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Chapter 1 - omg!

For Tiffany hope you like it

Chapter 1 - omg!

Chapter 1 - omg!
In the past I know they have a camera -_-

Bex: When will this torment end! Grr! Anyway with us today we have Talia, Dukum and Denise.
Courtney: *Points camera to Talia*
Talia: Hi
Courtney: *Points camera to Dukum* Take a picture it’ll last longer
Bex: -_-
Courtney: *Points camera to Denise* I know kung fu
Bex: For the last time no you don’t!
Denise: -_-
Bex: OK let’s start, which likes Serenity
Talia: I hate her
Bex: Why
Talia: She keeps flirting with him that why *points to Dukum*
Bex: How do you know?
Talia: Well she’s not gonna flirt with Yami is she
Yami: *Throws a brick though the window* I HEARD THAT!
Bex: >.> OK moving on, anyone like Tristan then
Dukum: -_- No
Bex: Why?
Dukum: He forbids me from even touching Talia
Bex: But you have a kid
Denise: That’s me!
Dukum: Exactly!
Talia: Well I got to like him cause he’s my brother
Dukum: -_-
Denise: 0_o
Bex: OK?
Dukum: I wanna interview people
Bex: How’d you like a newspaper around the side of your head!
Dukum: No
Bex: So shut up then I’m the interview here!
Dukum: You’re a crap one to!
Bex: WHAT!
Dukum: Who you interview? 3 Thief’s and 3 evil people
Bex: I’m gonna hit you so hard you’ll wish you was dead
Dukum: *Runs away*
Bex: *Runs after*
Talia: -_- *Walks away*
Denise: Um… *smiles and runs*


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