we were soooo hyper,her Mom was laughing cuz we would laugh for no apperent reason,lol,I'm still a little maybe alot hyper,lol!^^

winxgirl21 on April 13, 2008, 8:08:00 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21lol, I know how that is. I can get so hyper at times, that I'll laugh for ten minutes straight at nothing, then when i stop, someone will say something about it, and I'll laugh again. i can't stop even if I try. It's fun! =)

eelchic on April 13, 2008, 9:21:29 AM

eelchic on
eelchicI know peolpe ask me what I'm high on I just say sunshine and if its raining they'll say its raining then I'll just start burst out laughing thw words that always make me laugh are banana syrup fudge and eggs! its so fun ! Lunch is when i'm at my hyperness est its so much fun I'll yell in peoples ears saying I love red bull and start laughing most day i bet u do!lol

winxgirl21 on April 15, 2008, 6:34:01 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21lol, I guess my history class is when I'm most hyperest, lol. My crazy friend and I have lots of fun...hehe. Even though we have rotating schedules, I'mn always awake in that then on the bus I'm bouncing off the walls. people think I'm crazuz at school, I'm really shy and quiet, and then they give me sugar, and woohoo! I'm off the walls. XD

nextguardian on April 12, 2008, 12:51:46 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianGreat chapter. lol, sugar is dangerous in the wrong hands!

winxgirl21 on April 12, 2008, 12:53:04 PM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21lol, extremely dangerous! =)

cloudaeris on April 12, 2008, 9:28:38 AM

cloudaeris on
cloudaerisGreat Chapter.Can't wait, as always.I'm sorry about what happened to you.That sounds like something that would happen to me.Ok well can't wait.

winxgirl21 on April 12, 2008, 10:08:22 AM

winxgirl21 on
winxgirl21ya, it wasn't fun...and now my dad's trying to make up for Thanks for the comment! =)

kogalover2013 on April 12, 2008, 8:26:52 AM

kogalover2013 on
kogalover2013awsome i cant wait till nex chappie

winxgirl21 on April 12, 2008, 9:55:23 AM

winxgirl21 on