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I was boored =D
I got no comment at all
I was bored again ^^ You know what happens when I get bored ^^
I was hyper ^_^
Here you go Tiffany hope you like it I changed it around a bit aswell
I got no comment it's funny though XD
For Tiffany hope you like it
This is for Blair (Bean) Hope you like it click on huh?? not huh? cos I got that one wrong Kek's singing the wrong song in huh? oh crap gave it away!
OK I dunno what to write so just read!
Got no comment
Ye could not think of a good title. Anyway the story is about Luiza (c) Atemulover and Ayame (c) me ^_^ They are best friends but there parents are enemies. (well the dads are lol) Bla bla bla I'm bored just read it!
funny that's it I guess ^_^
I couldn't find of a gd title