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Chapter 1 - i dunno

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Chapter 1 - i dunno

Chapter 1 - i dunno
By the way this is set in the past, don’t ask how the hell they got a camera >..> OK? What about you Wu
Wu: That damn cow Anzu, she is so annoying!
Bex: Thank Ra a straight answer and you Ayame
Bex: OK…
Bakura: Over here!
Bex: Oh good -_- Bakura wants to say something -_-
Courtney: Hang on, lemme get a close up
Bakura: *Angry glare*
Courtney: OK *zooms in* and queset!
Bakura: *Punches camera out of Courtney’s hands*
Courtney: Oh dear *runs for camera*
Bex: Dear Ra help me
Wu: -_-
Ayame: K_J
Bex: Ayame that’s not even a real expression
Ayame: 0_o
Bex: Anyway….how much stuff you stole?
Wu: Oh where to I start well *talks for 4 hours*
Bakura: ZZZ
Ayame: ZZZ
Bex: OK OK OK! I get the point!
Wu: -_-
Bex: Anyway do any off you like Seto?
Bakura: Who? ZZZ
Bex: -_-
Wu: No he’s an idiot
Ayame: I want a cookie
Bex: Someone help me please -_-
Wu: >.<
Bex: Which football team to you all support
Bakura: EN-GA-LAND!
Wu: Football hasn’t been invented yet
Bex: -_- I’m trying to keep a show going here!
Bakura: ‘_’
Bex: OK….What do you all think of Yugi
Wu: Stupid child -_-
Bakura: A pest!
Bex: OK that’s it for today I’m going home and putting a gun in my mouth

I'll do one of these for any of my mates if they want one done


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